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BECAUSE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH but of course no one could love him as much as Remus does

Seriously though??

Like can you just imagine what Sirius felt when he found out he was disowned by his family because damn that must have hurt a fuck ton. It doesn’t matter if he hates them—they’re still family. And maybe, just maybe, he had been hoping against hope that they would change, no matter how impossible it may be, because Sirius Black is one arrogant little shit. But instead they disown him, forced his brother to immediately cut off all sorts of contact with him, and he was all alone again, but this time it was for real.

Because him being blasted off the family tree meant that no one stood up to defend his name in his absence. No one in his family gave a fuck about him, as they all stood there, assembled in the room, silently watching Wulburga Black exile her eldest son from the bloodline.

And, god, it hurt so damn much. The worst part? He had to act like everything was all dandy, because if he didn’t, people would start asking questions, and eventually, everyone would find out about it. And he didn’t want that. So he smiled and laughed and joked about, but there was always an ever present aching in his chest. He was getting quite used to it, actually, smiling through the pain. Because that’s all he ever learned to do when he had nothing left.

But Remus, oh, sweet Remus, he saw through the façade. He saw the the way his smile never truly reached his eyes, the carefully concealed pain behind his lighthearted words, the way Sirius would space out more than usual. Remus knew something was wrong, but if Sirius didn’t feel like telling him yet, then he wouldn’t prod for answers. All he needed to do was be there and make sure that Sirius knew this as well. And he did. Sirius definitely noticed that Remus joked about around him more often, and that the lycanthrope made sure that they were almost always somehow touching—a hand on the small of his back, an arm slung around his shoulder, hands brushing against his ever so lightly, and tight, crushing hugs—and he tried not to break down every time Remus gave him a warm smile, or when he would kindly correct Sirius’ mistakes instead of laughing at them.

Then Sirius had stumbled across the Common Room, drunk and pissed at the late hours of the night when no one else was awake, except for, of course, Lupin, who was leaning against the wall near the fireplace, waiting for his friend to come back. And he just blew up, shouting god forsaken shit at the other boy, calling him names and so much more, and he knew he had hurt Remus—he fucking knew, and it broke him, because he was actually saying them to himself more—but Remus never left his side.

“Are you finished?” he had asked, his face devoid of any emotion. When Sirius didn’t answer, the prefect strode over toward him, hands casually tucked inside the pockets of his pyjama shorts. “If you were trying to get to me, Pads, it didn’t really work, because I should have you know that most of those things you’ve said, I’ve been saying to myself. I know that you’re trying to push me away, but I’m a stubborn bastard, so you better learn to accept that and let me help you, or I’m not going to stop trying.”

And Sirius broke down, because finally—finally—someone cared. He didn’t give a bloody fuck if that sounded selfish, but after years of being raised to become perfect, to be someone he wasn’t, and have people care about him because of that image, he just snapped. All the years of pain and tiredness had come flooding out and he didn’t even protest as Remus enveloped him in a hug, murmuring comforts into his ears, and basically just becoming the anchor that Sirius needed so desperately because everything was always being taken away from him, and he knew that he needed something permanent—something stable and real and just there.

And that was Remus.

I’m so weak right now because of this wowza but I dont know how this turned into a Wolfstar post but I also really love Remus Lupin??? Also I don’t get why Lupin’s often projected as innocent and strict but with a good sense of humor so I just want to point out that he’s a stubborn and mischievous ass too ok bye

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101 kinks!! 21,24,44,90,95 (all in one if you can please!) w/ Bucky :') thanks lovely!!!!

PROMPTS: daddy kink, dom/sub, humiliation, spanking, underage (I’m not gonna do this one) [from this list]
1,677 words; You become bored at Natasha’s birthday party and begin breaking rules left and right. Bucky decides you need to be punished in front of the entire party (18+, features Natasha Romanoff, hope you don’t mind! Rest of the story under the cut - if it doesn’t work, try it on a computer or on Ao3)

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Party Punishment

All of Bucky’s friends - The Avengers - knew. They knew you were Bucky’s little princess. Most of them were into the ‘lifestyle’ in some way or another too. Steve and Sam both served Natasha, while Wanda occasionally entertained Steve’s more dominant streak. They accepted the relationship you and Bucky had forged, kinks and all. 

But that didn’t stop your initial hesitation. He was no longer ‘Bucky’. He was ‘daddy’. And you had to address him as such, regardless of who you found yourselves in the company of, lest you be punished as Bucky deemed appropriate. Your cheeks turned a deeper shade of crimson every time you uttered the word ‘daddy’.

There were other rules for you to follow, too. Bucky had a say in what you wore, how much alcohol you drank and your bed time. You were to politely address each of Bucky’s friends and only speak when spoken to. You even wore a thin, silver ‘collar’ at Bucky’s request. At times it was a comfort. Your fingers looping themselves subconsciously under the metal when he was away on missions, reminding you of who you belonged to. Other times, especially in public, it was a slight form of humiliation. He, of course, held on to the key so you couldn’t take it off without permission.

There were benefits to your arrangement too. You particularly enjoyed seeing a softer side to Bucky. He couldn’t say no to you when you asked for snuggles and he was always on board with spending entire afternoons making blanket forts with you. Not the mention him frequently coming home with stuffed animals for your collection. Your favourite was a penguin who you had named Percy. Bucky was also fiercely protective over you.

Life without the burden of decision making was strangely freeing but you were still getting used to all that it entailed.

That was no more apparent than on Natasha’s birthday, when most of the gang had assembled in the common room of the compound for some good old fashioned hilarity. You sat on Bucky’s lap, growing increasingly bored with your surroundings. Nervous and fidgety, the tales being passed around the room were lost on you; being at a party was no fun if you were still relatively sober. Bucky could sense your disinterest. It was 8PM.

“What’s wrong, princess?” he asked.

“I’m so bored, Bucky,” you pouted.

He sighed. “I think someone needs to remember her rules.”

You rolled your eyes, testing him. It didn’t go unnoticed by him, but he opted not to say anything. He made a mental note of it though, giving you a stern look in return.

“Can I go to my room please, daddy? I’ll give you something extra special later if you let me,” you bargained, winking at him.

Bucky’s expression softened. “Ok, princess,” he said, kissing your cheek, “I’ll be up at eleven to tuck you in. Would you like that?”

You nodded, smiling sweetly.

“Off you go,” Bucky said as you slid off his lap and left the room.

The trip from the common room to your ground floor bedroom brought you past the kitchen which lay empty and unguarded, with an obscene amount of alcohol laid out on the kitchen table for the taking. There was rum, vodka, tequila, beer and all manner of wines and liqueurs. You tried to convince yourself that Bucky wouldn’t notice if you snuck two or three beers to your room, after all, you weren’t completely irresponsible. And that wouldn’t get you wasted. Even if it did, you told yourself you would be able to feign sobriety when Bucky came to tuck you in. You left the kitchen with three beers.

Eleven o’clock came around sooner than you expected it to. When Bucky arrived, you were busy draining your third beer of the night. Your spirits had been lifted and you were dancing on your own in the centre of your room to Taylor Swift, in nothing but the pale pink lingerie Bucky had given you to wear earlier on in the evening. He watched as you flailed along to the tune of ‘Shake It Off’.

You flung yourself around in a circle, stopping dead as the figure in your doorway caught you off guard. You shot him a saccharine smile.

Bucky was unimpressed. He folded his arms, raising an eyebrow. He was  awaiting an explanation for the beer in your hand and the two empties on your nightstand.

Instead, you wandered over to him dizzily, wrapping your arms around him. “Missed you, daddy,” you mumbled, looking up at him.

His arms dropped to his sides. “I think someone’s forgotten all her rules tonight,” he sighed, sounding disappointed, “what are we gonna do about that, hm?”

At a loss for words, you pouted, hugging him tighter.

“I think someone needs a little punishment to help her remember,” he said, taking you by your shoulders and prying you off him. He turned and started back down the hallway towards the common room, “come with me princess.”

Struggling to match Bucky’s brisk pace, you had to run to catch up with him. He was already inside the common room and sitting back in his spot on one of the plush sofas when you arrived. He patted the space next to him and you sat down. Clad in just your underwear now, you felt exposed.

The change in Bucky’s demeanour hadn’t gone unnoticed by Natasha. No longer was she invested in the story Sam was enthralling Steve and Wanda with. Instead, her eyes darted between you and Bucky. “What’s up with you two?” she piped up from across the room. Suddenly everyone fell silent.

“This one’s being difficult tonight,” he explained, his expression turning dark.  You flushed under everyone’s collective gaze as he continued: “found her drinking in her room. She’s not remembering any of her rules. Figured I’d teach her a lesson.”

“She looks like she could do with a spanking,” Natasha suggested, “I’m sure we’d all be happy to watch.”

Your opened your mouth to protest this, of course you knew better than to question Bucky or any of his friends. Especially not Natasha. You were at the bottom of the pile, after all. She was queen in the compound. Bucky swiftly cut you off.

“Since it’s your birthday, Nat, you’re more than welcome to participate,” he laughed.

Natasha smirked, “what did you have in mind?”

“Well I’ll leave that up to you, call it a birthday present from me to you,” he said, the sadistic humour still apparent in his voice.

You had no idea what Bucky meant by this but it made your stomach churn. You always imagined Natasha to be infinitely more sadistic than Bucky and you prayed, desperately, that she wouldn’t be the one administering your punishment.

“I’m happy to watch right now,” she said, settling back into her chair.

The shame washed over you as Bucky instructed you to stand up in front of everyone and remove your remaining clothing. Your arms fumbled to cover yourself as every pair of eyes in the room bore into you. You swore you could hear Natasha’s quiet drawl, “she’s so adorable, I’d love a little plaything like her.”

Bucky instructed you to bend over his knee. You did so. Held in place by Bucky’s left arm around your waist, you were glad of the restraint; you were quivering so profusely with anticipation that you could well have ended up in a puddle on the floor. Even though you couldn’t see everyone’s eyes on your bare behind, which was now lewdly on display, you could certainly feel them. 

Bucky’s touch was feather light as it caressed the soft, exposed mounds of your behind. It was warm, reassuring, even. Just enough to give your nerves a brief reprieve before his hand came down, cracking loudly against your skin and forcing the air from your lungs.

You gripped the edge of the sofa as he peppered swats over the back of your thighs and your bottom, colouring the skin pink in large handprints. 

As always, you mentally kept score of how many swipes Bucky had landed. At this point, you had counted twenty already. Your cheeks matched the colour of your rear, but there were no tears yet.

“How are you doing, princess?” Bucky asked, taking a brief moment to massage the reddened skin.

“I’m ok, daddy,” you nodded.

The extra level of humiliation at having all of Bucky’s friends watch your punishment had quite an effect on you. The evidence was beginning to coat the insides of your thighs as Bucky continued to spank you with increasing severity. 

