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Got into Overwatch. Fell in love with a pairing. Wanted to defend the problematic assassin. Opted to let the cowboy defend him for me. Ninja brother is just being supportive. 

Director of Photography Breakdown - Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins. A man who has developed the irrefutablereputation of a cinematographer with unmatched consistency. If he works on amovie, it looks good. His style is often referenced for what we have come toexpect in aesthetically pleasing contemporary cinema. In this post I willattempt to break down constant techniques he uses and develop through linesbetween films.


Wide Shot

Deakins is a master of the extreme wide shot.Perfect lens choice and composition allow him to establish space like no other.Often these shots are used at the beginning or end of a scene to lead us intoor ease us out of a moment. I find that when I experience shots like thisviscerally, with the character, it provides a perfect entrance into the headspace of the characters within the scene. The shot from Skyfall (upper middle shot) is not only incredible to look at, but it is used as an opener to establish the emotional turmoil he is experiencing by returning to the harsh and unrelenting landscape of his childhood. In the top shot from True Grit, the shot is used to establish the isolation and privacy Mattie hops to experience when visiting the grave of Rooster.


Establishing Shots

I think these are my personal favourites when it comes to Deakins work. Every establishing shot is on point. Not only are they all composed to perfection, but the slight tweaks in variety keep them interesting. I found 4 examples in which the subjects are never in the same part of the frame. On top of that, he uses leading lines and lens choice to create depth and completely establishes colour palette for every scene with these awesome shots.


Mid Shots

Although there are only two examples here, they are the perfect ones to represent the strength in Deakins’ mid shots. For the first shot, both the vertical and horizontal thirds are filled with interesting material. It creates immediate depth with the shallower depth of field, with the closer out of focus grass, the subject and then finally the fence trees and sky outside the focal plane. In the second shot from Prisoners it demonstrates Deakins’ excellent use of the leading lines in the desk to draw our eye to the subject in the center of the frame. It is also a perfect representation of his use of practical’s to light a subject in low light.

Close Ups

Finally the close ups, the bread and butter of most DP’s. Deakin’s is definitely a fan of unconventional these types of shots. These frames scream unconventional, from a close up with no light on the subject, to the side view of the parked car, they are trying to break the mold of what we expect from an average close up shot. Why follow the textbook when you can create your own.


‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’, Andrew Dominik (2007)

By his own approximation, Bob assassinated Jesse James over 800 times. He suspected no one in history had ever so often or so publicly recapitulated an act of betrayal.

elise-the-assassin  asked:

#48 from the 'I found you' lost and with McCree xxxx please. ❤️

#48 - I found you before my last breath

Angst ahead…

There was no way you were making it out of this alive.

You and McCree had split up to cover more ground, but now you wished you would have just stayed with him. You were bleeding out and you couldn’t move without someone trying to blast your head off.

“McCree!” You try communicating with him again though you knew it was for naught. Surrendering yourself to the only logical outcome seemed to be your only option…


“Darlin’! I ain’t ever been happier to hear someone’s voice. Where are you?” He grunted out sounding as if he was fighting someone off.

“I’m pinned down, McCree! I’m…I’m hurt.” You hated to tell him that, hated to give him more to worry about, but it was better than lying to him. Though you were more than hurt.

“I’m gonna try to find ya. I’ll come to you, you stay put!” His six shooter fires again.

“No! Don’t risk your life. Don’t be stupid. Just…just…” You couldn’t finish your thought as pain gripped you again.

“Stay with me now,” he says through gritted teeth. This man was ready to risk it all for you, but you just couldn’t let him.

“I’m going to try and…” you wince again, “…move.” You say the last word through a clenched jaw as you attempted to stand. It takes you a few times, but you finally get upright. You move as quickly as you can to get behind some cover, spent shells laying all around you. You look to the spot you were laying in and see just how much blood you had lost.

“How hurt are ya?” When you didn’t answer, he lashed out. Not because he was angry, but because he was scared. “Can you just once in your life do what your told? I never met someone so stubborn in my whole damn life…and that’s comin’ from me.” You smiled a little at that.

You held your gun weakly in one hand and try to keep pressure on your wound with the other, blood seeping through your fingers constantly. You were slow moving, but finding McCree was the only thing on your mind. A bullet buzzed past your face and you take cover in the next building you find.

