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“Dammit Gemma! How do you talk me into this shit?” you gasped as you struggled to lift two hundred and fifty pounds of dead weight.

“Shut up sweetheart, we have to get him out of here before church is over. Now, lift with your knees, Y/N!” Gemma snapped.

You glared at your old man’s mother as you bent down to grab said dead weight’s feet again. “Tell me again, how he got dead?” you huffed.

Gemma blew out an exhausted breath as she dropped her half of dead guy and sat down on the picnic bench that was outside the clubhouse. “I found him this way,” you lifted an eyebrow, “Don’t look at me that way, I didn’t kill him!”

“So if you didn’t kill him and I didn’t kill him, why can’t we tell the guys?” you asked , taking a cigarette from her. 

“The club has to much other shit to worry about, between the Irish, the Aryan Brotherhood and Stahl,” she paused to light her own smoke, “ a dead body is just inconvenient.”

“Well, he doesn’t have ink, so I’m guessing not a rival MC, so civilian,” you groaned, “We can’t do this alone. This bastard’s heavy,” you looked down at him in disgust, “Who do you think we should get? Tig?”

Gemma nodded, “Tig. He knows a lot of hiding places for bodies.”

“Fine, chapel should be about wrapped up, I’ll go get him. You watch the lot,” you walked away murmuring about how Jax was going to kill you. 

Walking into the clubhouse, you sighed, the doors opened to the chapel and the Sons came strolling out. You were glad that Tig was the second one out, “Tig! Hey, Gemma needs your help with something!”

He paused to look at you, distrust plainly evident, “With what?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “With something outside, asshole! Please?” If he made you beg, you swore to God that you were gonna kill him.

“Hey darlin’! Aren’t you going to come say hello?” Jax grinned at you. 

You smiled at him and leapt into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as you kissed him. “Does mom need my help?”

“Uh no, no! She was just trying to get some stuff ready for storage. I knew that you and Clay have a meeting in Oakland, so I thought Tig would be the best one to help,” you replied sweetly.

Jax narrowed his eyes at you, smacking his hand against your ass, smirking at your yelp, “You’re up to somethin’ sweetheart, I’ll get it out of you later. Tig go help ‘em.”

You smiled, not trusting yourself to speak, you turned quickly and grabbed Tig by his kutte and pulled him out the door. He had taken two steps outside when he saw the body and he froze.

“Nope, Hell no!” he all but yelled. You and Gemma both shushed him, “N. O. The last time I helped you two with a dead guy, I ended up with gun delivery for two weeks and missed out on all the pussy,” he just shook his head over and over. He started backing away with his hands up in the air.

“TIG! you shouted, “If you don’t help me, I swear to everything holy that I’ll tell Jax about you trippin’ balls on ‘shrooms, and that that is how I ended up with a black eye.”

He looked at you in surprise, “You wouldn’t! You know I thought you were one of those life size d-,’ his eyes narrowed as he watched you smirk, “You are one evil bitch, Y/N.”

You grinned at him, Gemma rolled her eyes, “Dead guy not staying fresh here?”

The three of you picked him up and were almost to the van, when the club doors opened, you looked at Tig who had just shut his eyes, “Dammit!”

“What the hell did you two do?!” Clay bellowed.

You and Gemma dropped the body and Tig fell backwards trapped under the guy. You spun around and started shaking your head, pointing at Gemma, “It was her, I had nothing to do with this one.”

“Traitor, she mumbled. “Clay I found the guy like this, we were just taking out the trash.”

Tig was yelling from under the guy, that he was heavy and smelled like he had shit himself and would someone please get him out from under him,

 Jax just shook his head at the three of you, “You’re all very unbalanced individuals.”

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hey i dont know if you've already answered this before but what are some of your favourite true crime books?

I have but I don’t mind answering again, and it usually changes as I read new books but here are some I really enjoyed.  There are so many I can’t even think of right now…but here are some I really enjoyed.

