the arts are really bad in these comics but that one with her is pretty

New Comic Rec: The Spire

So last week I picked up a new comic called The Spire

And it’s awesome. As far as first issues go, this one really has what you want: Interesting initial conflict, bad ass sapphic lady loving lady protagonist, weird world building, and fun art. 

There isn’t actually a rating on this comic, but given that there’s some mild nudity, some murder, and some cursing, I’d say “Older Teen” is pretty fair.

Some pictures! 

Sha, our main character, being a bad ass. Yes those are…tentacles? 

I see we’re going for a bigotry theme here.

Sha and her girlfriend. (The scene with some ahem mild nudity) 

I laughed. 

Look at this guy! 

Ok, but really. A short synopsis: The Spire is some kind of mega city where humans and Sculpted (various kinds of non-humans) live in a somewhat fragile peace. It’s huge, it’s unruly, and Sha is the police chief in charge. In the wake of the old Barons death and the new Baroness taking charge, a grisly murder takes place which…well, needs to be investigated! 

There’s some cop stuff, there’s some representation going on (Sha is a lesbian, we don’t know about her girlfriend yet), Sha seems like a badass: I’m looking forward to more!