“McCree, you still there?” You sounded even weaker than before.

“Yes, ma’am. Are you still pinned down over there?” Worried filled his tone.

“N-no, I’m moving. I’m coming to you. Tell me where you are.” There is silence on the other end and you don’t know if it’s because he’s mad at you or if he’s trying to find out where he is so he can tell you.

“Dammit, woman! I’m-” He’s cut off, but you hear a barrage of gunfire and you begin walking in the direction it came from. Some bullets come flying your way, but you get down quick enough to avoid being hit again. Your vision was beginning to fog over but you were so close…so close. You collapse against a column and slide down to the ground, your gun hanging in your hand limply. Your eyes begin to close until you hear someone shout your name.

“McCree,” you say weakly. “Over here.” He probably hadn’t heard you, but you thought it was worth a try. “McCree!” you say a little louder and he responds with another shout of your name. You can hear his spurs as he gets closer and, hell, if that sound wasn’t like music to your ears.

“Oh no,” McCree says dropping to his knees at your side and looking at all the blood, your blood. “Can you stand? Hell, I’ll carry ya if I have to…”

“No…no…don’t bother.” You grabbed his hand and he looked down at it. “I told you I’d come to you.” You smile up at him but can only keep your head up for so long.

“Don’t do this to me now…I ain’t gonna let ya.” You only shake your head and squeeze his hand with all the strength you have left. “Please,” he begs.

“Kiss me, cowboy?”

He lifts your chin gently and presses a sweet kiss to your lips. As he pulls away, you smile and lay your head against his chest, getting one last whiff of his scent. He takes his hat off and drops it as his side then wraps his arms around you.

The last thing you remember is being wrapped in his serape as you finally closed your eyes and gave into the darkness.


“He was growing into middle age, and was living then in a bungalow on Woodland Avenue. He installed himself in a rocking chair and smoked a cigar down in the evenings as his wife wiped her pink hands on an apron and reported happily on their two children. His children knew his legs, the sting of his mustache against their cheeks. They didn’t know how their father made his living, or why they so often moved. They didn’t even know their father’s name.”

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), Andrew Dominik

cinematography by Roger Deakins


Jack: Oh, a lot of stuff! These are my favorite out of them! 
(My Joker is only one out of about 5 versions I have of him though) 

Muchy’s Top Best Overwatch fics

I said I’d do it, so I’m doing it: Recs for the best Overwatch fics I’ve ever read, in no particular order of importance. 

[[In the Bones of Our Beast]]



Junkrat slips into the Omnium and finds treasure, he doesn’t know what it is but other people seem to know, and they want it. Bad. Bad enough to hire famed enforcer Roadhog to drag him in, kicking and screaming.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Amazingly written outback adventures with good relationship development with trash mouse and street pig, with an actual treasure that makes sense, as opposed to the mysterious but undefined treasure in canon and other fics. 





The feeling started when they reached the edge of civilization.

Junkrat wasn’t familiar with the twisting sensation in his stomach, the constriction of his chest, and the tingling of his fingers when he held onto the belt of the man driving the motor bike. He knew it wasn’t fear, or anxiety, as he often did experience. It wasn’t the thrill and delight he feels when he blows something or someone up.

This kind of feeling was… Nice. Warm. Nauseating. All at the same time. It grew more sure as the bike accelerated and he held on tighter, the barren landscape blurring passed them, the dust and wind blowing through his singed hair, the roar of the engine ringing in his ears. He tried to brush it off. He tried to forget about it.

Business, it’s only business, he reminded himself. Nothing more. Never will be.

Oh, how he tried.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Another well-written Outback adventure story, just fantastically written, engaging, with good character development between our favorite trash folk. 



[[Bad Sun]]



When Blackwatch agent Jesse McCree is sent to kill a mysterious assassin known only as DRAGONSTRIKE, there are a few things he expects to occur.

Falling in love isn’t one of them.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

The comparison of Reyes to the chessboard black Queen, as opposed to King, with Jack as King and Mccree as Knight. The exciting encounters between Hanzo and Mccree are also appealing, but the chess scene stands out, as well as the relationship between Reyes and Mccree in Blackwatch days. 


