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BTS REACTS TO: Accidentally hurting their s/o’s feelings

Anon Asked: Hello!! Can I request for a bts reaction to accidentally hurting their gf’s feelings? Thank you lovely❤️

I’m taking the more unpopular route. This isn’t gonna be some angsty shit where their s/o is like… crying or whatever. I just think the dramatic “i hate you [y/n]” and [y/n] like… erupts into a depressive fit is so overplayed and it’s not at all relatable - or realistic for that matter. (no offense to other reaction blogs i love y’all. this is all T no shade)

ANYWAYS, I’m switching “gf” to “s/o” because I want this to be inclusive for everyone. Gender Neutrality is encouraged, guys. Please keep it as neutral as your request can possibly get. - Admin Dayna


What Happened

You finally cracked the login to your old Facebook account and thought it would be funny to show Jin your pre-glo up selfies. You know… the ones with the myspace edits. It was fun and all. Seokjin for the most part had trouble believing it was you in the pictures he was seeing. You’d cringe, but he was just floored with laughter - you couldn’t help but laugh with him, too. It was contagious. 

At some point, you scrolled onto a group picture of yourself and some friends. Jin - still having trouble putting the person in the pictures together with you - pointed at you specifcally in the group picture.

“[y/n]! You thought you looked bad back then? Look at this person!”

*insert your reaction here*

*insert Jin’s reaction here* “Is that you?!”

Your Reaction

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What Happened?

For the first time in a long while, Yoongi had enough free time on his hands to do something with you. Usually, the two of you stuck around at home and spent the little time with one another under a blanket drifting off during what was supposed to be a movie night. However, Yoongi was feeling a lot more upbeat than usual, and had suggested a night out. Restaurant reservations were made hours ahead of time. Yoongi was already dressed up, and you were putting the finishing touches to your look. 

At the time he was trying to be slick, making side comments about how long it was taking you to get dressed. You, for the most part, either ignored him completely, or made smartass clap backs when the occasion arises. 

However, when you were actually done getting dressed, Yoongi made a comment that got under your skin. 

“All this time, [y/n] and your hair isn’t even done.”

*insert your reaction here* 

”My hair was the first thing I did.”

“insert Yoongi’s reaction here*

Your Reaction

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I Love You || Jeon Jungkook

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AN: I’m really being serious about this one guys. So much so that I’m putting the authors note here instead of at the end like usual. This imagine is not meant for people who are easily upset and it’s not meant to hurt anyone, it’s purely for the reader who requested it. If you do not feel comfortable with the above mentioned themes please let me know and I can make another version for everyone. 

Word Count: 1.6K

Genre: Angst 

Jungkookie, I’m so excited for you! You’re going on tour and you’re going to have so much fun. Make sure you blow all of your fans kisses and give all of them love. Without them you wouldn’t have made it this far so remember to be grateful. Anyways, I love you. Be safe!

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[Zelo gets tattooed]
Rated: Mature

You sighed heavily turning the page of your book. You’d been bored out of your mind lately. A lack of motivation and inspiration was going to be the death of you. It was like you wanted to tattoo, but you just couldn’t find the right client.

You needed a new muse.

Sleepy walked up the narrow staircase holding a bag of from your favorite street cart. “Hey, I brought ya somethin~”

“Oppa!” you grinned seeing your older brother make his way inside “You can be amazing when you wanna be” you chimed reaching out for the bag. “Gimmie”

“Ah- say please” he held the bag just out of reach.

“Yah, Sleepy-Oppa! Give me my food you tree”

“Alright here” he set the plate of tteokbokki in your hand. “You really should consider eating something other than tteokbokki”

“Give me one good reason why?” you pouted, shoving the skewer in your mouth. “If you’ve already found perfection, why seek anything else?”

He groaned, raking a hand through his hair. “Why are you like this?” He made himself at home, flopping down on the tattoo bench, and resting his arms behind his head. “Where is everybody anyway?”

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Into You (3/?)

Summary- Finally time to face the red carpet again, you weren’t expecting it to quite so well.

AN- ok so that summary sucks but whatever! send in requests guys I love getting them, or just message me idc

Part Two


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The past month had been insufferable. Tom seemed to be everywhere. Not giving you a chance to even breathe without another headline coming up about a project he was working on, or a instagram post going viral. But wherever you went, he wasn’t far behind so it seemed.

It had gotten to the point of you being so suffocated by him, that you’d actually find out if he was going to an event you were invited to before you decided to walk down the red carpet.

