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Political Astrology Observations

1.I found that the Midheaven sign was the strongest indicator of success when it comes to politics/presidency/public figures. The most prevalent midheaven sign among U.S presidents was Cancer. Water signs and cardinal signs were in the lead for midheaven prevalence in Politics. The reasoning to explain this was the idea that citizens want a person who shows initiative, family values, and the need to nurture the population. The second most common midheaven was Capricorn.

2.  Libra was the most common ascendant(which makes sense given cancer midheaven being the most popular). The second most common ascendant was tied between Taurus and Virgo. These rising signs are naturally seen as charming, calm, and helpful. A great face for the leader of the free world, right?

3. Scorpio risings are not found in a single presidential chart…

4….but Scorpio suns make up more than 11 percent of the heads of governments worldwide.

5.The next two sun signs that control our world would be Sagittarius and Leo. They actually had a tie for second place. This is interesting because in America’s presidential history fire signs have the lowest turnout with Aries being last in the running. Probably better if Arians stick to running sucessful businesses and being trailblazers in the creative/atheltic realm.

6.Worldwide Virgos are in last place for the position of leading a country. I have talked about this before, but mutable energy does not lend itself well to running a business/country/etc. Mutable signs do better in a support role. If you need any evidence of that look at America’s newest leader. Though astrological placements should not be held accountable for incompetency.

7. The most common zodiac sign for house members was Gemini. For Senators it was Scorpio. For congressional democrats it was Libra. For congressional republicans it was Gemini. For presidents it was Aquarius.

Feel free to correct/add on information!

(Information compiled from several sources)

Tips For First Time Runners

Stop Making Excuses  - Stop telling yourself you don’t have time, or that the weather is bad outside. Go early in the morning or late at night to beat the heat. That time you’re spending on Tumblr right now could be spent running.

It’s Okay To Walk - The first time you go running you’re probably going to suck, and that’s okay. It’s okay to walk a little, it’s okay to walk a lot. Walk as much as you need to and walk a little bit less each day. Don’t be afraid to push yourself but also don’t be afraid to give your body a break.

Don’t Get Hung Up On The Past - Maybe this isn’t your first time running. Maybe you were a track star in high school, maybe you were running regularly a few months ago but stopped because of an injury, maybe it’s soccer tryouts again and last time you ran was last season. Whatever it may be don’t be discouraged by the fact that you may not start where you left off. Before you stopped running it took time for you to build up endurance and speed to become as good as you were. Don’t immediately try to jump right back into running with the mindset that you’re still just as good after a few months, or maybe even a few years; because you won’t be.                                                                                             

Take Care Of Yourself - Drink lots of water. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Eat fruits and veggies. Get in enough protein and calcium. Prone to sunburn? Don’t forget sunscreen if you’re running outside. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Ice after every workout. The first couple of weeks be prepared to be sore the day after workouts. Ice. Ice. Ice. Pay attention to your body. If you’re running and something starts to hurt, STOP. If the pain continues go see your doctor. If your doctor tells you to stop running for while till you heal LISTEN to them. They didn’t go to med school for eight years for you to think you know better than them.

Don’t Care What Other People Think - There are so many haters out in this world, so it’s best you don’t pay attention to them. Ignore the people who may be staring at you in the gym. Have confidence in the fact that in a few weeks you will be even more bad ass than you already are. 

Quick Little Tips - Bring music. Athletic earbuds help a lot to keep your music from falling out of your ears and are worth the extra five to ten bucks. Set a goal. Whether your goal is to lose ten pounds or to just feel better about yourself, have something in mind and don’t stop after you reach that goal, make a new goal. We can always strive to be a better version of ourselves. Give yourself a break. Don’t run every day. It’s good to have a day or two, or maybe even three to relax and unwind. Not only will you appreciate it but your body will too. Get a good pair of shoes. If this is something you really want to do then don’t be afraid to invest a little money in some quality footwear. Your feet and your knees will thank you. And most of all have fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself then pick up a different form of exercise. Try swimming or kickboxing, whatever interests you. Running isn’t for everyone and don’t be upset if it isn’t for you. Find something you enjoy and everything will fall into place :) 

Got any more tips? Don’t be afraid to add!!!

More fencing jokes/puns:

•you make me just as hard as a foil

•were like a clump of body cords were stuck together

•"wanna go dry?“
“Sure I mean there’s no strips available”
“Babe I wasn’t talking about fencing”

•Baby you’re just like a tightened grip, you keep me centered

•Tape’s not the only thing I want wrapped around my tip tonight

•You’re just like modern fencing, you’re electric

•Allstar is red
Ulmann is blue
But I just can’t deny
I’m in love with you

•I wish I was a ref cuz I’d like to give you a touch

•I’m like the Velcro on your mask that gets caught in your hair, you can’t escape me!

•Damn look at that butt! I wouldn’t mind getting a double touch

•That chest protector can’t protect your heart from me

•I’m like athletic tape, you got me wrapped around your finger

•*person is using their roller*
“Damn I’d like to roll those buns” *signals to fencer’s butt

•you’re just like a bye, you keep me waiting

LFC have rejected bid of 100m euros for Coutinho from Barca. Barca have been told (again) he’s not for sale. LFC consider the matter closed. (09.08.17)

Chris Bascombe

Side note: a lot of journalists have said that Coutinho is NOT pushing for a move. He hasn’t been seen in training because he is still trying to recover from a back problem that saw him sidelined against Atheltic too.

What Happens to Every Fencer
  • Fencer 2: "Man! We checked both of our stuff and it's not our equipment!"
  • Fencer 1: "Ah! And it's still not working! Darn it the strips broken!"
  • Fencer 3: "Did you check the settings?"
  • Fencer 1: "....nope..."
  • Fencer 2: "Was it on the right setting?"
  • Fencer 1: "of course it wasn't"
  • Fencer 2: "I thought you said it was on the right setting!"
  • Fencer 1: "I thought it was! But that red light's just so deceiving!"
  • Fencer 3: "idiots..."