[[Watching You Run Into the High Noon Sun]]



Gabriel Reyes taught McCree everything he knows - not to shoot and kill, but how to survive by more than luck and aim.

McCree learns something else as Overwatch falls, fades, and then rises again: in this life, everyone leaves him behind.

He won’t watch it happen again.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

You will see a ton of AsheRhyder fic in here, just a heads up. They’re my favorite Overwatch fic writer of all time, and I will trust literally anything they come out with. And it began with this fic.

What I loved most about it was ridiculously, canonically competent Mccree. So many fics fail to think past the Cowboy and fail to maximize the potential of what it meant to be a Blackwatch, former gang member prime Black Ops agent, but this fic hit the mark with a Mccree that isn’t defined by his cowboy hat and boots, but not removed from the persona either. 

Also the relationship between Hanzo and Jesse here is very subdued compared to other fics, but beautifully done. For Mccree lovers who enjoy character studies, and anybody who loves good fic, this is the fic for you. Definitely in my top 5 best. 


[[Blue Roses and Salted Caramel]]



Hanzo hated Valentine’s Day and everything that went with it. This got exceptionally awkward for a man whose courier service saw business triple in the lead up to February 14th.

A series of ‘special deliveries’ between Mr. Jack Morrison and Mr. Gabriel Reyes drew his attention. Initially, it was because he wasn’t sure if it was the world’s most polite form of hate mail or the world’s most awkward flirting…

But then there was something about Mr. Reyes’ son, Jesse, that kept him coming back…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Look, it’s Asherhyder again, haha. Though I should note that while I’d decided Asherhyder was my favorite writer in OW, I had no idea this was written by them until after I finished it (because I do not pay attention and didn’t notice the author name lmao)

I just could NOT STOP SMILING AND GIGGLING throughout this entire fic. It’s so fluff it’ll rot your teeth off, it made my pores clear, my crops flourish, I cried tears of healing as I read this fic. 


[[Cast a Long, Dark Shadow]]



Jack will never forgive himself for not noticing it the first time a prisoner dies while in the new Overwatch’s custody. He knows the signs better than anyone alive: Gabriel taught him how to see the invisible fingerprints Blackwatch left behind.

But someone is cutting off his access to the old Blackwatch records, and to manage that, there needs to be an active commander in the field…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Asherhyder again? Listen… you gotta read everything this person has written. Do it. Right now. 

This one may actually be my favorite of the lot, at least firmly in the Top 3. Short, but fantastic and poignant in less than 3000 words. Another amazing character study. Read it right now immediately, it won’t take you long. 


[[His Master]]



Master Genji teaches his student Zenyatta at Shambali Temple in Nepal.

And yet…

And yet.

Relationship/s: Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Just LOOK AT THAT SUMMARY AND TELL ME YOU’RE NOT INTRIGUED. A role reversal fic–or is it? One of the more heartrending fics on this list, and absolutely beautiful. In that space between sad and happy-poignant. You won’t regret reading it.


Update: additional fic as of 5/1/2017

[[The Desert Glacier]]



Hanzo Shimada is a one-year veteran of Overwatch. Having been assigned to lead and defend the reinstitution of an abandoned Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, he leads his team against Talon, deals with the pressure of leadership, and longs for the company of his precious cowboy.
Also: ghosts.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Don’t be fooled by the “Also: ghosts” like it’s a side note, this is one of the best supernatural mystery works I’ve read, and it’s a fanfiction. The supernatural element may not be front and center, but it’s one of the most engaging parts of an engaging and well-written storyline, and the fic reads just like those published mystery novels you love with a twist uniquely Overwatch.

[Still incomplete, but near completion]


Update: additional fic as of 5/18/2017

long is the road that leads me home



You can meet the strangest people on the road. Sometimes, the best.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic:

I can’t believe I forgot about his one when it was one of the ones I promised myself would be on a best fic list before I ever even made one. So here it is!

I love fics that are written with the descriptiveness of published novels, and this one does imagery right. It’s not too long – 17,000+ words, it’s all around fantastically and professionally written, with the fun and intrigue and delicious romance you’d expect from a fanfiction. 

