the artist's brother

Yuri: Pft…because they suck that’s why. They’re a bunch of whiney losers who don’t know what real police work is like. Especially that wimpy ‘artist’ brother o’ mine Vernon.

Ada: So yer just jelous den.

Yuri: I am not! Why would I be jealous of those mutts?

Ada: Because dey are socially well adjusted, and aren’t grumpy almost all da toime?

Yuri: I am NOT gumpy!

Ada: You keep tellin’ yourself dat baby.

-WT: Don’t worry about the grammar, I could still tell what you were asking, and “Die Betsen Wünsche! “


It’s finally here.

Continuing my Adventure Zone art shenanigans, because you all had such a lovely response to my Taako design!  I know I said I was going to draw Angus next, but when I sat down to sketch last night I had a song in my heart.  And that song was the Fantasy Costco theme, so ya’ll are getting Garfield instead. Haha! I am absolutely one of the people who can’t help but see Garfield as a cat, but as much as the “necromancer lasagna cat” makes me laugh, I wanted to actually design a specific character for him.  Because I am terribly fascinated by Garfield’s character and ngl every time he comes around I laugh so much.  Good good weird creepy cat wizard man.