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EXO Wins Big at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards!

EXO won 4 awards at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards, winning the most awards of the night!

  • Album Artist of the Year (2nd Quarter)
  • Album Artist of the Year (3rd Quarter) 
  • Artist of Fan Choice (Individual) [SEHUN]
  • Artist of Fan Choice (Group)

Congratulations EXO!


just some baesthetic photos passing by, hoping to bless your day with the way chanbaek smiles at each other. 💛

[i need to splurge post because i took too many screenshots for this award show kms]

acowar scenes that need to be drawn #1

I pushed off the rail and tugged him toward the bridge that spanned the Sidra - the bridge to take us home. Let the debate over who’d give the most in this war rest for now. “Walk with me - through the Rainbow.” The glittering, colorful jewel of the city, the beating heart that housed the artists’ quarter. Vibrant and thrumming at this hour of the night.

I linked arms with him before saying, “You and this city helped wake me up - helped me bring me back to life.” His eyes flickered as I smiled up at him. “I will fight with everything I have, too, Rhys. Everything.”

He only kissed the top of my head, tugging me closer as we crossed the Sidra under the starry sky.



Escape 2 (crop) by Peter Rea


I think it stood for “Rubybeanne”, but I can’t find anything to confirm it.

I’ve looked up to @rnn-draws ever since I was a kid(over 13 years ago!), and I still do now. I even have a sketch commission from her, and I never buy commissions!

Imagni runs @engelbaumcomic - though I’ve admired her art for a long time before that. So super pretty …