the arts of destruction


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The Arcane Arts, something deeply entwined with ARC and yet so different. There are many ways one can access this power, which one can use to rewrite the fundamental laws of reality. Every living being as a reserve of magicka in them, which serves as the spark and fuel for their spells. If that reserve depletes, then a spell will not even activate. There are several types of magic, and each type comes from a different source. This is like having different types of gunpowder in a gun. Then there are two factors on how effective a spell is. The caster’s connection the realm in which the magic is coming from. The caster’s attribute from which they use the spell. 

If an enlightened monk of Orion used his wisdom to create and control a small ball of light, that spell would be effective. If a Fayelin sorcerer is casting an illusion, using her willpower to bend the perceptions of her opponents, that spell would be effective. If they tried to do each other’s spells, they may not be effective.

As you continue to practice spellcraft, not only do your attributes improve, but your connection to the realm that you take magic from will strengthen.

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“– two brothers. One is called Hrærekr [Rich-in-Might], the other Siggeirr [Winning-Spear]. They are berserks and difficult to handle. Peasants do not like them. The king trusts them greatly, for they obey his will. They venture out, pillaging, and bring treasures for the king.”
- Egils saga einhenda ok Ásmundar berserkjabana / the Saga of Egill One-Handed and Ásmundr Berserk-Slayer

More of the destruction duo and berserker!Loki. The most unconventional winter fashion is brought to you by the sons of Odin, you’re welcome.
Thor canon divergence - Asgard as an even more harsh and war-mongering Spartan state that strives to breed and train military perfection. Also loki knows that he is adopted because I can’t take that heartbreak.