It gives you the juicy bits slowly but in a way that keeps you satisfied. You get a taste of Mccree and Reyes’ backstory (with our favorite Papa Reyes back at it again), of Hanzo’s as well. 

It’s just fantastically well-written. I can’t describe it more than that, you have to read it to get the full experience. 


Update: additional fics as of 6/17/2017




Jack joins the SEP and finds trouble almost immediately. At least his commanding officer is on his side—supposedly.

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

The fic is about transman Jack Morrison, and what I loved about it is how it tackled the aspects of the Soldier Enhancement program that a lot of writers gloss over, like how it would physically and chemically affect various soldiers, etc. It also posed and answered the question of how fictional supersoldier modification could affect real life (or at least futuristic real life) FTM transition. everything’s well thought out, the characters are interesting and fun, especially Jack’s friends and roommates, and the tension–sexual or otherwise–between Jack and Gabe is intense, gets you more excited to see the conclusion overall. 


[[When We Were Young]]



When Jack Morrison was 18, he joined the military. Fifteen weeks later, he joined the Soldier Enhancement Program, and that was when he met Gabriel Reyes. That was when everything changed.

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

So it’s rare for a fic’s OCs to really set it apart, but that’s what happened here. The story was well done, with some amazing side characters and “co-stars” in the program with Jack and Gabe that really gave this fic heart. It also shows Gabe to be a cold, terrifying black-ops style killer, which I love for the sake of canon–a guy who’s a hero, but also the kind of man who you wouldn’t be surprised headed Blackwatch. 

Also it opens on a BDSM scene. So that’s fun. 

Side note: in case y’all think their name sounds familiar, yes, that is the same Asherhyder who created the Roommates webcomic on deviantart. A quality writer/artist who does quality work all around. Blessed is the Overwatch fandom for having them. 

Side note 2: there’s a fic series I forgot the name of, but I’m gonna add it to the list later. I’ll also be adding fics that I find striking as I go along. I tend to favor McHanzo, Reaper76, Genyatta and Roadrat, so if you think there’s a fic that should be on this list that isn’t, this is basically just a reflection of my fic reading preferences. 

some facts:

  • Hanzo Shimada is assassin. He literally kill people for live. He don’t need someone to protect him.
  • Jesse McCree is a bounty hunter. He probably also kill people for live. (even if this persons are criminals). He is a nice guy, but that don’t erase the blood in his hands. 
  • Hanzo Shimada born and grew up in a clan of yakuza empire. The Yakuza is the most important organized crime syndicate in japan. 
  • Hanzo left the clan for his brother, NOT because he dont liked be a criminal. (That is something we can prove with some of his voice lines).
  • Jesse McCree was trained in the covert ops division of Overwatch. He is very smart and skilled man.
  • Hanzo has a very complex character: He is extremely cocky and with notorious air of superiority, but at the same time, he has a horrible hate for himself. 
  • Jesse is a kinda cocky too.
  • Hanzo is beefy. Archery is a hard discipline, and requires a certain type of force for be executed. (Remember he is an assassin and need end with the job quickly)
  • Jesse has his own demons, and more important, He has a personality, he is more than a “supportive boyfriend”. He has problems with himself and with his past too.
  • seriously, Hanzo speaks a very fluent english (even more than Genji). Why y'all insist in make him incredulous and ignorant? (like with the “cowman” thing.)
  • Jesse McCree is not a latinx spicy-lover. He is maybe a latino or half latino, but please, latinx people are not just a stereotype. Stop with that. 
  • The same with Hanzo, and maybe even more. Japanese people are not characters from generic anime. they not has a “uke” personality or a “seme” personality. Not for being asians they’re “feminine” or “smallers”. That is racist and stupid. 
  • “McCree-san~” NO. “Oni-chan~” NO… just… just dont do this. 
  • Paul nakauchi is not Hanzo, he is his own person. Please don’t make a big deal just because he has a husband.
  • Stop fetishizing m/m relationship. not everything is a yaoi manga. 

The problem is not “soft mchanzo” or “chessy mchanzo” the problem is the people who just used a ship for make a racist stereotype of two interesting characters, or a love story between ooc characters who supposedly are Jesse and Hanzo.