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Hey, any interesting facts about spiders?

Ha, you came to the right place!

Meet the star of this story, the jumping spiders. There are more than 5800 known species of jumping spiders to date but they’re mostly the smol, precious cinnamon rolls of the spider world. Just look at how adorbs this fella is!

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Back in June, two astronomers on twitter were nerding out about how their jumping spiders office co-habitants respond to laser pointers, like cats!

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What a rude cat. You’re not supposed to squish the protagonist.

Being scientists, they even tested and found out that jumping spiders seem to be more interested in green lasers than red ones! At this point, the spider-people of twitter have taken notice of the conversation, and jumped in to thicken the plot.

Apparently, our little fuzzy friends’ eyes (they sure have plenty) are built like Gallilean telescope. This arrangement allows them to have the same visual acuity as some animals like dogs, despite being way way tinier!

Some math-crunching tweets later, space-twitter and spider-twitter jointly declared that jumping spiders are anatomically capable of seeing distant objects as far as the moon. They could potentially even see the color differences on the moon’s surface, instead of just as a speck of light in the sky!

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If you’re interested to read more, this The Atlantic article by Ed Yong summarizes the whole exchange better than we ever could.

Bonus facts:
They can think ahead and plan detours, pretend to be ants to deter predators, and steal your dates by dancing better than you.


does it bother anyone else when you’re the first person in your friend group to listen to a certain band/artist but once they soon become your favorites, your friends magically begin to like them too? like no, that was my music. go find your own.


Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Puerto Rico

Ed Sheeran and his third studio album “Divide”

Two time Grammy Award winner Ed Sheeran has recently announced that his 3rd studio album, Divide, will soon be released on March 3rd. In anticipation of his new album, Sheeran has released two singles from the album, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”. After Sheeran took a yearlong break from society, he has returned better than before and ready for action. Although we have to wait a few more months to hear the entire album, the two songs that Sheeran has shared with us are so different from each other that nobody truly knows what to expect from this album. My favorite of the two is “Castle on the Hill”. The storyline made me think about all of the wonderful adventures I’ve had throughout my childhood and how much I miss being a kid. In the lines where Ed shares what his friends are presently up to, I was able to relate because my childhood friends are the people who shaped the person I am today and I’ve grown from those experiences. You can watch the “Castle on the Hill” music video here.

Last week, I was able to meet Ed himself at his record label, Atlantic Records, and was invited to an exclusive Q&A and acoustic performance of his new music. Buzzfeed author, Kristin Harris, was at the event and interviewed Ed about his approach to the new album. In the interview, Ed shared with us his crazy experiences while writing the album, his new year resolution, and the struggles he had to face while working on Divide. Harris asked Sheeran, “How’s your writing process, and do you have times when you struggle to come up with song ideas?” Sheeran responded, “Yeah, I have writer’s block all the time. I think to be a good writer you have to know when not to push it. So when I have writer’s block I just enjoy the fact that I have writer’s block and I’ll just not write and just chill out.” The full Buzzfeed article can be found here.

After we asked Ed some questions and the interview was over, Sheeran whipped out his acoustic guitar and started singing “Castle on the Hill” for us. It was so special to be able to watch him up close with only 15 other people in the room. Parts of the performance made me forget exactly where I was and what was happening. Next, Sheeran performed “Shape of You” and he told us how excited he was about this single and how he hopes this will be his first Billboard #1. That same week, “Shape of You” was announced #1 on the Billboard charts. Being able to experience Ed’s anticipation for his new music firsthand was an incredible feeling. After his performance, there was a meet and greet opportunity for the 15 people in the room, including myself. I was able to take a polaroid picture with Ed and talk to him about his future plans. He said he hoped to be going on tour this year once the album is released.

This week, Ed announced his World Tour for 2017. I am so excited to be able to hear a live performance of the entire album, along with his previous work. Although nothing will be able to beat a 15 person audience acoustic performance, his tour is sure to be incredible.


Barbara Lynn wrote her own material, played stinging left-handed guitar, and recorded scores of wonderful records for a number of labels. With the re-release of some of her prime material by Real Gone Music, we have a look in to a vital part of her career. Rock historian Ed Ward has the story today:

“The 25 tracks on this compilation of Barbara Lynn’s Atlantic sides show a woman at the peak of her powers, as a songwriter and interpreter, but somehow Atlantic wasn’t able to push her over the top.”