You began to squirm against his grip, trying to find some relief for the ache between your legs.

“She’s enjoying this far too much,” you heard Sam remark around swat number forty.

“Her pretty little pussy’s getting so wet for us,” Natasha purred as she moved over, next to Bucky, to get a better view. 

You writhed as her outstretched hand pawed at your glistening pussy for a moment, desperate for more.

She was only teasing you. You whined when she withdrew her slender fingers and Bucky continued to dole out brutal smacks to your rear.

Between the pain, the desperation and the embarrassment, this was when the tears started. Bucky eased up at exactly the right moment, his hits becoming less frequent.

“You gonna be a good girl, princess?” he asked, the familiar warmth returning to his tone.

You quickly dried your tears and whined, “I promise I’ll be a good girl, daddy.”

“No more drinking?” he pressed, his fingers dipping towards your dripping core as your punishment came to an end.

“No more drinking, daddy,” you choked, squirming when you felt his fingers zero in on your clit.

“Good girl,” he praised, “why don’t you wish Nat a happy birthday now, while daddy makes you feel good.”

You turned around to see Natasha eyeing you. Her legs were spread invitingly as her hand worked lazily between them. You looked at Bucky again.

He nodded, “go ahead, princess, daddy’s got you.”



Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 Kids Theme, Rated Teen

Also on AO3

It’s only been two days since he brought her home and already he’s forgetting what the house smelled like, sounded like, without her. Derek steps back into the strip of moonlight that’s painting the nursery with a silver glow and looks down to the squirming little bundle in his arms.

She’s so tiny.

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Who is In Control - Part 4

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1300+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Tony Stark, Reader, Bucky Barnes, J.A.R.V.I.S.
Chapter: 4/??
Chapter name:   I’m not like any girl you’ve ever met.
Warnings: Tony nicknames you a lot, mentions of nightmares, past problems, mentions of gambling, flashbacks,  signs of anxiety disorder, mentions of insomnia, mentions of semi-nudity, relationship building, Tony Stark is actually a good parent.  

Part 1,Part 2Part 3 - Series Masterlist

I’m not like any girl you’ve ever met.


It was a new feeling to Y/N to watch Tony’s presentation that night in Vegas. Magazines covers and articles complimenting him and his brilliant mind while showing your family story and his student past.

“It is not even half of what he did.” The girl whispered to Stane while clapping. “They could talk for a day and a night, and one more day, and wouldn’t even get close.”

When the man got up to talk about the Apogee Award, Tony hasn’t even shown up at the assembly room, and she was the one with the mission of receiving the award in this case.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor of giving this year Apogee Award to Mister Tony Stark.”

The clapping filled up the room and Stane watched as Y/N breath deep and do the same.

“You have to go there.” She whispered to him, hands shaking.

“Not me.” He corrected the teenager. “You. Don’t forget what Tony said: As heir to the Stark Industries, it’s your duty to take the place of your father when necessary.”

Under his – and everyone else’s – eyes, Y/N walked to the stage with a frozen smile on her face. It was the first time she was in public without Tony, and the girl still couldn’t find out if he had done that purposely or just felt tempted to play five minutes more before the event.

“Thank you very much.” She looked around. “In the name of my father, I thank you for the award, and I know he feels very honoured receiving it. Right now, actually, he’s inventing more, so next year’s award will be his too. I’ll be really happy giving the Apogee on his hand when we meet again.”

And it didn’t take long. An hour after, she was walking over the crown to find him surrounded by women, playing something stupid.

“Your award.” She showed it to her father. “I’m going to the hotel.”

“Take it with you, baby.”

Now days

Y/N rubbed her hands while bending over the balcony. The tower was above many New York’s buildings and she was watching the city while everyone was asleep or reflecting about their own nightmares.

“Y/N.” She heard Tony’s voice behind her. “You should sleep, cupcake.”

The young woman smiled. That scene was so common…

“You always say that.” She laughed softly.

“And yet you never listen to me.”

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Victorian Era Masterpost


  • Flanders, Judith - The Victorian City
  • Hughes, Kristina - Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England
  • Jackson, Lee - Daily Life in Victorian London
  • Mayhew, Henry et al - The London Underworld in the Victorian Period
  • Mitchell, Sally - Daily Life In Victorian England
  • Pool, Daniel - What Jane Austin Ate and Charles Dickens Knew
  • Stevens, Mark - Life in the Victorian Assylum

E V E R Y D A Y   L I F E

  • Popular Names in the Victorian Era
  • Cassel’s Household Guide (1869) - basically an instruction manual from 1869 telling you how to do everything from making tea to picking a job.
  • Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management: A Guide to Cookery In All Branches (1907) -  Lots of period recipes, plus information for the Mistress, Housekeeper, Cook, Kitchen-maid, Butler, Footman, Coachman, Valet, Upper and under house-maids, Lady’s-maid, Maid-of-all-work, Laundry-maid, Nurse and nurse-maid, Monthly, wet, and sick nurses, etc.
  • The Victorian Era-Society
  • Appendix D: English Society in the 1840s
  • Class Structure of Victorian England
  • Victorian England Social Hierarchy
  • Social Restrictions in the Victorian Era
  • (Excerpts From) Promises Broken: Courtship, Class, and Gender in Victorian England (Regarding Broken Engagements and Premarital Sex)
  • Five Filthy Things About Victorian England
  • 1841: A window on Victorian Britain
  • The Demography of Victorian England and Wales
  • What was life like for children in Victorian London?
  • Historical Essays: The Victorian Child
  • The Life of Infants and Children in Victorian London
  • The Inequality Between Genders During the Victorian Era in England
  • Women as “the Sex” During the Victorian Era
  • Writers Dreamtools - Decades - 1840
  • Victorianisms – Adventures in Victorian Slang
  • 56 Delightful Victorian Slang Terms You Should Be Using
  • A Dictionary of modern slang, cant and vulgar words (1859)
  • Victorian slang - a guide to sexual Victorian terms
  • A Glossary of Provincial and Local Words Used in England: To which is Now First Incorporated the Supplement, by Samuel Pegge (1839)
  • Anecdotes of the English Language: Chiefly Regarding the Local Dialect of London and Its Environs (1844)
  • British Slang - Lower Class and Underworld
  • Lee Jackson - Dictionary of Victorian London 
  • Domestic Violence in Victorian England
  • The Victorian wife-beating epidemic
  • How to Survive and Thrive in the Victorian Era
  • 19th-century Radiators and Heating Systems
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray; a mirror of the Victorian Era, era of Hypocrisy
  • The Victorian Supernatural
  • Politics of Victorian England
  • Dualism & Dualities - The Victorian Age
  • Black Victorians: History we’ve been taught claims we’ve only ever been slaves
  • Video: Mini-lecture - London’s Black history
  • Flowers - Victorian Bazaar (The Language Of Flowers)
  • Victorian Funeral Customs and Superstitions
  • Racism and Anti-Irish Prejudice in Victorian England

M E D I C I N E  &  I L L N E S S 

  • Victorian Health
  • Medical Developments In Britain During The Nineteenth Century
  • Hospitals
  • The Entire Case Records from a Victorian Asylum Are Now Online
  • Victorian psychiatric patients’ grim fate in hellish 1800s hospitals
  • Locating Convalescence in Victorian England
  • Sanitation and Disease in Rich and Poor
  • 19th Century Diseases
  • Death & Childhood in Victorian England
  • Health and hygiene in the 19th century
  • Disease in the Victorian city: extended version
  • Musing on Illness in the Victorian Era
  • Female hysteria / Vapours
  • Sent to the asylum: The Victorian women locked up because they were suffering from stress, post natal depression and anxiety
  • The History of Women’s Mental Illness
  • Anorexia: It’s Not A New Disease
  • Rebel Girls: How Victorian Girls Used Anorexia to Conform and Revolt
  • Warburg’s tincture
  • Apothecaries and Medicine in the Victorian Era
  • The Creepy Factor in Victorian Medicine
  • Medical Advancements: Victorian Era Prosthetics
  • The Victorian Anti-Vaccination Movement
  • food poisoning in the Victorian era
  • Typhus (Gaol Fever)

L A W ,  G O V E R N M E N T  &  C R I M E

  • Crime in Victorian England
  • The 222 Victorian crimes that would get a man hanged
  • Juvenile crime in the 19th century
  • Victorian women criminals’ records show harsh justice of 19th century
  • Organised Crime in “The Mysteries of London” (1844)
  • Dickens and the ‘Criminal Class’
  • Victorian prisons and punishments
  • Victorian Prison Conditions
  • The Development of a Police Force
  • Life in Nineteenth-Century Prisons as a Context for Great Expectations
  • Gaols
  • Sentences and Punishments
  • Courtroom Experience in Victorian England at the time of Great Expectations
  • Courts of Justice - Victorian Crime and Punishment
  • Victorian Criminal Laws: Barbarism and Progress
  • Child prisoners in Victorian times and the heroes of change
  • Victorian Legislation: a Timeline
  • Women and the Law in Victorian England
  • The Corn Laws
  • The Corn Laws in Victorian England
  • The Anti-Corn-Law League
  • The Corn Laws and their Repeal 1815-1846
  • The Poor Laws During the Victorian Era
  • Private Property and Abuse of Rights in Victorian England
  • Bastardy and Baby Farming in Victorian England
  • Baby Farmers and Angelmakers: Childcare in 19th Century

C L I M A T E ,  W E A T H E R   &   E N V I R O N M E N T

  • The Climate of London (Luke Howard, 1810-1820 - PDF)
  • The Illustrated London Almanack 1847
  • Victorian London - Weather - Fog


  • Victorian Fashion Terms A-M
  • Victorian Fashion Terms N-Z
  • Early Victorian Undergarments; an introduction, and about silk
  • Early Victorian Undergarments; Part 1
  • Early Victorian Undergarments; Part 2
  • Early Victorian Undergarments; Part 3
  • 1830s-1840s Underpinnings
  • A Look at an Original 1840s Corded Petticoat
  • Lingerie Guide : Crinoline - Petticoat
  • 1840s Stays
  • Exploring the Myths of Corsets I
  • Exploring the Myths of Corsets II
  • How to Dress a Victorian Lady
  • Pre-Hoop Era 1840-1855
  • 1840s Fashion (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840-1848 - Early Victorian (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840’s fashion (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840’s fashion: men (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840s Fashion (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840s Fashion (Nineteenth Century) (Pinterest Board)
  • 1840’s fashion (Pinterest Board)
  • Mourning Dress During the Early Victorian Era
  • Victoriana Magazine’s Victorian Fashion
  • Early Victorian Women’s Hats; Part 1, concerning bonnets
  • Early Victorian Women’s Hats; Part 2, for sun & riding
  • Early Victorian Women’s Hats; Part 3, wear whatever you like
  • Empire of Shadows - Clothing (Includes very basic information about upper & lower class fashion, military uniforms & undergarments)
  • Women’s Costume - Dickens Fair
  • Victorian Prudes and their Bizarre Beachside Bathing
  • Victorian Feminine Ideal; about the perfect silhouette, hygiene, grooming, & body sculpting
  • Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment
  • 1840’s Men’s Fashion
  • Gentlemen |  Early & Mid Victorian Era: A Universal Uniform