Yo, somehow I forgot that HP Lovecraft was a racist/antisemite. There’s a local bar named after him that people were touting as an awesome nerd hangout…but I’d heard rumors about neo-nazis hanging out there, so I posted something on an event I was invited to about what I’d heard and they deleted it and told me that I was being a bully and a troll. (I straight up said I wasn’t accusing them of anything, and that I just wanted to make sure that I’d be safe there, but apparently discussions of racism aren’t welcome.) Noted! Though, real talk I don’t know why tf I thought I’d be welcome there in the first place?!?! I knew Lovecraft was problematic but I forgot why. He’s so racist/antisemitic that there’s a game you can play where you guess whether quotes about Aryan brotherhood bs were said by Hitler or H.P. Lovecraft. Apparently I’m an asshole for pointing out that concerns of racism at a bar named after a man that said shit like, “Of course, they can’t let Niggers use the beach at a Southern resort – can you imagine sensitive persons bathing near a pack of greasy chimpanzees? The only thing that makes life endurable where Blacks abound is the Jim Crow principle, and I wish they’d apply it in New York both to Niggers and to the more Asiatic types of puffy, rat-faced Jews!”

I feel like I need a running list of names to avoid because I don’t have room in my brain (or my heart) to remember all of these assholes, but it’d be nice to hear a name and think, “FUCK NO,” immediately every time. 

  • Tim: So since our bad guy was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, I think I figured out how to crack his code. The Aryans like to use a cipher based on a four hundred-year old code written by Sir Francis Bacon.
  • Bruce: So it's a binary code.
  • Tim: Yeah. Bacon used a twenty-one letter alphabet, this one's twenty-four...each letter gets assigned a bit string of five binary digits. This combination yields 32 possible encodings. Normally, you'd use a computer to run all these combinations, but it was quicker just to do it long hand until I found the right one.
  • Bruce: ....
  • Steph: ...*pokes Tim's cheek* He's so life-like.

Inside the Aryan Brotherhood (A Discovery Channel Documentary)

OITNB Doesn’t Deserve S5
  • Race: KKK, White Supremacy, Nazi, Aryan Brotherhood ho’s with their “White Lives Matter” (that’s a literal quote), way too many racial slurs every 2 mins on average, they fail to realize that though many will understand the point but that others will take it seriously. It’s dangerous.
  • Alex and Piper: the only ongoing LGBT couple/representation is a highly problematic, toxic, dysfunctional white pair
  • Caputo: He caught Natalie’s syphilis of the soul
  • Lolly, Suzanne: Continued misrepresentation/condition avoidance of mental illness (they never say Piper is bi and they only ever call Suzanne and Lolly crazy instead of addressing their ailments)
  • Healy: Are we supposed to accept his woman hating racist ways because of his “oh so tragic” past?
  • Nichols: her entire story line.
  • Judy King: morally bankrupt Southern racist rapist. She raped Luschek.
  • Piscatella & Humphrey: LITERAL SOCIOPATHS. The guards as a whole are problematic as hell.
  • Maria Ruiz: the Ruiz they introduced us to would never treat Flaca, Ramos, Gloria, etc. the way she did, all she wanted was her baby, and they seemingly permanently altered her storyline, keeping her from her.

Last but not least the fucking most

Poussey Washington, accent á droite bitch: EVERYTHING. She was finally happy. All she did was love, and hope, and dream, and help. She and SoSo were healthy, happy, and in love.

They were a beautiful POC LGBT couple who were torn apart for what? Poussey Washington’s beautiful smile was wiped out for fucking what? Satire? Social commentary? To appear relevant and up to date on current societal issues on BLM and police brutality? FOR FUCKING WHAT.

There are so many ways they could have done that but for some reason they plucked out Poussey? First they torture her character with Vee and then they inhumanely kill her off at the hands of a guard while trying to keep peace and calm Suzanne?

In the wake of actual, non fictional murders of POC and actual hate crimes and murders of LGBT people, not characters, why did the producers think it appropriate to comment on it this way? Because their focus wasn’t on social commentary, by killing her and using her death as no more than a catalyst for a prison riot Poussey was murdered as a plot device to ensure viewers wouldn’t get bored. Poussey was murdered for shock value.

Perhaps she was killed off for Samira Wiley to pursue other things, if that’s the case go you Queen! But at the same time, how could she agree to her exit being done this way? Her character was a low level offender whose exit could’ve been attributed to early release like Aleida Diaz.

Common Prison & Gang Tattoos

Commonly seen prison and gang tattoos:

  • Teardrop(s) on the corner of the eye(s).
  • Three small dots in a triangle (representing “mi vida loca”, or gang life).
  • Five small dots, aka a quincunx (especially reminiscent of prison time).
  • A clock with no hands.
  • A five star crown is usually affiliated with the Latin Kings gang network.
  • The letters ‘ALKN’ or 'ALKQN’ are also affiliated Latin Kings gang network.
  • 'MS 13’ is tied to membership in the Mara Salvatrucha gang.
  • Double M’s are indicative of the Mexican Mafia, or “La Eme”.
  • 'SUR 13’ is a Southern Californian gang, operating under the Mexican Mafia.
  • 'AB’ is used to indicate the Aryan Brotherhood.
  • The numbers '14 88’ are traced to white supremacy groups.
  • 'NLR’ are the initials of another white supremacy group.