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The Florist and the Tattoo Artist

Prompt: This is from otpprompts: Person A works in a flower shop. Person B works in the tattoo shop next door and does all of Person A’s tattoos. (Bonus if person B has 0 tattoos and is a cinnamon roll type character.) with the reader as A and Bucky as B please by @natasha-baggins

A/N: I actually know next to nothing about the process of getting a tattoo? I think I was pretty vague, but if I got something wrong let me know so I can fix it.

Bucky looked up and smiled when he saw who had just entered his shop. Y/N worked next door and liked to come over to see the artwork he was working on. She had been when she first met him. He had no tattoos himself, but he was the best artist in the city. She hadn’t remarked on it, but he could tell at the time that he was not what she had expected to find when she had walked through the door.

Every once in awhile, he liked to head over to the store where she worked. Something about the atmosphere of the flower shop, whether it be the flowers themselves or the beautiful person arranging them, inspired a lot of his latest tattoos.

“Good morning, Bucky.” Y/N said with a bright smile. She carried a little bouquet of flowers. At least once a week, she restocked a little vase on the reception desk. She claimed it make the place look more friendly.

“Good morning, Doll.” Bucky said, putting his sketch aside. “How are you today?”

“I’m good. I was thinking about maybe getting a tattoo?” She said a little hesitantly.

“Really? What exactly were you thinking about getting?” He asked as he picked up a couple of his other sketchbooks and set them on the counter.

“Well.. I was kinda thinking of something small on my hand right now. I don’t want to get anything too big the first time.” Y/N explained as she traced the flowers on one of his drawings.

“First time? You planning on getting more than one?” Bucky asked, slightly surprised.

“Never know, Buck. I may decide I like them to much to just have one.” Y/N laughed.

“Fair enough. So do you have a specific idea of what you want?” Bucky said as he watched Y/N flip through the pages. She nodded and pulled out her phone. “I saw that little sketch you were doing the other day and I thought it was pretty.”

Bucky nodded and pulled out the drawing he thought she was talking about. It had more detail than she remembered, but it was her favorite flower and she loved the way Bucky had drawn it.

“That’s the one.” She said quietly as she watched him pick it out.

“Would you believe me if I told you I drew it for you?” Bucky said as he gathered what he would need.

Y/N smiled and nodded. “I figured as much.”

Bucky laughed and began to work. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as Y/N had expected it to be. It wasn’t fun by any means, but it wasn’t the worst thing she had ever felt either.

When it was over, she quietly turned her wrist and looked at the tattoo. Bucky had done a wonderful job and she felt honored to have his art on her body.

“Do you like it?” He asked as he cleaned up his work station.

“I love it. Thank you so much.” Y/N said as she got up. “How much do I pay you?”

“Well, normally it would be about 300 hundred dollars, but I am going to let you take me to dinner instead.” Bucky said as he finished cleaning up.

“Bucky, you can’t give me a 300 hundred dollar tattoo for free.” Y/N said, shocked that he would even joke about such a thing.

“I’m not. You are going to take to dinner. Besides, you have given me at least 300 dollars worth of flowers over the past couple of months so we’ll call it even.” Bucky smiled at the surprise on her face.

Y/N shook her head and smiled. “Does Friday work for you? Around six?”

“Sounds good to me, doll.” Bucky said as he escorted her to the door.

Y/N leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “It’s a date then.”

Bucky blushed as he watched her walk back to her shop. Never had he been more thankful for tattoos.


I think, as a fandom we have crossed the line so many times that most of you are more amused by it than distraught but seriously, it has been enough.

Dandongs, one of the most amazing and talented nsfw artists of this site deleted. Why? Because someone (who has apologized already stop sending her hate jfc) thought it would be awesome to repost their art in the heyphillookatthis tag

Take a moment to imagine you as them, making art because you like it, you enjoy it and you don’t want the real Dan or Phil to look at it. You state it SEVERAL times but there’s always someone tagging them on it, submitting it when they ask for fanart for the book and lastly reuploading it to the tag they are going to check and watch them look at it




What’s this fandom anymore?

Phil opens a space for us to show him stuff and what’s in that tag?

Cringing edits. “Phan is real”. People with pretty much nothing to say. Selfies.

It’s so so fucking sad that amazing art (i saw someone who made an scale model of their apartment so lit), or people who really want to say thanks to them for helping them through dark times, or just funny stuff gets buried by this GARBAGE.

I said it. It’s fucking garbage. It gets fucking old, why do you tag him in your gross edits and say like “omg someone stop me” or “just take me away from the internet” I won’t even ask if you are all 12 yrs old, because that would be disrespectful to all those 12 yr old mature shippers WHO DONT DO THAT. You know they will saw it and be disturbed by it. It was funny the 20 first times now it isn’t anymore why won’t you just stop stealing space from people who DO want to show them nice things?

