the arts are really bad in these comics but that one with her is pretty

Monday Doodles, that got away from me a bit ^_^;; 

There’s a pretty common headcanon going around that Cullen is a good singer (what with the in game singing and that his VA is amazing too), so not only did I hop on board with that, but I also decided that Celyse is… very tone deaf. She cannot sing at all. She doesn’t think she’s great, but she also doesn’t notice how quite bad she is ^_^;; 

Cullen thinks it’s adorable though, and loves to hear her sing to him ^_^ There’s something really endearing about your loved one singing to you, no matter how not very good it is, take it from me ^_-  This was something I decided a while back, but never got around to drawing. So yes ^_^



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