  • Public transport in Victorian London: Part One: Overground
  • Victorian Public Transport: The Omnibus
  • Omnibus
  • THE HANSOM CAB - A Visitor’s Guide to Victorian England
  • “Growler” and the Handsome Hansom
  • Regency Travel (Earlier than the Victorian era, but still relevant for the earlier years)
  • A Regency Era Carriage Primer
  • The Victorian Thames - River Thames Society [PDF]
  • Nineteenth-Century Ships, Boats, and Naval Architecture (dozens of links to relevant articles)
  • Early Victorian Rail Travel
  • Catching a Train in the Early 1840s
  • HORSES: Matching a Team — Color is Only the Beginning

M O N E Y   A N D   F I N A N C E S

  • British Currency During The Victorian Era
  • Victorian Economics: An Overview
  • Wages, the Cost of Living, Contemporary Equivalents to Victorian Money
  • Victorian Economics: a Sitemap
  • The Cost of Living in 1888
  • Pride and Prejudice Economics: Or Why a Single Man with a Fortune of £4,000 Per Year is a Desirable Husband
  • The Price of Bread: Poverty, Purchasing Power, and The Victorian Laborer’s Standard of Living
  • How a weekly grocery shop would have cost £1,254 in 1862
  • Costs of dying in Victorian and Edwardian England
  • 18th Century Wages (Earlier than the Victorian era, but good reference)
  • Cost of Items 18th Century  (Also earlier than the Victorian era, but good reference)

F O O D  (A N D   L A C K   T H E R E OF)

  • Victorian Dining
  • The Victorian Pantry, Authentic Vintage Recipies
  • Victorian cooking: upperclass dinner
  • For Rich or Poor: Creepy Victorian Food
  • Victorian History: A Fast Food Generation
  • 10 Weird Foods Sold By Victorian Street Vendors
  • Victorian Food For The Rich & Poor Children
  • Dictionary of Victorian London - Food
  • The Lost World of the London Coffeehouse
  • Victorian England: a nation of coffee drinkers
  • London Life: Victorian Coffee Sellers
  • Victorian street food imagined
  • What the Poor Ate
  • Adulteration and Contamination of Food in Victorian England
  • Workhouse Food
  • An Overview of food in 19th Century Gaols
  • Food and Famine in Victorian Literature
  • Milk teeth of Irish famine’s youngest victims reveal secrets of malnutrition

D R U G S   &   D R I N K

  • The Temperance Movement and Class Struggle in Victorian England
  • Gin Palaces - The Victorian Dictionary
  • Alcohol and Alcoholism in Victorian England
  • Drugs in Victorian Britain
  • Cannabis Britannica: The rise and demise of a Victorian wonder-drug
  • Laudanum Use in the 19th Century
  • Victorian Women on Drugs, Part 1: Queen Victoria
  • Victorian Women on Drugs, Part 2: Female Writers
  • Substance Abuse in the Victorian Era
  • Opium Dens and Opium Usage in Victorian England
  • Chinese Opium Trade; as it was in the mid 1800s
  • Poetry, Pain, and Opium in Victorian England

L E I S U R E   &   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

  • Victorian Entertainments: We Are Amused
  • Entertainment in Victorian London
  • Leisure, An Extensive study of the Victorian Era
  • Vauxhall Gardens | Jane Austen’s World
  • Theatre - Victorian Era 1837-1901
  • Almack’s Assembly Rooms
  • The Cannibal Club: Racism and Rabble-Rousing in Victorian England
  • Restaurants - The Victorian Dictionary
  • The Story of Music Hall
  • Sex, Drugs and Music Hall
  • Victorian and Edwardian Public Houses (List, links to relevant articles about each listed pub)
  • Victorian London Taverns, Inns and Public Houses
  • Gambling in Historic England
  • Gambling in London’s Most Ruinous Gentlemen’s Clubs
  • Victorian Sport: Playing by the Rules
  • Seven singular sports from the Victorian era
  • Penny Dreadfuls; the Victorian era adventures for the masses
  • Romantic Era Songs

H O L I D A Y S & C E L E B R A T I O N S

  • A Victorian New Year
  • Fortune Telling for the Victorian New Year
  • Hogmanay: New Year’s Eve, the Scottish Way
  • Victorian Valentine
  • Valentines Day - The Complete Victorian
  • Easter Traditions During the Victorian Era
  • halloween - The Complete Victorian
  • the traditions of halloween
  • Victorian Christmas - History of Christmas
  • Christmas in the Victorian Era

W E A P O N R Y  &  V I O L E N C E

  • The Victorian Gentleman’s Self-Defense Toolkit
  • Early Victorian attitudes towards violent crime
  • Victorian Violence: Repelling Ruffians (Part One)
  • Victorian Violence: Repelling Ruffians (Part Two)
  • Victorian Violence: Repelling Ruffians (Part Three)
  • Victorian Violence, Part Four ~ Elegant Brutality for Ladies and Gentlemen of Discernment
  • 10 Deadly Street Gangs Of The Victorian Era
  • Early Victorian Handguns; Part 1
  • Early Victorian Handguns; Part 2
  • Early Victorian Handguns; Part 3
  • Pistol Duelling during the Early Victorian Era
  • Cane Guns: Victorian Concealed Firearms of Gentlemen & Cads

M A N N E R S   &   E T T I Q U E T T E

  • Manners & Tone of Good Society (This is a Victorian book on manners, written by an unnamed ‘Member Of The Aristocracy,’ and is available in full to read and covers a ton of ground, everything from leaving cards and morning calls to introductions and titles, and etiquette for many different types of parties and events).
  • The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Hand Book for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society (1875)
  • Manners for the Victorian Gentleman
  • Victorian Dancing Etiquette
  • A Checklist of 19th Century Etiquette
  • Social Rituals During The Victorian Era
  • An Online Dating Guide to Courting in the Victorian Era
  • Calling Cards and the Etiquette of Paying Calls
  • Morning Calls and Formal Visits
  • A Time Traveller’s Guide to Victorian Era Tea Etiquette
  • Traveling Etiquette and Tips for Victorian Women
  • Equestrian Etiquette and Attire in the Victorian Era
  • Etiquette Faux Pas and Other Misconceptions About Afternoon Tea
  • Victorian Table Etiquette
  • Victorian London - Publications - Etiquette and Household Advice Manuals
  • Etiquette Rules for Dinner Parties from a Victorian Magazine
  • The Etiquette of Proper Introductions in Victorian Times
  • Forms Of Introductions And Salutations. Etiquette Of Introductions
  • Etiquette for the Victorian Child
  • Victorian and Edwardian Mourning Etiquette
  • Etiquette Of Carriage-Riding
  • Victorian Etiquette - Shopping

U P P E R C L A S S   &   N O B I L I T Y

  • Royalty, Nobility, Gentry, & Titles; A Matter of Victorian Ranks & Precedence
  • Order of Precedence in England and Wales
  • The Victorian Era - The Debutante Tradition
  • The Gentleman - The Victorian Web 
  • “Coming Out” During the Early Victorian Era; about debutantes
  • The London Season
  • The London Season - The History Box

T H E  M I D D L E C L A S S

  • The middle classes: etiquette and upward mobility
  • The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class
  • The Victorian Man and the Middle Class Household - Domesticity as an Ideal
  • Middle Class Life in the Late 19th Century
  • A Woman ’s World: How Afternoon Tea Defined and Hindered Victorian Middle Class Women
  • Working Women in the Victorian Middle-Class
  • The ASBO teens of Victorian Britain: How middle-class children terrorized parks by shouting at old ladies, chasing sheep and vandalizing trees
  • “A Dangerous Kind:” Domestic Violence and The Victorian Middle Class [PDF]
  • Eligible Bachelors: Suitors and Courtship in the Lower Middle Class

T H E   W O R K I N G C L A S S

  • The working classes and the poor
  • Poverty and the working classes (links to relevant articles)
  • Dirty Jobs of the Victorian Era …
  • The Working-Class Peace Movement in Victorian England
  • Victorian Child Labor and the Conditions They Worked In
  • History of Working Class Mothers in Victorian England
  • Income vs Expenditure in Working-Class Victorian England
  • What about the Workers? - 1830s - 1840s

T H E   S E R V A N T   C L A S S

  • Household management and Servants of the Victorian Era
  • Victorian Domestic Servant Hierarchy and Wages
  • Domestic Servants
  • Serving the house: The cost of Victorian domestic servants
  • Domestic Servants and their Duties
  • Precedence in the Servants Hall
  • The Servant’s Quarters in 19th Century Country Houses Like Downton Abbey
  • The REAL story of Britain’s servant class
  • Servants: A life below stairs
  • The Green Baize Door: Dividing Line Between Servant and Master
  • The Victorian Domestic Servant by Trevor May: A Review

T H E   U N D E R C L A S S  (T H E  P O O R) 

  • The Underclass (or the Submerged Class)
  • Poverty in Victorian England: Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist
  • Down and Out in Victorian London
  • Poverty and the Poor | Dickens & the Victorian City
  • The Victorian Poorhouse
  • Poorhouses
  • Victorian Workhouses
  • Entering and Leaving the Workhouse
  • The Poor Law
  • The Poor Law Amendment Act
  • The New Poor Law - Victorian Crime and Punishment
  • London’s Ragamuffins

I N T E R S E C T I O N A L I T Y (Of Class, Gender, Race, and Ability)

  • Class, Gender, and the Asylum
  • The Impact of Social Class Divisions on the Women of Victorian England
  • The Daily Life of Disabled People in Victorian England

W O R K &

  • Early and Mid-Victorian Attitudes towards Victorian Working-Class Prostitution, with a Special Focus on London
  • Prostitution and the Nineteenth Century: In Search of the 'Great Social Evil’
  • Attitudes toward sexuality and sexual identity
  • Victorian slang - a guide to sexual Victorian terms

O T H E R   M A S T E R P O S T S

  • Writing Research - Victorian Era by ghostflowerdreams
  • How to Roleplay in the Victorian Era by keir-reviews
  • Legit’s Historical Fashion Masterpost by legit-writing-tips
  • Susanna Ives - Many Research Links (covers Regency Era - Victorian Era)
Sometimes stones roll quietly

My contribution for the first day of @seungchuchuweek
Accidental Kiss, Pets, How they met in form of 5+1 things.