Prison tattoos are particularly helpful as long as you’re careful. Sometimes, people may use any of these tattoos despite the fact that they aren’t actually criminals or that they’ve gone to jail. However, this can be resolved by simply checking the fadedness of the tattoo to determine it’s age, which can be important in making these deductions.


Decided to add some more information on the situation since people keep asking.

I’m starting pay what you want commissions to help out my family.

So here is the situation.

It was Mardi Gras back home in alabama and my family tends to stay in this place called camper city. It’s a place were everyone takes their trailers/campers for the entirety of Mardi Gras and parties. It’s a big family oriented thing and everyone is super neighborly.

Some acquaintances of my stepdads brought some unwanted guest to the trailer. He claimed he was some white supremacist Aryan brotherhood member. He started throwing out racial slurs towards my stepdads black friends. And he promptly decided to kick him out.

This guy tried to attack my stepdad and hurt him. So everyone in camper city chased him out. But this guy was throwing threats at my family. Well. They throught nothing of it….. And we’re very wrong.

My step dad went home the next morning and both of our doors were wide open and busted up… stepdad walked in in our house was trashed and everything that we had that was of any value was gone. We are a very very poor family. They didn’t even bother taking out Tvs because we don’t have flat screens. But they took my moms laptop, our DVD player, our old stereo and went through all of our personal information. My moms a very organized person and keeps everything….so we have to change bank accounts and change passwords and all that fun stuff.

But to make matters worse they poured grease all over our kitchen and caught it on fire and then left.

So our house is in a condition bad enough so it can’t be lived in. There is an investigation going on and the insurance company put my family in a hotel for now. But it can take months for the investigation and the house to be livable again.

So what I want to try to do is help by sending some money home. I accept PayPal payments and you can pay anywhere from $1 to whatever. Any little bit helps. It’s all going to my family to help any little bit I can. So pay what you want and I’ll draw you a chibi of whatever you want. It can be OCS, you, anime characters. You name it.

Shoot me a message here or email me at and we can talk about what you’d like. Thanks for taking the time to read this

Daniel in New Orleans, LA.

Daniel: When I went to prison the first time, I was 18 years old and basically, when you go to prison man, you gotta stick with your own people. Like Florida isn’t as bad as Texas. Texas is segregated real bad. Like, when you go to the chow hall or you go to the yard, you talk to white people only. You don’t talk to the blacks, you don’t talk to the Mexicans. You stick with your own. 

Basically man, you gotta get down with something, know what I’m saying? Cause if you don’t you’re gonna get run over and you’re not gonna be able to have anything. Gang members will come and take it from you. I didn’t really want to join a gang or anything of that nature because I knew the bullshit that was gonna come behind it. You gotta do certain things. But, as I was there a little bit longer I was approached by the Aryan Brotherhood and they basically explained to me how they feel and what they do, the laws of what it is and what it’s about. It made sense to me. I was kind of lost at the time. Being that young, I’d have to fight all the fuckin time. I mean hell, I’d have to fight just to be able to drink the damn milk I got for lunch. 

I ended up at a level 7 disciplinary camp which is the highest you can go in the state of Florida. Out of 1800 inmates, 968 of them were lifers. They are never gonna see the light of day again outside of prison walls. These people do not care. They will fuckin’ kill you over a dollar. Just for looking at someone the wrong way. I seen a black dude get his whole face sliced open just for saying something stupid. 

BW: What was the hardest thing about being in prison. Is there one day that stands out?

Daniel: The hardest day I had, out of all the years on and off, was this last time. It was my 28th birthday. And on my 28th birthday, at 6 in the morning, I got sent to solitary confinement over a cigarette. And it wasn’t even the cigarette that he locked me up for. He said I had an attitude. 

BW: What was solitary like?

Daniel: You’re in an 8x10 box for 24 hours a day. You do not come out of that damn box. You know what I’m, saying? The only time you come out is to go take a shower and you go right back in. 

BW: How long did they keep you in there for that one?