And don’t tell me that they want this, Phil practically took off the Draw Phil Naked because he got disturbed by it. Dan spent half of the video saying he was at his limit.

Stop it. It’s not funny anymore, to be rude to them, the gross edits, the “— fic”, to call Dan a rat, to send them disturbing stuff, to ask/tell them about phan.

You are driving them away

They are being rude back.

Tbh at this point i think the relationship between D&P and the phandom is so deteriorated that they shouldn’t make tumblr tag anymore.

I know they do it for our entretainment but if they are going to be hate like 90% of the things they do for them, be cringing edits or just a cute fanart of them and Dil as a family (which i think the rudeness towards that one was out of proportion) i don’t see the point. I suppose they are just so touchy towards anything shippy at this point that they’d rather be rude than have everyone saying like “omg they liked it!!! phan confirmed!!”

Just. Let’s grow up as a fandom.

Cassandra: Didn’t mean to pry, but the sketches caught her eye. She looked around to ensure no one was looking, and silently flipped through the pages, taking in the artwork. She was in awe– she had no idea the Inquisitor was so talented. When she sees the sketch of her, she nearly drops the sketchbook in shock, covering her mouth to hold back a gasp. After staring for an inordinately long period of time, she giggles as though Varric had written her in a book. She beams and puts the book back, the Inquisitor none the wiser, though they wonder why Cassandra is so nice to them the next time they talk with her. If romanced: she’s looking through the sketchbook because her lover didn’t mind, and she practically squeals when she sees the picture of her. She eagerly thanks the Inquisitor with a kiss and asks to keep the drawing.

Feels dirty for looking through the sketchbook when the Herald isn’t looking, but he can’t help himself; the curiosity is overwhelming. He smiles to himself as he looks through the artwork, some of people, some of things, some of experiences. All were good, and it brightened his day. He nearly drops the book when he sees himself in it, with remarkable detail: even strands of the hair on his beard are present on the artwork. His heart swells, and he briefly considers asking the Inquisitor if he can keep the sketch, but elects to act like he hadn’t gone through it. He offers to buy the Inquisitor a drink later, though doesn’t say why. If romanced: Blackwall is almost moved to tears. He embraces his lover, and asks for the sketch. He has it framed.

Iron Bull: Skinner was the one who nabbed it, and the Chargers collectively hang over Bull as they look through the sketchbook. Each one of them had been sketched at least once, and they ooh and ahh over the detail and artwork. Bull grins, clearly enjoying the pictures of his men, but he gently gasps when he sees the drawing of him in the book. After staring for a moment, he chokes and covers his eye. “Are you crying, Chief?” Krem teases. When the Inquisitor shows up, he confesses to having looked through the sketchbook, and asks to have the sketches of him and the Chargers– he even offers coin in return. The Inquisitor refuses any payment and gives him the sketches, which he gets a wallet to put in. If romanced: “Aww, Kadan! You got the horns just right!” On the sketch is a dragon tooth necklace around the Bull’s neck. Bulls thanks the Inquisitor with a kiss (or more) and gets it framed.

Sera: Giggles with glee as she flips through the sketchbook, her opinion of the Inquisitor only rising higher as she found silly sketch after another. It was artful, but not so serious. She’s slightly jealous of the Inquisitor’s art skills, and enjoys looking through all the pictures. She stops for a second when she sees the lovingly drawn picture of her, and gawks. She finally grins and approaches the Inquisitor, hugging them in thanks without explaining why at first. When she finally shows them the sketchbook, the Inquisitor looks through it and finds little doodles around some of their work. “If you wanna erase it, you can. Just thought I’d return the favor.” Sera murmurs. She’s caught off-guard by the Herald hugging her. If romanced: Sera squeals in delight and tackles the Herald when she sees it, kissing them repeatedly. “You’re just so sweet!” she croons. A little while later, the Herald finds a sketch of herself tucked into the book, with a heart drawn around her. And a butt, which has an arrow with a heart tip pointing to it that says “Almost as nice as yours!”

Varric: Got to look through the sketchbook in exchange for letting the Inquisitor read a pre-release of his next book. He had seen the Inquisitor sketch in it many times before, and always wanted to look, and now was his chance. He takes his time, admiring each and every one of the pieces of art, and he’s taken aback when he sees the detailed sketch of him. He grins, thanks the Inquisitor, and asks to keep it. Later on, when his next book comes out, the drawing of him is what he chose as the author’s picture in the back of the back. The book is a bestseller, and he sends a free copy to the Inquisitor, who turns red in the face at seeing their art published everywhere, but they appreciate it.