After rudely being shut up by Seung-Gil in a bathroom, Phichit takes the logiacal next step to become his friend. Stones just go rolling from there on

the 5 times Phichit shut up because of Seung-Gil
+ the 1 time Seung-Gil couldn’t seem to stop talking

I. How they first met

The first time Seung-Gil actually manages to effectively shut Phichit up is when they first meet. It’s before a competition in the US, in Chicago. It’s 2014, and they are both trying to qualify for the Grand Prix Final this year. Phichit is tense and not sure if he’ll even manage to place on the podium in this competition.  Yuuri is doing really well this year, and Phichit is fairly sure that he’ll manage to get to the GPF. Though that’s probably not something he should put his mind on right now, because he is about to start with his short program and he cannot really concentrate. It’s his first really big competition and he hasn’t slept enough last night. Basically his head is spinning with thoughts and memories and a bit anxiety so he just rambles to Ciao Ciao and Yuuri who seem a bit worried.

It’s understandable, normally Phichit is really calm and just enthusiastic, which is only because he’s always competed together with Yuuri and he always concentrated on keeping his best friend calm. Now though, he competes alone against other skaters, some of them he knew like Leo de la Iglesia and Jean-Jacques Leroy others were complete strangers to him. Like Seung-Gil Lee. A Korean skater who has a really bad social media presence. And also really bad social interaction skills from what he’s heard. Phichit hasn’t met the guy yet, but Leo has and it sounded bad.

Phichit is pacing now, wringing his hands and sliding them through his hair. He’s got time, about twenty minutes. He is next to last, with only Seung-Gil Lee behind him. Yuuri shoots him worried looks, even though he is clinging onto his phone because Viktor Nikiforov is skating at Oberstdorf in Germany right now and Yuuri acts like he isn’t going to win with a wide gap. Well, to be right, Viktor is not skating right now because of time difference. He might actually be sleeping or something but the online magazines are still blogging and there are a lot analyses of his programs and as a die-hard fan Yuuri has to keep up. Phichit never really understood the obsession Yuuri has with the Russian.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 1 Full translation.


pages 12-15


Original work: Tite Kubo Novel: Matsubara Makoto


3 years have passed since the invasion of the Wandenreich. Many lives lost, the scars of battle are not yet healed. Those who survived are finally beginning on the path to recovery.

One day Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji announced to everyone that they will have their names entered into a family register* (*i.e. registration of marriage)…..

A story about new bonds born from the end of the battle which were not drawn in the original story.

3 years have passed since the invasion of the seireitei by the Wandenreich.

Normality finally returned to the soul society which was in extreme turmoil.

Squad 1 - squad headquarters assembly room.

“from now on we will open the headquarters of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Captain Commander?”

The first squad’s vice captain Ise Nanao urged. The captain of that same division, Kyoraku Shunsui nodded once before moving forward.

“it’s bad everyone is busy huh. Today is merely reports of the reconstruction situation so we should be finishing early.”

Each division’s captain and vice captain were in a row overlooking the assembly room. The recently reconstructed assembly hall seemed to be completely new, full of the aroma of fresh timber.

“haa…. The smell of wood is nice isn’t it? Well then, Nanao Chan please!”

“Yes. So first of all… ”

Whilst turning over bulky documents, Nanao starts reporting about the reconstruction situation. As he listened to that voice Kyoraku thought about the 3 years.

The most damage suffered in seireitei was at the first district, also known as ‘shinou district’, including the first division barracks and a great number of administrative facilities.

As a war time special exception, the lives of the people who evacuated were saved by opening the personal residence of the Central 46. However, what they saw when they returned to the ground after the war was a whole surface of scorched Earth, exhausted from the remains of destruction. There was insufficient manpower, goods and materials to rebuild houses, whilst everyone was merely sunken into despair, one among the Central 46 was the first to make progress towards reconstruction, Amakado Nayura.

Nayura who became a sage, succeeded the position of her father who was murdered by Sousuke Aizen, she is still a young girl.

She is also the head librarian of the Great Spirit Book Gallery where all events and data of the soul society are forcibly accumulated, studying the human world and Shinigami with an open mind. Everyday seeking how to change the current state of the old fashioned central 46.

At that time there was an assault on the central 46 underground compound by the sternritter. Half were killed, the ones that remained alive were also more or less wounded. Even if the body can heal, the fear from witnessing such atrocities cannot be wiped away. Those who came forward to resign from their seats are no longer able to expect work as a supreme judicial body like the pre-war central 46.

But before that situation Nayura was optimistic that the time for change was now. So she scolded the older people(sages) who were disheartened and cooperated with the captain commander of the Gotei 13 Kyoraku, together they established new law one by one. This young soul was not afraid to progress forward and the older people who were inspired by that passion also started to change slightly.

After the war, she first set out a law to simplify the procedure of the court seal. An official court seal must be presented to the gatekeeper of each pure soul gate when entering Seireitei from Rukongai. She made it possible to obtain a court document which originally could only be obtained through a complicated procedure which normally takes several weeks, now it is only a simple procedure at a special personnel recording station installed in front of every gate. As a result, it became easy to carry materials from outside the Seireitei and it became possible to welcome the people of Rukongai widely as a work force. Also, at the special personnel record management station spiritual power was checked whilst simultaneously registering fingerprints, an invitation to the spiritual arts academy, a training institute for Shinigami, is extended to those who have promising spiritual power. The benefits given to Soul Society because of this law is unfathomable.

Materials and manpower are in line with the reconstruction efforts proceeding rapidly.

“End of report”

Nanao bows down.

 “well!” Kyoraku says as he clutches both hands in front of his chest.

“There’s another piece of good news today

….Now please come forth and tell us from your own mouth”

Prompted by kyoraku, with a nervous expression they walked out of the line.

It was 6th division vice captain Abarai Renji and acting captain of the 13th division Kuchki Rukia.

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Your father, Tony Stark finding out you’re in a abusive relationship.
Warnings: Mention of abuse, injuries.
••• Requested by Anon •••

You had snuck into the tower as quietly as you could, only alerting Friday of your return; making sure that she didn’t inform your father or any of the other Avengers in the building.

Once you got to your room, you closed and locked the door behind you before snatching up your makeup bag from the bedside table. You were particularly hasty to get your foundation and concealer out. Wiping away your running mascara, you began to apply the new makeup, drowning the swelling on your face with nude coloured powders and moisturisers.

You were halfway through when you saw someone in the mirror. Vision had materialised through your wall and was now standing in you room with his eyes wide open.

“Vision -!” You started, snapping around to face him.

“My apologies!” He said quickly, disappearing back the way he had come before you could stop him. He had seen the evidence of your most recent beating. The cuts and the bruises…

Maybe he wouldn’t tell. Maybe he’d just give you a talking to, like he did that time you broke that thousand dollar base your dad had been so fond of. You wanted to chase after him, to tell him to keep his mouth shut, but you couldn’t do that with only half a face of makeup on. Maybe…

Your door was suddenly kicked open and your dad stepped inside, with Vision standing right behind him.

“D-dad - I -” before you could get anything else out, your father had rushed to your side of the room and clasped your face in his hands.

“Jesus, God.” He growled, inspecting the cuts you had yet to cover. Taking the makeup wipe from your hand, Tony rubbed away the foundation, revealing the angry purple and green swelling underneath.

“I’ll going to kill ‘em.”

By the look on his face, you didn’t doubt it. He was furious, despite the tears that welled in his own eyes, mirroring your own.

“Dad, don’t. I’m gonna breakup with them. I-I just…”

“I’ll deal with it.” Said your father, kissing your forehead.

“Friday!” He yelled, marching out of your room. “Assemble the Avengers. This git’s gonna get what’s coming to him.”

dellastreet1933  asked:

Philbis de-aged and has a huge crush on Clint. Clint is confused.

“Mother fucker.”

Fury glared at the holo-screen while the R&D tech continued stammering out excuses.  “Put Romanoff on.  Now.”  He listened as she gave him the sit-rep.  Essentially their newest R&D genius had been tinkering with their newest piece of Asgardian tech and had accidentally activated the device.  Having only Coulson being zapped by it was the perfect way to start the week.

 “So what you are telling me is that Coulson is now seventeen years old and no one there knows how to change him back.”  He felt the vein in his temple throbbing.

 “I’ve been talking with Banner.  He and Stark should be able to figure out what happened using the data and security footage that’s been collected.  Thor is scheduled to be back by the end of the week, so he can assist if they haven’t made any progress.”  Romanoff looked away from the screen, “I told you to sit in that chair and not move.” She waited, staring down whoever was off screen.  “Thank you. As I was saying sir, I can take him back to the tower.  He’ll be secure there with Jarvis monitoring him.  It will be easier to keep him out of trouble there also.”

“Do it.  Let me know if anything changes.”  Fury turned off the screen without waiting for a reply. Romanoff would handle it.

                                        (Keep Reading under the cut)

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Battle Wounds (Remus x reader)

Short story I slapped together in like 15 mins

Warning: no actual ending, I just didn’t know how to end it oops.

You charged into 12 Grimmauld place, gripping in your fist the important document Sirius Black, one of your closest mates since Hogwarts had assigned you to retrieve from a known deatheater’s residence.

You stomped forcefully down the hallway, drawing the attention of the Order members assembled in the sitting room. They were all silent, staring at you as you came face to face with Sirius Black, shoving the document at him.

When he saw you his jaw dropped, and his eyes widened. “(Y/N)” he whispered, his voice full of concern. “Just take it” you spit as you threw the parchment at his chest.

You went to go up the stairs into your and Remus’s room but was stopped by your best friend Lily’s sweet voice.

“(Y/N), honey, come here”

You stopped but didn’t turn. She gently placed her hand on your shoulder and brought you around to face her. She couldn’t stop the sharp intake of air she took when she saw your wounds up close.

You felt hot tears fall from your eyes and burn when they reached your cheeks. You finally brought yourself to looked over at the mirror on the wall.

“Oh, love, it’ll be okay”

You could barely hear Lily’s voice as you took in your face.

A dark purple bruise, speckled with dried blood engulfed your left eye and a deep cut slid from your right eyebrow, diagonally down your cheek, stopping at your bottom lip.

Your eyes were pink and puffy, with dark circles. Blood stains that were caked with dirt were smeared down your neck and across your face. You couldn’t pull your eyes from the sight of the battered women in the mirror.

When you finally found the strength you turned and looked at your friends. They were all quiet, the horror of the upcoming war finally hitting them in full effect, and your bruised, cut, bloody face was the symbol.

You look to your right when you heard a choked sob. Sirius, with his face in his hands, was crying “(Y-Y/N), I’m so sorry” you quickly went over and embraced him. Your wounds stung as you made contact with his chest, but you held him tighter.

“Is (Y/N) back yet?”

You faintly heard Remus as he bounded down the stairs. His footsteps stopped, you assumed he saw you.

You pulled from Sirius, his face was stained with tears and he immediately brought his sleeve up to clear them.