Daniel: I did pretty much the last 5 months of prison in that box. When I came back home here, September 21st of 2014, I couldn’t even walk down Bourbon Street. Could not do it. Too many people. It freaked me out bad. I’d been in a box by myself for 5 months… Oh man, it’d fuckin’ wig you out. I’d have to run up to the river and sit there for a while, collect my thoughts.  

BW: I think the average person in America thinks that there’s some type of rehabilitation that goes on in prisons and what they do is mess you up worse and put you back out there and expect you to act different. So, how is putting someone in a box for 5 months, by themselves, helping them adjust to reenter society? I don’t mean to get preachy but it seems completely backwards. 

Daniel: Exactly. It doesn’t make any sense. 

BW: It sounds like you’ve spent a lot of your life incarcerated. What I’m curious about is what set you on that path. 

Daniel: When I was in 2nd grade and 3rd grade… you know, I never really had a structure as far as parenting because my mother was a hardcore alcoholic and my father wasn’t there. So, if she would ground me or something like that, I’d come home from school and she’d be passed out, drunk, so I’d be like, “grounded my ass, I’m doing what I want to do.” So, that set me on a path of not following rules. Doing whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it.

BW: Do you ever talk to your mom anymore?

Daniel: My mom passed away on October 8th of last year. When I got back here, I seen her 1 time on Bourbon Street. I didn’t even recognize her at first. The next thing I heard was she was dead.  

BW: Were y’all talking at the time?

Daniel: I mean I had just got out of prison but yeah we were really, really close. I forgave her a while ago… I mean I lost a full ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University for wrestling because she decided she wanted to smoke crack and be a prostitute instead of working a job and being a mother, so I had to drop out of school and sell drugs to keep a roof over our head. It cost me everything. 

BW: Do you really think you forgave her?

Daniel: No, I don’t. 

Fic: And Like the Cat

Title:  And Like the Cat

Characters: Harold-centric, although Root, Reese, Devon Grice, Carl Elias, Bear, and the Machine all appear.  Shaw isn’t seen, but she’s present. 

Spoilers: Through 4x11, “If, Then, Else."  Speculation for the rest of the season, but no actual spoilers. 

Summary:  He wants to believe so badly.

Notes:  This is my post "If, Then, Else” reaction fic, and an effort to puzzle out what Shaw’s return might look like.  Title comes from “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath – the full line, for the sake of context, is “And like the cat, I have nine times to die.”

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Bitch you're white, be proud. HAIL TO THE ARYAN BROTHERHOOD!!!

I want to guess you live in a one bedroom apartment with only a dirty ass mattress on the floor as furniture and a confederate flag on the wall and let’s not address the last time you’ve been on a date or even interacted with anyone besides a white power sub-forum on reddit or a telemarketer phone call


Sons of Anarchy - season 2 ( 2009 )

AJ Weston is the muscle of the League of American Nationalists (LOAN), who come to Charming in season two, under the direction of Ethan Zobelle. He is an ex-convict with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood. He is extremely violent and carries out a brutal sexual assault on one of SAMCRO’s women, acting on orders from Zobelle. He has a distinctive Algiz tattoo on his neck. He has two sons, ages 6 and 10, who he teaches to defend themselves with weapons, although he does seem to genuinely care about them. He is a true believer in the white pause “cause”.

Journalist  Benjamin Wallace-Wells  explains how 4 leaders of rival prison gangs launched a hunger strike against long-term solitary confinement.  One of the 4 leaders,Todd Ashker, has been in solitary for over 20 years. On the first day of the strike, 30,000 inmates across the state of CA participated.  The men were all in small pods in the SHU and communicated by shouting through walls and drains:

I think it took a long time. These four men who led the hunger strike — Todd Ashker, [allegedly] of the Aryan Brotherhood, had the initial idea; Sitawa Jamaa, who is allegedly from the Black Guerilla Family; and Arturo Castellanos, allegedly a senior leader of the Mexican Mafia; and Antonio Guillen, allegedly one of the three “generals” of Nuestra Familia — they were put together in basically the same space years ago, in 2006, and it took five years for them come together.

That was a long process. They were very wary around one another at first, but they are each in their own way political and both Ashker and Sitawa Jamaa in particular had been reading revolutionary texts for years. In their own way, each of them had come to see their fight as fundamentally with the system itself rather than fundamentally with each other.

