the asshole club

Okay so the breakfast club. At one point the janitor is looking at pictures of old all stars in the hall. And one of the pictures says Carl reed.the janitor was popular and now he’s stuck in the same school sweeping after assholes the same assholes he used to be. Also Brian (the nerd) was in detention because he brought a flare gun to school. He was going to kill himself because of the pressure to be perfect. The breakfast club seems shallow on the surface but the whole point of the movie is that everyone is screwed up. They’re all fighting their own battles but we don’t see that. We see what we wanna see in the simplest of terms the most convenient of definitions. We see a Jock a brain a princess an athlete a basket case and a criminal when reality there’s a reason everyone acts the way they do. That’s why this movie is so perfect and that’s why it’s my favorite.