You turned to face Remus, he who had already sensed that something was wrong stood, frozen as he looked at his wife.

Suddenly Remus became so full of rage he felt as if he would explode. “Who did this?” He growled lowly. Before you could answer he walked past you and shoved his finger in Sirius’s wide eyed face “YOU! YOU ASSIGNED HER TO THAT MISSION, I TOLD YOU SHE SHOULD'NT GO ALONE!” He yelled violently, gripping the front of Sirius’s shirt, causing more tears to fall from his swollen eyes.

“I’m sorry, mate, I’m so sorry” he kept murmuring over and over, shaking his head. Suddenly you saw Remus bring his fist back, you jumped, grabbing his arm and pulling him away.

“No! Remus, it wasn’t his fault. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone there. And sending more than one person would have drawn too much attention, you have to calm down!”

You yelled as you grabbed him face, making him look at you. Your cut burned intensely from the sudden, rapid use of your mouth and you fought the urge to wince. You saw Remus calm, his anger turning to sadness as he took in your face. He then enveloped you in a loving hug and buried his nose in your wild hair.


pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 3000 

warnings: swearing, drunkenness, aaron burr being pretentious, sleepiness, alcohol mention, badly and probably incorrectly translated french

prompt/request: Can I have a John Laurens imagine where you are dating and you guys get drunk with some friends at a party and you see him all over another girl and it gets angsty but then super fluffy? I love your writing BTW 💙💛💜💚” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: here’s a funny joke/alternative title if you’ve read one of my other laurens fics, lipstick on his collar: ‘a fic where john says it’s not what it looks like and it truly isn’t’. either way, enjoy!

“How do I look?” John asked, standing in front of the mirror.

He was wearing a black dress shirt and gray jeans, with his hair tied back in a bun. It was a casual night, of course, but Alex had tortured him the last time he showed up to a party in sweats and a t-shirt. You rolled your eyes and stood on your tippy-toes to kiss his scruffy cheek. “How do you think you look?” you questioned, running your thumb over the spot you just had your lips on.

He shrugged, reaching a hand up to smooth out a crease in his shirt.

“Fabulous.” You laughed and grabbed his arms, turning his body to face yours. “Sexy. Handsome. Pretty. Beautiful. Perfect. Like you always do, John.”

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Little Avenger - 4

Pairing: Peter x reader, Bucky x reader, Avengers x reader

Summary: the secret was finally out; they knew what you were capable of. You didn’t know what you should expect, you never had so much love, what would it feel like to say an unexpected goodbye to your second family? To a place you called home?

Author’s Note: guess who’s back! I am writing something after ONE FUCKING WEEK. I can’t believe it! I didn’t have any time with all the tests and homework and tuitions, I couldn’t quite juggle all proper. This is yet another part and its rather gloomy but has a fluff, Peter and Bucky fluff. no chances of going wrong. (supernatural reference in the end)Hope you like it!

Warning(s): emotional distress, swearing and crying

Word Count: 1999 (dayum)

Parts - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

You were at last, happy. You had not felt what it meant to have a place called home and to be surrounded by people who adored you for so many years now. You adored them and so did they. How could they not?

You would swear a lot, much to Steve’s disappointment, but you were such a sweetheart to have around. You would sometimes make them unique things, ranging from crafts to new recipes, you would crack jokes and make them laugh, you would always make sure that Tony and bruce always had a blanket whenever they fell asleep working, you would always defend them, you made sure that they didn’t have nightmares, and when they did, you were there. You were like this little sibling they never asked for.

They loved you and were very protective of you. they just didn’t want to lose you, you meant too much to them. You were close to all of them but most to Natasha, Peter and Bucky. You and Peter were best of buddies and were almost inseparable. He just loved having you around, you were so… unique and beautiful.

Your relationship with Bucky was what the avengers thought to be the purest. You both were each other’s families; he would act like a sibling and a grandfather at the Same time. The others didn’t know how this all began; it was something you both never spoke about. The story though, was as unique as your relationship.

You were texting Peter on your phone lying in your bed. It was midnight but Peter and your talks never seemed to end, you always had something new to talk about.

‘and that’s how I burnt my ass once.’ You sent him the message as the memory ran through your mind again.

‘you’re weird XD. BUT still my favourite.’ He sent back after having a good laugh. This was just one of the things he loved about you; you spoke without any hesitation.

‘I will always be your favourite ;) . No one ever forgets me, love.’ You grinned as you sent the message.

‘XD’ it was all he could manage as he smiled like an idiot with a red face on his mobile. Only if he could tell you about how he felt and could hear you call him those cute nicknames. He shook his head when he realized what he was thinking. He couldn’t it would mess things up.

g’night. I’ve got school tomorrow. Sweet dreams spidey :D’ his phone dinged with another one of your messages. He replied with one of his signature sweet messages.

‘idiot.’ You muttered and set the phone aside. You loved that dork. His goofy smile and cute laugh was something that-. You abruptly stopped thinking about him, why were you thinking about him at the first place? You couldn’t have “feelings’ for him? he was your best friend.

  ‘he’s my best friend, nothing else. No mushy feelings and all.’ You shook your head and buried your head in your pillow. ‘it hurts when they leave.’ You thought. You were in a conflict when your gate creaked open a little.

You shot right up and pulled out the knife from under your pillow. You fixed your glasses and saw that it wasn’t some intruder, it was Bucky, a very dishevelled and disturbed looking Bucky who was now staring at your knife. You hid it quickly and walked towards him.

‘sorry for that, buckbeak.’ You grinned. you noticed his eyes and read how pained his energy felt. ‘is everything okay?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘yeah.’ He seemed to have broken from a trance. ‘I-I just, I was passing by and saw that your light was still on, that’s all.’ He tried to shrug it off.

‘do not lie to me.’ You said in a serious tone. ‘what is it? you know I can read your mind if you don’t wanna speak.’

‘(y/n) what do you think of me?’ he asked out of nowhere. He seemed very serious and you pondered over the question for a while.

‘well, you are,’ you looked away as you thought. ‘you are like a big brother or a grandpa I never wanted.’ You grinned. ‘you don’t talk to me much but when you do, it is great. You play pranks on me sometimes but I believe it’s just one of the ways of saying “I care for you.”’ you finally looked at him. he had a faint smile on his face but his eyes were glassy.

  ‘I wish all of it could be true, I am not who you think I am, I am-‘he spoke the words with disgust.

‘I great human being who had his life taken away from him forcefully.’ You said and he scoffed. ‘it was never you, monsters are evil from within.’ You held his arms. ‘you have good in you, we al believe it.’ you smiled at him. this was enough to make the former merciless assassin shed a tear in front of a 15-year-old girl. He pursed his lips and looked down.

‘hey,’ you tried to provide him soothing energy as he struggled with his thoughts. He didn’t know why but he hugged you. it was surprising at first, he wasn’t the type of person to even sit with you if your legs were touching. You wrapped your arms around him and tried to soothe him. he finally knew that he could trust you.

‘I dreamt that I killed you and Steve, I dreamt I hurt everyone I cared for. I wanted to check that you all were okay.’ He mumbled in your shoulder. You felt a sting in your eyes. You had never seen him so weak, so vulnerable. He shook as he couldn’t help the tears that were flowing now. This is what happens when you keep storing all that water in, it just takes one hammer to break the dam that has weakened.

  ‘shh…’ you rubbed his back. You started to hum a song that you had once heard. ‘hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over. They come, they come, to build a wall between us.’ He stopped crying and looked at you. ‘but we know that they won’t win.’ You smiled and wiped his tears. ‘you are a strong person, you don’t have to be ashamed to show your feelings, they are a part of you.’ you said and a side of his lips twitched in a smile.

 ‘wanna watch a movie?’ you stood up. You didn’t realize when you both had sat down on the floor.

  ‘only if you make that shit brownie of yours.’ He attempted to smile.

  ‘deal.’ You offered him a hand and he stood up. You both had only grown close to each other from that day.

You were both overly protective of each other, but you both fought like wolves sometimes. That day was no different.

‘why the fuck did you eat my gum?!’ you shouted at Bucky as he used Steve as a shield.

‘do you have to do this? I will get you more.’ Peter tried to hold you back.

‘no! I only have sweet things in like, what a month?! And this jackass took it without even asking!’ you looked at him.

‘I didn’t take it!’ Bucky shot from behind Steve.

‘what is the matter?” Sam walked in blowing bubble gum bubble.

‘you took it?!” you and Bucky said in unison.

‘mhm.’ Sam replied casually.

‘do you know how hard she punches?’ Bucky shouted on Sam.

‘I don’t fuck-‘ you were interrupted as Steve covered your mouth.

‘language! Fucking language! Is that too much to ask for!’ he shouted at the top of his lungs and all four of you looked at him with wide eyes.

‘did he just?’ Peter squinted his eyes.

‘yup.’ You said before busting in laughter, all others soon followed and Steve crossed his arms over his chest in irritation.

‘everyone is requested to assemble in the conference room.’ F.R.I.D.A.Y stated.

‘shut up and come on.’ Steve muttered as he exited the room. you soon followed him after you were done laughing.

Everyone except Thor who was in Asgard and Pietro who had injured himself, were sat in the conference room. the room had a very depressing and serious environment, all your smiles faded when you took your seats. Furry looked directly at you and you furrowed your brows in reply.

‘I called you all here-‘ Fury stood up.

‘to bore us.’ Clint said.

‘no,’ he shot him a glare. ‘to talk about (y/n).’ his eyes, well, eye landed on you again. Every bad possibility entered your mind. they must have found out.

‘and it is about?’ Tony emphasised.

‘she must have told you about her powers.’ He looked at everyone.

‘yes, but they are very complex and the limits are not something we still very well know.’ Bruce looked at him.

‘well, she must have told you how she can also, absorb it.’ he said.

‘enough with the puzzles, Fury. Get to the point.’ Natasha said.

‘what I want to say is that-‘

  ‘I am a creature who is capable on feeding off energy and I must be returned to where I belong.’ You spoke. Peter looked at you and held your hand out of reflex. You looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

‘we already know that you can absorb energy, so what?.’ Wanda argued.

‘you don’t understand. They fear, I might not be able to control it; my hunger. they think I am a monster who will suck out your life and would become something they can control. ‘you said looking down. ‘and they are right, I must return to my cell.’ You looked up.

‘what!? No! she is not going anywhere.’ Bucky said to furry. ‘you are not going anywhere. You and I will go somewhere else if that’s what it takes but you won’t go back to that filth. We are family, remember.’ He looked at you.

‘I don’t want to hurt any of you.’ you smiled sadly. ‘you are all I got.’

‘you must decide (y/n).’ Fury looked at you.

‘hold up, she is not going anywhere.’ Tony said

‘she’s way too young to decide that. And she has never done anything to hurt us.’ Clint said.