They also are all about the same age. They’re now in their late 40s and early 50s and they had a ton of time in the pod and they had nothing to do but talk. So what they will say is that they first came together, they first developed some intimacy, not by talking about the abuses that they believed they were suffering and not by talking about gang politics, but by talking about their families. The kind of catalyst, after all, of that was Ashker and the other white inmate on the pod … had become a kind of revolutionary book club and they would talk about these books by shouting through the pod. The impact for Ashker was to kind of highlight that they were members of a prisoner class, that the racial divisions among them were artificial and had been coached along by the guards.

Also on the show, Professor Craig Haney shares his research on the psychological impact of long-term solitary confinement.

photo of the Pelican Bay Short Corridor (SHU) via flyingoverwalls


No matter what happens, please understand that the words you say and the things you do to Trump and/or Trump supporters can backfire on people who are marginalized. Do not provoke them into violence with violent words and actions on your end. Do not threaten anyone with violence. Absolutely defend yourself when necessary, but please please please realize that any extreme reaction on the part of people who are anti-Trump will put marginalized people already targeted by Trump supporters in more harms way. 

No matter what happens, we need to look out for people of color, Muslim and Jewish people among many others of non-Christian faiths, LGBT+ people, people in poverty, immigrant and refugees, people who are homeless, mentally ill, physically disabled, suffering from addiction, single mothers, abuse and assault survivors, incarcerated and hospitalized people, and so many others who could potentially be hurt in this election. Regardless of the outcome, we have to combat the rampant bigotry we are witnessing. 

We are up against people in positions of power over marginalized people. We are up against people who benefit from open carry gun laws and “stand your ground” laws. We are up against people who have control over jobs and access to resources. We are up against hate groups like the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood. We are up against the kind of people who literally hold the lives of so many people in the palm of their hands by virtue of their position and authority and privilege and we need to be careful

I am not here to discourage you from exercising your right to protest. I am simply asking that all of us to not act rashly, so as not to put people in danger. It is not safe for many people. Be smart about your resistance.  

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A more serious headcanon is that one of the reasons Mick Rory hates Nazis is because the Aryan Brotherhood tried to recruit him his first time in Iron Heights. He's a big scary guy with a shaved head and they assumed he was a skin head. They weren't thrilled when he declined with prejudice. "With prejudice" resulting in several Brotherhood members having hospital stays for mysterious burn related injuries.

Oooooh, nice.

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What are your favorite docus on Netflix? I haven't seen a good documentary since Blackfish and feel like watching one.

Oh man. I have a lot.

  • American Courtesans 
  • Into the Abyss
  • Dark Girls
  • Bully
  • Camp Leatherneck
  • Serving Life
  • Inequality for All
  • The Science of Sex Appeal
  • The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
  • Monica & David
  • Stress: Portrait of a Killer
  • The Invisible War
  • Inside the U.S. Secret Service
  • Freakonomics 
  • Bhutto
  • Miss Representation
  • Terms and Conditions May Apply
  • Breaking the Maya Code
  • Inside Guantanamo
  • Inside North Korea
  • Cash Crop
  • Food Inc.
  • Russia’s Toughest Prisons 
  • Deadly Women 
  • Hiroshima
  • How the Universe Works
  • How it’s Made
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • 911: In Plane Site 
  • Loose Change 9/11
  • Surviving the Cut
  • Eating with Cannibals
  • World’s Most Dangerous Gang
  • World’s Most Dangerous Drug
  • Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State
  • After Porn Ends
  • Tent City, USA
  • Mystery Files: Hitler

So those some of the ones I liked and I didn’t list shitty documentaries (cause it’s a load of crap)

The ones bolded are my absolute favorites so you should watch them first. I still have a few added to my List but yeah these are good.

  • Rossi: How'd you crack it?
  • Reid: I profiled the author. Courtland Ryan was on deathrow with some high-ranking members of the Aryan Brotherhood.
  • JJ: He got the code from the Aryans?
  • Reid: Either that or you read a lot of 16th century literature. The Aryans liked to use a cipher based on a four-hundred-year-old code written by Sir Francis Bacon.
  • Morgan: So it's a binary code.
  • Reid: Yeah, Bacon used a twenty-one-letter alphabet, this one is twenty-four. Each letter is assigned a bit string of five binary digits. This combination yields 32 possible encodings. Normally, you'd use a computer to run all these combinations but it was quicker just to do it longhand till I found the right one.
  • Prentiss: [pokes Reid on the cheek] He's so life-like. [everyone laughs]