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Mother-Daughter Dance Lessons: Impossibly Sweet.

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sans: …yeah. i wouldn’t tackle tori in any way if i were you.

Toriel: Hmm, my ears are a little sensitive, but not as much as Sans’ ribs, right~? It makes him all flustered!

seyvetch  asked:

((Sorry for wasting your time, Pug. I was trying to fully understand relationship in your amazing Flowey's askblog (love it) and it was so emotional and cute ^·^ <3 so the thing is: it kind of reminded me of Steven Univers and I was just wondering if you will draw Flowisk fusion. Sorry if I asking too much. Also: have a nice day/night/any other time of day. (Sorry for marks) ))

(( Nah, you aren’t wasting my time. But thank you!! I’m glad to hear you enjoy my blog and how I handle these two kiddos’ relationship :^)
Here’s a little Flowisk for your enjoyment! ))

anonymous asked:

Heyy Matt! What are your feelings towards Edd? :3

Matt: Edd is great!! He’s the only one in the house that actually knows how to cook. He’s a really great friend and I owe it to him to actually introducing me into the group! He’s also a pretty cuddly person so he will end up curling up on us when we watch movies. He’s like a little brother and I can’t imagine life without him!

I’ve seen so much “adoptables” and they’re so cute!

I lowkey wanna adopt those little OC’s as Poppy’s babies or at least their… squires? Poppy is Orlon’s highest knight after all, and a knight needs a squire… or two… or 26 why not, gotta give honor to ‘Moppy’s recent nickname

ririkyu-is-moving-deactivated20  asked:

tsukishima how would you react if someone else told yamaguchi to shut up B) [ also !! this askblog is so amAZING EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS SO CUTE LIKE. I SMILE WHENEVER I READ THE ASKS GOD BLESS YOU HAVE A NICE DAY !! ]

T: Well normally when someone badmouths my friend like that, I wouldn’t be too happy… Yamaguchi usually just brushes it off and I ignore it too. I mean who the hell do they think they are? Oh and uh…

T: …The, uh, “Shut up, Yama” thing is actually an inside joke too.

Don’t ask. I did something a long time ago when we were in middle school and let’s just say it has something to do with that very phrase and Yamaguchi can’t control himself when someone else besides me says it.


[ The idea of calling Toriel your mother fills you with hesitation.]

Part 2: ?