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[Colorful Concept Art Style]
[Edits made by me :)]

It’s been quiet around here lately; sorry about that. Lots of life drama + commissions eating up my time; I felt stagnated with my personal work so I started some new skethes. So here is an early progess shot of the painting I’m turning my attention to…

I’ll be at Spectrum fantastic art Live this weekend in Kansas city, MO! I’m not showing, just hanging out. But if any of y'all will bne there too, do say hello if you see me!

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Art by the amazing @joannanieto for the latest chapter of Catalyst!

Have to thank my beta @gondalsqueen for her tremendous help on this one and a shoutout too to @worriedaboutmyfern for talking Kanan with me.

We might not be getting more Kanera from Rebels this season, but I’ve still got some up my sleeve!


Faith’s Design// The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

We explored a number of options when trying to find a new look for Faith while staying within the very simple black, white, and red colour scheme. Some costumes were more tactical, almost military; others, more casual and sporty. The end result combines functional and tactical design with sleek and sporty elements.