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Wow, now Im really curious about this player 1! Its "him", right? I wondeeer how does he looks like? Maybe you can draw him? What kind of relationship you had with him? You're homosexual, right?

But… we were just friends. J-JUST friends… So I would have no idea how good of a kisser he might be. 

He looks sorta like this!!! Except he looks way cuter though. My art doesn’t do him justice, but I swear he’s a charming dude!!!


The Artist: The final part of the Kermit and Wilkins Saga.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Currently I have a busy schedule and unfortunately I haven’t focusing on this blog quite often. The Good news is I’m currently working on new Comics for the blog and I’m trying to get enough of them done so I can return this blog to a regular schedule. Until then I’m going to try to update this blog at least once a month.