the arts are really bad in these comics but that one with her is pretty


;;star trek ongoing #22 - after darkness part 2

Whoa! Conflict!  Or at least some yelling and accusatory pointing. Man, this Lord announcement stuff must be really bad! Amirite?  And LO! New characters! What even is this? A comic with a ton of characters or something? Psh, naww …  But srsly. They’re all important and it’s better to at least get a tertiary introduction now before a story that actually focuses on them, right? And I have to admit this now, Hymir is probably one of my favorites to draw. No idea why. I think it’s just fun to experiment with the bulky and hair characters, which I haven’t had much practice with, to be honest.

It’s not that Li Xin doesn’t like Angelo, she’s just rather not deal with Mikha'el. And can you blame her? He looks like a pretty unpleasant person.  But his hair is fun to draw.  

And one final note, the water effects in the third panel were the first time I really experimented with brush types and I’m super pleased with it.  

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