‘she is very good with her powers. I will help her, you can’t just take her away.’ Wanda stood up in your defence.

‘the girl’s much stronger than you think, Fury. You don’t know what she’s capable of.’ Natasha added.

‘okay, but-‘ he raised his hands.

‘she’s staying.’ Steve stood up with his arms crossed. ‘that’s final.’ He looked at Fury.

‘banner?’ Fury looked at Bruce and he smiled in response. 

‘she’s part of the family. We won’t let you take her away.’ He said calmly.

‘well, I can never win an argument with you idiots.’ He took a deep breath. ‘guess, she’ll stay.’ He left the room.

‘the hell she will.’ Sam shouted back and grinned at you.

‘why didn’t you let me go?’ you looked at them. ‘I might hurt you.’

‘you won’t.’ Natasha kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘yeah, you are much stronger than you think.’ Peter smiled at you and gave them a gentle squeeze.

‘even though I hate ruining the moment,’ Bucky stood next to you. ‘hands off, parker.’ He glared at Peter.

‘yes, sir.’ Peter retrieved his hands and everyone laughed.

‘you better get used to it, tin-tin. They are going on a mission later.’ Tony grinned.

‘what?’ Bucky’s eyes grew wide.

  ‘yup, how else are gonna learn?’ he said.

‘I have been on missions before.’ You crossed your arms.

‘and I’m spiderman.’ Peter defended himself. ‘it’ll be great! We have never been on missions together!” he grinned.

‘yeah, you’re spiderman.’ You pinched his cheeks. ‘I know, let’s go then.’ You held his arms and led him out of the room.

‘I don’t like it.’ Bucky said as he knew the closeness you to had wasn’t something he liked.

‘nobody likes it.’ Natasha replied.

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Honestly, if Natasha has as much screen time in AOU movie as she has had in the trailers, we might have to change the name to, “Black Widow Age of Ultron (With the Avengers)” ;D


Summary: Y/N Winchester and her cousins Dean and Sam have been taken into New York to end a nasty monster. They bring the attention of the Avengers, specifically Bucky, with their behaviour. How will each team react to each other?

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Avengers.

Words: 4069

Warnings: Blood, swearing, mad Steve.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Potential second part if wanted.


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You rush into the gym scanning for Sam, he had come to the gym while they were there for the week because the cold winter was colder than he originally suspected. On the other hand the monster could be using this gym also. Instead you ram into someone in you’re frantically searching eyes, they were quickly adjusting from the dark outdoors.

“Shit! Sorry!” You rushed you’re words not paying attention to whoever you had bumped into.

“It’s okay. Are you alright?” The deep voice gave you an indication that it was in fact a man that you bumped into.

“Yeah-SAM!” You screeched running to the younger Winchester you had worked with for years now. His head snapped up in worry, his inquisitive eyes glancing down to you oddly wet looking spot on the left side of your shirt.

Striding over noticing the other man beside Y/N. His eyebrow raised noticing the man looking nervous and concerned at the same time. By the nearly unnoticeable wet spot he had a feeling their monster had struck her. He couldn’t flat out ask with civilians around.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Sam questioned placing his hands on her arms.

“The pipe burst and I couldn’t get a hold of the plumber!” You frantically said glancing over at the stranger.

Bucky furrowed his eyebrows finding it strange that the woman had came to the gym instead of calling, it felt a weird taste in his mouth at the anger in the tall man’s eye and the slight fear the woman had. He had a suspicion that the female was being abused.

“Shit. The plumber didn’t answer. How bad?” Sam questioned.

“Really bad.”

"I know someone that could help with that.” Bucky cut into their conversation.

“We have it handled.” She snapped in her concern.

“Y/N!” Sam snapped at her, “I’m sorry. My cousin and I have been having some troubles with the house we’re renting. It’s placed some pressure on her shoulders.”

Bucky nodded earning an apologetic expression from Y/N but he did see that the interaction between the cousins was off and almost rehearsed in the expressions and words. Sam couldn’t seem to get a read on the man, his eyes held only rich emotions that the Winchesters had felt their entire life. In that moment Sam took a minute to realize how this man was the only one up at 3 am.

"Who the hell are you?”

“Dean!” Y/N screeched as the gruff hunter walked in holding a gun up. Bucky’s eyes widened before he quickly regained his composure. Something was very wrong with these people, and he wanted to figure them out. He would need help because he couldn’t tell if they were Hydra or not.

“Look man. I’m just a guy that couldn’t sleep, I decided to work it out.” Bucky replied his arms in the air. His body tilted just a smidge to left, his arm still wasn’t something he was fond of.

The Winchesters all noticed the movement with suspicion that fuelled Dean’s finger to twitch towards the trigger. He decided against it with the security cameras and Y/N heated stare
poring into the side of his head. With the slight distraction Bucky struck out slamming his foot into Sam’s face with enough strength to knock him out. Sweeping his leg out he caught Y/N sending her to the ground with a thump. The last remaining Winchester barely had time to pull the trigger before he was shoved up high on the wall and a knife pressed to his throat. He heard the bullet ricochet before he saw it.

“Who the fuck are you?” Bucky growled into the mans face.

“Let him go!” Y/N screamed throwing a dumbbell at his head. Bucky felt it smack his head with force before he turned his attention to you, “What the fuck?”

"Shouldn’t have done that doll.” Bucky stated before he literally threw Dean across the room with a smack. Y/N had never seen something like this before, only the supernatural had
the strength needed to do that, “You just can’t let it go.”

"Let what go?” Y/N whispered backing up further into the room.

“ME.” Bucky screamed grasping her by the throat. Her hand wrapped around the hardness covered by a long sleeve and felt the strange texture.

“I don’t know…w-what you’re talking about.” Y/N gasped seeing black invade her vision, “We can talk civilized can we not?”

Bucky snarled dropping her to the ground when he heard rather than saw his best friend storm in wearing his uniform. His date standing nearby with a gun aimed at the larger man out
cold on the ground. Sharon and Steve shared a look as they both walked in enough to kick the weapons that had dropped. Sharon raised an eyebrow at the detailed gun with a gleaming silver finish and white grip.

"Seriously Buck?” Steve rubbed his face, “You have to stop this.”

"He pointed a gun at me!” Bucky exclaimed roughly motioning to the man across the room.

“What about her?” Sharon asked pointing her gun into the females face.

“Agent Y/N Ford.” Y/N said reaching into her pocket and swiftly flipping open the ID, “My partners and I are currently undercover for a classified case. I can’t go into details about the
matter. Can I ask what you’re names are and why you’re holding a federal agent at gunpoint?”

"Why the hell would three of you be needed?” Sharon questioned.

“Ah. The boys refuse to work without each other, they grew up across the street from each other, and I have the most knowledge on the case. Also I’m still fairly new at his.”

“Sammy?” The gravely voice came out weak from the shorter man.

“Shut up.” Sam groaned sitting up. He noticed the added people in the room and climbed to his feet, “Dean. We have more people here.”

"Agents. It seems we’ve got a problem. A bunch of hoodlums decided to nearly put our covers at risk. I can’t believe he got you both.” Y/N sighed at her ‘co-workers’ feeling the glare
from Dean intensely.

The others stared at the three before the man in the uniform spoke up with conviction, “Okay. I’m sorry but we’re going to have to take you in.”

"You want to take in three federal agents? Are you trying to fuck you’re life up?” Y/N asked. Sharon smirked at her reply before she herself spoke up.

“Sweetie. I’m a CIA Agent. These two are Avengers. I’m pretty sure we know fakes when we see them. Please don’t make me call in-” Cutting herself off she threw three little disk onto them seeing them drop to the ground, “Well I’ll have to thank Black Widow for that.”

♧ ♢ ♡ ♤

The team assembled in the board room with different emotions given the time it was. Each Avenger was concerned and angry with the lose of sleep on the time they were promised
off. Bucky and Steve stood in the front of the room as if they were at attention in the war still. Tony collapsed into a chair first groaning at the headache he already had from the excess alcohol with Rhodey earlier.

“Okay what’s going on?” Clint asked leaning forward.

“We have potential Hydra agents in the cell.” Bucky stated not looking at the owner of the building.

“Excuse me?” Tony grunted straigthening up, “How did they end up in the cell? Are you two cooking up a plan?”

"Oh that’s rich coming from you.” Steve muttered ignoring the warning look he received from Natasha, “Buck why don’t you explain.”

"I was working at the gym and I came across a confrontation between a male and female claiming to be cousins. They were using phrases and gestures that were too rehearsed to be
true. Soon I had another man point a gun at me.”

"You went all nuts again didn’t you.” Tony stated staring the man down. They didn’t notice Steve leave the room with the nod from Nat.

Before anyone could blink three casually dressed people were shoved into chairs roughly. Each sporting an extremely annoyed expression and specially designed cuffs on their hands. All three knew that there was no way they pick them, they were far too advanced for them to figure out. Not to mention they had a group of people stop talking to stare at them all equally annoyed.

“They don’t look tough enough.” Tony stated climbing to his feet. Bucky raised his hand and for once Tony let him speak.

“Are you from Hydra?” He questioned.

“What the hell is a Hydra?” Dean burst out, “I’ll have you know we’ll be contacting our superior over this! Who the hell are you freaks?”

A sharp inhale was heard from the quiet brunette at the end of the table. With shame she picked through their heads carefully seeing the truth behind their statement, with respect she
only went over the necessary as Sharon brought up a visual.

There on the screen was the mugshots that Charlie had erased for them years ago. The trio stared freaking out internally at the sight. Each Avenger climbed to their feet in caution.

"Not Hydra.” Sharon muttered watching their body language, “Definitely not federal agents. They aren’t in the system and the last name she gave us is a dud for a female.”

"Who are you?” Sam questioned looking at each of them.

“Avengers.” The accent of the silent brunette said, “We save the world from people set against destroying it. I am Wanda.”

“Well hello sweetheart.” Dean smirked at the female noticing the beauty she held.

Y/N slammed her foot against his leg earning a groan from the man and earning the slight respect from Wanda and Sharon. They noticed quickly that the trio were trained heavily but not by anyone from the government. They weren’t enhanced either but Wanda could feel almost a shadow of darkness around each of them. Almost as if feeling her powers the trio looked at her with disgust.

“Looks like we got ourselves a witch.” Dean grumbled, “Damn shame.”

Guns cocked as they stared into dozens pointed at their faces. The only unarmed one was Wanda but she had something far more dangerous. A red mist shifted around her fingers.
Something the hunters had never seen before in their line of work.

"I’ll only ask one more time.” Bucky growled getting into their faces, “Who the hell are you?”

"Y/N Winchester. These are my cousins Sam and Dean Winchester.” Y/N caved knowing they weren’t getting out of this one even with Castiel.

