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Happy international Women’s Day! 
just wanted to say that beauty is international, uniqueness and staying true to yourself - this what real beauty is.

and today I’d like to send a virtual hug to women and girls all over the world and remind all of you that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter the age, country or nationality!

have a great day and lets spread some love! 

anonymous asked:

I admire your style so much. I love your you can draw Asians in a cartoony style without it actually being remotely /anime/ imo, a good thing, because anime has such a bad stigma. I really aspire to have an original style like yours too and draw Asians peacefully without it being "anime" no matter how not-anime my style is

thankyou for your nice words, but there’re a lot of things that you’ve mentioned that….disturbed me?

1. my style and passion’s roots started with anime, it’s where many of us started, and there’s nothing wrong with having an ‘anime style’ and you looking down on it only perpetuates the stigma worse. I have friends in animation who struggle so hard because their teachers keep telling them that their style has to be more ‘western’, more ‘cartoony’, and you have no idea how damaging it can be.

2. asians do not look “anime”…… if you draw asians looking anime it’s just in your style,,, as mentioned before, nothing wrong with that

3. i’m more familiar with asian features because i am, in fact, asian.

Watch Train to Busan Before American's Ruin It

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie flick that stars Gong Yoo

this cutie:

The movie was released in July 2016 and it grossed about $99 million USD. THIS FILM WAS HUGE, the action and acting are great from the entire cast (even the child actor), and the direction and cinematography was beautifully executed.

You can find the movie online and watch it with subtitles. I cannot stress this enough, YOU CAN WATCH IT WITH SUBTITLES. Before the Americans take this wonderfully smart zombie movie and bastardize it just watch the original. I promise you won’t regret it. This movie is a wonderful addition to the zombie genre, and it most definitely does not need to be white washed. Alas, because American film makers are scared of coloured people of course they’re planning on remaking it. Shame really. 

Anyway if you’re at all a fan of the zombie genre I would encourage you to watch this movie. It’s pretty cool seeing the zombie apocalypse from a country that’s not America, but that’s just my opinion.

Bukchon Hanok Village - Seoul, South Korea 

Bukchon Hanok Village is traditional Korean Village in Seoul, featuring numerous alley ways, and traditional Korean homes, known as Hanoks. The village has been preserved for 600 years, and reflects what Korean neighbourhood life was like during the Joseon dynasty. 

While the village was not created for tourists, and is still fully inhabited by local families, it is a great place for international tourists and younger Koreans to visit, to learn more about the Korean culture. Some of the Hanoks house galleries, restaurants, and craft workshops.