At The Peak Of Her Powers: Barbara Lynn’s ‘Complete Atlantic Recordings’

Here’s to the fans that don’t always get concert tickets

Here’s to the fans who don’t have the money to buy all the merch

Here’s to the fans who don’t get the 5/5 or 4/4 follows/selfies

Here’s to the fans, who don’t go and hang around hotels till god knows when

Here’s to the fans who listen to their favriote songs till 3am

Here’s to the fans dedicating a twitter or tumblr to their idol

Here’s to the fans with the stunning drawing/editing skills

Here’s to you the girls/guys of the internet, the ones who come to life when a new photo, episode or song comes to life on tumblr or youtube. Don’t be diss heartened cause your amazing, the internet family are beautiful no matter what anyone says….

Keep being awesome, cause your stunning baby x 

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Rules: List the top 10 songs you’ve been listening to, and tag 10 mutuals.

In no particular order:

  • bad liar by selena gomez
  • humble by kendrick lamar
  • how did you love by shine down
  • youth by daughter
  • kindest regards by witt lowry
  • hummingbird by wildling
  • yes, i was drunk by twin atlantic
  • photograph by ed sheeran
  • did i say that out loud? by barenaked ladies
  • drugs by eden

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y’all don’t have to do it if you don’t want to

cold days.

for the long, cold days where the only thing i want is you by my side.

01. naked as we came // iron and wine |02. holocene // bon iver | 03. left for america // ciaran lavery |04. heartbeats // jose gonzalez |05. of space and time (acoustic) // city and colour | 06. colour me in // damien rice | 07. it’s hard to get around the wind // alex turner 08. i shall cross this river // the black atlantic | 09. one (live) // ed sheeran | 010. same as the sun // jesse cole | 011. hey believers // peter bradley adams | 012. silver and gold // city and colour | 013. fever dream // iron and wine 

L I S T E N { X } .

ICHIHIME WEEK (Discussion)

Day 3: Songs that Remind you of Ichihime

Orenji no Hatsukoi by Younha || Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol || Everything by Lifehouse || Let your Heart Hold Fast by Fort Atlantic || Kiss Me by Ed  Sheeran || Hero Heroine by Boys Like Girls || Signal Fire by Snow Patrol || The Beginning by ONE OK ROCK || You Haven't Had Enough by Marianas Trench || Knock Knock by Lenka || Smile by Uncle Kracker 

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Introducing The Atlantic’s Education Channel

When my dad entered college in 1967, he brought a turntable and a huge stack of records. When I started 35 years later, I needed only my laptop and an Internet connection to play my favorite songs. Dad kept in touch with friends and family using a landline rotary phone or paper, envelopes, and stamps. My classmates and I had cell phones and email–we checked our physical mailboxes maybe once a week.

For all the ways my college experience differed from my fathers’, though, the actual mechanics of learning–the way we did school–were nearly identical. We both moved away from home to a college campus, where we lived for four years. We went to big lectures and took notes with pen on paper. We also attended smaller seminars, where groups of students would discuss economic theory or Beowulf or French grammar, led by a professor or grad student. We took exams in big rooms, proctored by TAs. After four years of school, we graduated and started jobs.

That all sounds quaint now, 11 years since my first day on campus. In a lot of ways, higher education has changed more in the last decade than in the 35 years prior. The disruptions that have overturned the music, publishing, and manufacturing sectors are now starting to create havoc in education.

Read more. [Image: Alex Starr/Flickr]

Ed is up for TWO Brit Awards...

and it is our job to make sure he wins! He is up for  ‘British Artist Video Of The Year’ for ’Photograph’ and best ’British Single’ with ’Bloodstream’. The British Artist Video Of The Year is decided entirely by the public. If you would like to vote, you need to tweet using the hashtag #BRITPHOTOGRAPH and then the vote will be registered. 

Now there are rules. You can only vote once every 24 hours, AND every week the artist with the least amount of votes is eliminated from the competition, making EVERY VOTE COUNT. 

If you would like to keep up to date with the voting, follow Atlantic Records on Twitter

Spread the word and lets make this happen you guys!!

Our love affair with this gentleman began over two years ago at that time he came to us tattoo less with two directives, he said to us “I wanna work really hard and I wanna break America.” So this dude is so two for two because he had three sold out shows at the Madison Square Garden in November and still to date you are the hardest working artist that we know
—  Andrea Ganis of Atlantic Records on Ed (Nine Days and Night of Ed Sheeran)