“Y/N! You idiot.” Dean hissed at her, “Might as well tell them that we protect them!”

"How?” Nat slammed her hands down on the table allowing her cleavage to cloud the green eyed mans mind. She saw his Adam’s apple bob before licking his lips, “We save you from Hydra. A formerly secret organization within the Nazi party of World War 2. How do you think you protect us?”

"We’re hunters.” The tallest Winchester spoke up, “We hunt the things that go bump in the night. Every monster you can think of we’ve killed at least once.”

"You haven’t.” Bucky said walking up next to Nat, “You haven’t killed me.”

"What are you.” Y/N softly asked not believing the man in front of her.

“A monster.” Bucky snarled pulling his glove off and his sleeve up showcasing the relic he had from his Hydra days, “You’re saying a bunch of bullshit. Wanda search their minds.”


“No, go right ahead Spandex.” Dean glared over at the man in the ridiculous red, white, and blue uniform. With some oversized Frisbee on his back.

Within seconds of speaking Wanda let her hands flow up and guide the red mist to the trios heads watching their eyes light up red as she went through each and every memory they
had. She was astounded to see the amount of pain each Winchester held in their heart and the monsters that roamed around until others like them got to her. The one that surprised her the most, including the Angels, was the start of Apocalypse. How had the Avengers never noticed that? In shock she collapsed into her chair.

“Wanda are you okay?” A voice asked from the doorway. The Winchesters spun to see a red man wearing regular clothing and a weird gem in the middle of his forehead. It was obvious
he wasn’t a human.

“I am fine.” Wanda replied, “They are telling the truth. Beasts roam around us and they don’t know about anything that has happened with us.”

"I guess we have a lot to learn from each other.” Steve said, “I’m Steve Rogers. Most people know me as Captain America. These are the rest of my teammates. Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton and Vision.”

"Sam Wilson is currently with his family at this moment in time.” Nat said rolling her eyes.

Right after each member stated their part of the Avengers earning some jealousy and respect from Dean. They were what he had once seen his Dad as when he was a little kid and was told the story of Steve Rogers. He had always thought it was some stupid story John would use to get him to fall asleep. Mary would lean against the wall smiling before putting her two cents into the story also. The night Mary burnt on the ceiling was the last time he ever head and thought of Captain America.

♧ ♢ ♡ ♤

The Winchesters had been invited to stay in the tower with the team in apology for they way they were brought in. The rooms they had been shown were lavish enough that it was too uncomfortable to be in there long. They had decided a seedy motel was more their style to the disgust of Tony.

The Winchesters had gotten an attached room as they usually did so they had more space and beds. Plus the door was always left open for safety reasons but would close when Dean brought a lady to room. They didn’t expect to be here long anyway, they just had to gank the demon and get out of town.

“Beer?” Dean questioned as Y/N began to put her jacket on.

“Anything else?” Y/N asked raising one of her eyebrows, “Might as well say while I’m in a good mood.”

“I’ll come.” Sam said climbing to his full height, “Might as well stretch my legs.”

Y/N chuckled zipping up the lightweight dark jacket before lifting the french braid out of the back of it. Fall had hit with an unforgiving chill in the last week with leaves falling on the ground. It was her favourite time of the year with the colours and the nice weather.

Both leaving the room Dean stretched out of the bed turning the tv on to watch a show to pass the time. He didn’t feel like ‘researching’ and it wasn’t the right time to get to a bar. He was itching to find the demon and kill it. He was restless when they had nothing to do for a couple of days.

In a store Y/N had managed a snag some medical supplies they were running low on while Sam had collected some waters. The water that ran out of the motel tap wasn’t clear making it hesitating to drink it. Y/N had decided it would be smart just to grab bottles instead. They two had snuck around the store when they noticed Steve picking out some groceries.

“We done?” Y/N whispered peaking around the corner as Steve went into the produce area. Sam hummed nodding as they stood at the check out patiently waiting for the teen to ring their stuff through. The female couldn’t be any older than sixteen and was definitely loving the man in front of her.

“Anything else…Mr. Jenkins?” The teen bit her lip as she made eyes at Sam. Sam shifted under the stare as Y/N chuckled.

“We’re fine.” Y/N answered folding her arms as she turned her attention from the magazines. The teen frowned blushing at the older woman in front of her.

“Jenkins?” Steve’s familiar voices questioned confused.

“Oh. Rogers.” Y/N smiled shifting on her feet as the card was approved and shoved into Sam’s wallet, “How are you?”

 “I thought your last-“

“We better go, Dean’s waiting to head out for food.” Y/N grinned grabbing the bag from the checkout and rushing Sam out with her, “It was nice to meet you!”

The Impala was pulling out of the parking lot when Steve got outside frowning at the lies the Winchesters had given the teen.

*Two Weeks Later*

“Dean! Shit.” Y/N growled watching as the eldest Winchester was thrown against he wall by the monster. They had discovered only recently that the demon was in fact a witch that had hidden herself.

The fight was messy with Dean unconscious against a far wall while Sam was already struggling to get to his feet. The gun had been thrown from his hands and quickly acquired by the witch running a finger on it. She was a pretty thing for sure but she was very hard to kill.

“My, my. What a pretty toy you have.” The witch’s prefect red lips pulled back in a snarl, “It’s not really my style but why not?”

The bullet was sent into the shoulder of Y/N resulting in a screech as she fell into a heap. The pain was intense as she felt the witch’s power follow the bullet inside to shift the bullet around. She barely noticed when Sam was knocked out next into a heap too.

“I could have a lot of fun with you.” The witch grinned.

“Go to hell.” Y/N returned. She felt relief when the witch quit with the bullet.

She rushed the witch at a high speed before she released a blood curdling scream as pain flowed into her body. All she could see was red around her as they pain intensified and was too strong to even pass out from. The screams worsened when she felt something sharp rip her from shoulder to shoulder on the front of her body.

The sound aroused both the male hunters in the room as they watched in horror as Y/N was ripped open in front of them. Sam would admit he gagged at the sight as the witch had managed to cause pain with her power and manually with a knife.

“Go to hell.” Dean grunted as he shot in the forehead with his gun.

“Hey, Y/N you’re okay. She’s dead.” Sam soothed the still screaming and heavily bleeding girl.

“Avengers.” Y/N choked out sobbing at the great pain.


“Dean! They’re closer than any hospital! They could stabilize her! They have to have a med bay.” Sam snapped lifting the female into his arms.

“Fine!” Dean snapped, “Just hurry.”

With a blood slicked hand Sam pressed in the phone number the Avengers had given them when they had left the Tower. He swallowed hard seeing how much blood was coating both Y/N and him. The phone rang a few times before it was answered.


“We need help.” Sam shakily said keeping the phone in the crook his neck. His hands were occupied pressing his jacket on the long, deep gash, “We’re injured, too bad to make it to the hospital.”

“How bad?”  Steve questioned motioning towards the team, they came into the kitchen from the common room.

“It’s really bad.”

“Okay. How far out?”


In a quick steps Sam and Dean had managed to rush onto the med wing from the help of the AI machine. The team was shocked at the sight of the Winchesters coated in blood and injuries. Dean had arm held by his other against his midsection, it was obviously dislocated and each had a mess of cuts and bruises already. The worst of the unconscious female in Sam’s arms.

“What the hell?” Bucky questioned as the female was deposited on the bed in the medical wing.

He paled when the jacket was removed to show a gash deep enough to show muscle and red went from her face to her lower stomach. In just a few seconds Helen Cho and her team were flying at the room at high speeds. A nurse came to help Dean would was shoved aside with a glare.

“I got it.”

“Sir! You’re shoulder is dis-“

“I know. It’s not the first time.” Dean growled stepping backwards while the team moved further back.

“The Cradle is the only chance.” Helen announced pressing gauze to the severe cut, “What caused this?”

“A knife.” Sam said staring at his red hands, “Jesus.”

Soon the brothers were in the debriefing room where everyone was sitting as Steve stood at the head of the table. His arms were crossed as he stared at Sam wrenching Dean’s arm back into his rightful place.

“Explain now.”

“We’ve been researching the monster that brought us to the city. We thought demon and were definitely not prepared to see a witch instead. She had it out for us since we killed her small coven a couple years ago.” Sam answered looking at Steve, “It was a fight that within half an hour had Dean out against and a wall.”

“Hey! You were out too!” Dean snapped at his younger brother, “Y/N agonized screamed woke us back and we saw the witch dragging a knife slowly in her chest while her power tortured her.”

“It was almost too late when I put a bullet in her head.”

“Witches.” Steve stated staring at them.

“Maybe an enhanced?” Wanda said looking at her fingers.

“No. She gained her magic from a demon.” Sam corrected her.

“Okay.” Steve raised on of his eyebrows, “What about the grocery store? You paid with a card that wasn’t yours.”

“The salary of a hunter ain’t good. We gank monsters and don’t receive shit. We gotta live somehow.”

“FRAUD?!” Steve roared, “That’s illegal!”

“We are aware.” Dean growled, “You kill humans and we kill monsters. In this room we may be the better people.

♧ ♢ ♡ ♤

“Are you sure you want to stay?” Dean asked his cousin as Sam shook hands with the Avengers. The group had stayed the last month waiting for Y/N to get back on her feet.

“Yeah.” Y/N nodded, “For now anyway. I need time from that witch. I think a break would be a good thing for me. Besides these people should learn some more about our enemies.”

"Only if you’re sure.” Dean sighed.

“I’ll call. Just give me some time.” Y/N whispered up at the cousin she considered a brother, “I won’t get into trouble.”

"You’re a Winchester. Trouble always finds us.” Sam said walking up to his family, “I’ll miss you Squirt.”

"I’ll miss you too.” Y/N hugged him, “Six months is all I’m asking for.”

"Fine but don’t you go become an Avenger on us.” Dean smirked at her before slinging his arms around her for a quick hug, “Put us on speed dial and we’ll come running.”

Y/N nodded  watching her boys watch towards the elevator and hopefully not out of her life forever. She had been training to be a hunter since her Aunt Mary had died and finally
become a full one when her Uncle took her out when she was ten. She wanted to see how normal life could be with a group of people that served a similar purpose. Not to mention the tall, dark and handsome man that she had taken to bed a week ago. Bucky had talent for sure and she couldn’t wait to see what else he knew.

"It’s not too late.” Bucky said wrapping his metal arm around her. Pressing his lips to the side of her head, and feeling his heart ache at the thought of her leaving.

“I know. The thing is, we Winchesters had a habit of finding each other again whether we want to or not. I won’t be able to get out of the hunting life and when it comes knocking. I’ll be ready.”

Criminal Minds AU Episode 7: Quoth the Raven

-Episode Guide-

Previously On…

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Part 2

Whenever a case came into the BAU unexpectedly, Allyson always marveled at how easily she could tell which of her team members had been doing something much more enjoyable with their time and which of them had been secretly waiting for a phone call to bring them out of their intense boredom. Hotch and JJ were always the first ones assembled at one of these impromptu cases, which furthered Allyson’s theory that they never truly left the office. Morgan, sure enough, was dragging his feet out of the elevator, looking like he just got pulled away from the greatest treat of his life, followed closely by Prentiss and Garcia, both of whom were wearing similar expressions.

“Seriously? We have to get called in now?” Garcia exclaimed, her newly manicured nails pushing one strand of blonde hair back into place. “I was in the WarCraft game of my life! Those noobs didn’t even know what hit them!”

“WarCraft? Baby Girl, I had court-side seats to the Wizards/Knicks game tonight,” Morgan refuted. “These tickets are non-refundable, you know!”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I can just hack into the ticket site and get them for you next time,” Garcia replied, not looking too pleased that her problem had been merely waved aside.

“Probably not something you want to be boldly announcing inside the FBI,” Prentiss said with a slight chuckle.

“Well, what about you, Prentiss?” Morgan asked. “You gonna tell me that your fine self was planning to sit inside on a Friday night with nothing better to do than drink wine and watch old reruns?”

“Okay, first of all,” Prentiss began, “wine and TV is never a bad idea. You ought to try it sometime. Secondly, I don’t ask about your weekend plans. You don’t ask about mine. End of discussion.”

“Oooh! That doesn’t sound suggestive at all,” Morgan said with a smirk, causing Prentiss to roll her eyes and flash Morgan a rather subtle middle finger salute.

“We’re getting a cat!” Allyson exclaimed, more so because she wanted to feel like she was contributing to the conversation than anything else.

Potentially getting a cat,” Reid added hurriedly as Garcia, forgetting her World of WarCraft woes for a minute as she squealed with delight and raced over to Allyson’s side.

“Oh yes! Oh I’m so excited for you two!” she said happily. “Is it that calico we were looking at before? Ooh! Or that short-haired tabby with the pale blue eyes that were somehow both intimidating and adorable?”

“Neither, but rest assured he is just as adorable,” Allyson replied, pulling out her phone to show Garcia the pictures. “Those eyes, though. How do you not fall in love with those eyes?”

“Oh, it’s a curse, sweet girl. Believe me,” Garcia replied.

However, at that moment, they saw Hotch emerge from his office which immediately prompted the team to cease their chitchat and head to the conference room. Allyson knew that there were only two types of cases that were deemed crucial enough to call in the team at a moment’s notice: terrorist threats and time constraints (typically associated with kidnappings or specified threats). She felt like it had been a while since they had been on a particularly interesting case, and she was eager to see what was waiting for them today.

JJ had just finished passing out the case files as everyone assembled into the room. Allyson took a seat in between her brother and Prentiss as Hotch entered the room, followed closely by Gideon, who clearly looked as though he would rather be anywhere else right now. Allyson narrowed her eyes, finding that somewhat curious. Though she knew Gideon was nearing retirement and definitely had his moments where it was clear this job was getting to him, he always threw himself headfirst into his work. It was one of the things she highly admired about him and was convinced it was part of what made him such a superior agent. Perhaps this was just another one of those days.

“Everyone, I want to thank you all for coming in on such short notice,” Hotch said, taking a seat beside Morgan. “I apologize for pulling you all away from your nights off, but this case has quickly become very time-sensitive.”

JJ clicked the screen behind her, bringing up the latest wave of disturbing and, in this case at least, somewhat strange images from the latest crime scenes. The first image featured a couple, mid- to late-thirties most likely, lying in pools of blood in the middle of, what appeared to be, a rather luxurious mansion. However, while the man was lying on the vast oriental rug in the room, the woman appeared to actually be inside the wall of the house; brick had been broken away, revealing her body, though it didn’t appear to have been there any longer than the man’s.

The second image was just as strange and even more disturbing. A young man, mid-twenties, lay stretched out on a metal table, his wrists and ankles restrained with chains. But what was truly unsettling about this image was the fact that he had been sliced nearly completely in two, compliments of the rather large, bloodied axe hanging over him, the edge of its blade sitting right in the middle of his severed intestines.

“Claudia and Oliver Mahone,” JJ began, pointing to the first picture of the couple. “Siblings and heirs to a rather large estate just outside of Augusta, Maine. They were found murdered in their home about five days ago by the housekeeper after she arrived in the morning to begin work.” She switched her attention to the second photo. “Logan Summers, ex-convict, was found late last night cloven nearly in two compliments of that lovely mechanism he’s strapped to.”

The room was silent immediately following the overview, and Allyson had a feeling that the other members of her team were thinking the exact same thing she was: what the hell did either of these cases have to do with each other? The victimology was completely different. The method of killing was completely different. Hell, the crime scenes were nearly twenty miles apart. Was this really why they had all been called in here? To look at two very different, though arguably interesting, crime scenes that didn’t even look like they occurred in the same district, much less by the same unsub.

When it became clear that no one was eager to state the obvious, Morgan decided to take the initiative. “Look, I don’t want to sound like a skeptic here, but what do these two crime scenes have to do with each other?”

“At first glance, nothing,” JJ replied. “MO is different. Victimology is different. Nothing about these crime scenes suggests they would be related. Except for this.” She clicked the screen a third time and brought up four more images, two from each crime scene, each pair nearly identical.

“Both crime scenes were found with black feathers surrounding the bodies,” JJ continued. “And this message scrawled on the wall.”

She enhanced one of the images—the wall behind which Claudia Mahone’s body had been found—so they all could read the words:

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven
Went envying her and me

“‘Yes! that was the reason as all men know, in this kingdom by the sea…’” Allyson began.

“‘That the wind came out of the cloud, chilling and killing my Annabel Lee,’” Reid finished.

“Edgar Allen Poe,” Prentiss said. “Interesting choice. Not a poem most go with, but still a good one nonetheless.”

“One of my favorites, actually,” Allyson said with a small smile.

“But why choose it for the crime scenes?” Prentiss asked.

JJ shrugged. “That’s what the Augusta PD is hoping for us to find out. It was written out at both crime scenes. The exact same phrase in the exact same writing.”

“Could it possibly have no connection to the poem at all?” Morgan asked. “Maybe the phrase itself is just his way of getting his message out there.”

“Talks of envy,” Reid replied. “Saying that even the angels in Heaven are jealous of him. In the poem, the author talks about how his life for this girl Annabel Lee was so strong that it brought on waves of envy and jealousy from the angels and even from God himself, which is what caused the sickness to take hold of his beloved and eventually is what led to her death.”

“God in this case could mean some kind of higher power in general,” Gideon said, pinching the bridge of his nose as he thought. “It’s possible he feels that his superiors are envious of his work and perhaps that’s why they don’t give him the credit he deserves. This could be his way of lashing out at them.”

“But he writes ‘her and me,’” Prentiss said. “I understand it’s a line in the poem, but is it possible that he has a partner in this? Maybe she’s even his lover and they’re doing this together?”

“Or it could be that the ‘her’ in question is someone who’s attention he’s trying to get,” Morgan replied. “Maybe the envy and jealousy felt towards him made him lose out on a chance of getting close to someone he really cared about.”

“JJ, the body of Claudia Mahone,” Allyson began. “Did the police know to look for it in the wall?”

“They didn’t need to,” JJ replied. “When they arrived at the mansion, they found the crime scene as is. The wall was already broken down and Claudia’s body had been stuffed inside.”

“So why go through the trouble of breaking down the wall and stuffing the body inside if you weren’t trying to hide it in the first place?” Morgan asked.

“JJ, do we happen to know kind of bird the feathers came from?” Reid asked, and Allyson had a feeling that his big brain was working on the same exact problem as herself.

“Best guess would be a crow or something like that,” JJ replied. “We hadn’t heard anything specific yet.”

“Hang on, you said this case was time-sensitive,” Allyson said, turning to Hotch. “But if Claudia and Oliver were killed five days ago and Logan only yesterday, then we should in theory have four more days until he kills again.”

“Well, clearly he’s not waiting that long,” Hotch said, nodding to JJ who clicked the screen again and brought forth the photo of a much older man—late-sixties it appeared. “Nelson Harbringer was declared missing from his assisted living facility by his daughter. She went to his room to visit him like she does every week, but he wasn’t there. There were, however, several black feathers left on his bed, similar to those left at the other crime scenes.”

“That was roughly twelve hours ago,” JJ said.

“That’s only ten hours after he killed Logan Summers,” Reid said, glancing at the file. “Do we think he’s going to hold Nelson for four days?”

“Do we have any proof that he even held Logan for four days?” Prentiss asked.

“We’ll know more information when we get there,” Hotch replied. “As of right now, we have to assume that we still have four days to find Nelson Harbringer alive, but given how quickly he was abducted, we need to move faster than that. Wheels up in thirty.”

Morgan looked down at the crime scene photos and shook his head. “Is it just me,” he began, “or do the really weird freaks have a tendency to come out around this time of year?”

“Well, All Hallow’s Eve is said to be the time when the realm between our world and spirit world is closest,” Reid said as he and his sister followed Morgan out of the conference room. “The line between the living and the dead is so thin, that it was often believed that ghosts and spirits were said to walk among humans on this night. That’s where most of our normal traditions came from such as dressing up in costumes, carving jack-o-lanterns, and offering up candy to strangers.”

Morgan shook his head. “Come on, Reid. Are you trying to tell me that a ghost is responsible for this kind of stuff?”

“Happy Halloween, Derek,” Allyson said with a laugh as the three of them grabbed their bags and headed out to the tarmac where the jet was waiting for them.


It was cold wherever he was. And dark. So dark, in fact, that he when he first opened his eyes, he feared he may have gone blind. (His eyesight was never the best to begin with. Andrea had been trying to get him to have that damn lasik surgery for a while now.) However, as he stretched his hand out in front of him, he could just make out the shadow of his arm, extending slightly before being abruptly stopped by something heavy and solid.

Running his hands over it, Nelson felt wood, splinters breaking off into the tips of his fingers. What the hell was this? A box of some kind? A coffin, even? What was this? Some kind of sick joke? Where was he? What was going on?

“Hello?” he called out, his voice cracking slightly as dust from the wood above him settled down into his mouth, making him cough and choke. “Hey! Can anyone hear me? Hello?”

Raising his fist, Nelson began to pound against the wood above him. “Hey! What is this? Let me out of here! Hello? HELLO?!” He pounded with both fists, kicking out with his feet, using what little strength he had in his elderly body to try to make as much noise as possible.

But no one answered Nelson’s calls for help. The empty house he was buried beneath remained silent save for the creaks of the trees outside the window and the caws of the ravens that came to perch on the long branches, sometimes even venturing through the cracked windows to try to scrounge up crumbs on the floor.

And they heard nothing save for the faint tapping under the floor, almost like a heartbeat fading into the distance.