Cole: Brings up the sketchbook in the way that he does. “Fingers stained colors as they dance over the pages, leaving more than marks, leaving people and experiences and life. Fingers flipping the paper, the pages alive and bright, I saw the one of me. It made me happy.” he says cheerfully. The Herald is a bit embarrassed, as all the others heard and now want to look through the sketchbook, but they let up. Cole is happy, and he voices it. “You like me. You like me enough to draw me, make me real on paper. You also make them happy. You helped.”

Vivienne: Had always been a bit curious about what was in the sketchbook she frequently saw the Inquisitor with. She didn’t know that it would be anything special, but her expectations are exceeded greatly by looking through them. She had no idea the Inquisitor was so artistically gifted; she fully meant to compliment them on the other sketches alone, but she stops short when she sees the drawing of her. Utterly flattered and impressed, she praises the Inquisitor and asks to keep the drawing. It’s later found in an expensive, detailed frame on her table, and she shows it to those who visit her. Later on, she suggests holding an artistic salon or a gallery, numerous times, to the Inquisitor.

Dorian: Is thrilled when he finally gets the chance to look through the sketchbook, and sits with a glass of wine, enjoying it, taking his time. He makes a mental note to give the Inquisitor his compliments– the artwork is outstanding. He stops short when he sees the picture of him, and blinks a few times, not sure if it’s actually there or if he’s drunk. He had, on a few occasions, teased the Inquisitor by looking over their shoulder and asking “Is that me?!” even if it obviously wasn’t. He didn’t think they’d actually ever draw him, and he’s a bit choked up to see it. When he talks to the Inquisitor later, he profusely thanks them and asks for the drawing. If romanced: “Amatus! Oh, it almost looks as good as the real thing!” he says after staring at the picture for a very long time. It takes a long time to sink in that his boyfriend loves him enough to draw such a lovingly-made drawing, and when it does, he’s almost moved to tears.

Solas: He looks through the artwork slowly, taking it in, admiring every detail. He talks with the Inquisitor about where, when, and what utensil was used to make the artwork, but he stops short when he sees the drawing of him. After gawking for a moment, he smiles brightly and thanks the Inquisitor, praising them on their talent. If romanced: he stares for much longer at it, and beams up at his vhenan. He takes the picture and kisses her, and then asks if she’d like to help him with his mural. She helps him from then on as they work together and finish the mural in the rotunda, and it looks lovelier than ever with both artists working. Following Trespasser, he sometimes takes the sketch out of his pocket and stares at it for a long time, blank-faced.

Josephine: Enjoys looking through the artwork, asking for several during her viewing to take and frame for visitors to see. Like Vivienne, she suggests trying to put on a salon or gallery to support the Inquisition, and garner more support. She was wryly asking if the Inquisitor would mind trying to teach her sister sometime when she found the drawing of her. She gasps, covering her mouth in surprise, as she takes in every detail. The ambassador blushes and thanks the Inquisitor, and compliments their artwork repeatedly. She’s still red in the cheeks for a long time after. If romanced: “Oh! Is this…?” It is, and she can’t help but giggle to herself like a schoolgirl as she looks over the art. She beams. “My love, this is… I have no words. Thank you!” She gets it framed and displays it on her desk. She’s exceedingly proud of it, and her lover.

Cullen: Didn’t ever have much of an interest in art, but he admires the work and the talent the Inquisitor put into their artwork. He smiles for once, enjoying looking through it all, but when he sees the sketch of him, he doesn’t know how to respond. He stares, jaw opening and closing a few times, before bashfully thanking the Inquisitor, and mentions how nice it is. If romanced: He smiles, looking at the Inquisitor lovingly. “It is drawn well, and it’s lovely, but not as lovely as you.” he says wryly. The Inquisitor giggles, and they kiss, sketchbook left behind on the desk, though Cullen hasn’t forgotten it. He never will, a fond sight, a fond memory. He likes to look through the book on a regular basis, though he always stops and looks a bit longer at the drawing of him.

Leliana: Admires the artwork, calmly and casually flipping through the pages, as if looking through a magazine. When she reaches the sketch of her, she stops and smiles, admiring all the little details, and the nugs drawn with her. She approaches the Inquisitor and asks to keep it, and any and all drawings with nugs in them. She also applauds their skill, and tells them to keep it up. Whether or not they realize it, some of the drawings provide details of places and things she hadn’t considered before.


Summary: Everything was in the right place right now. With the pattering of the rain, the scent of dew in the air, the sight of a colorful apron in front of him, this sensation in his hand felt like something that he’s been waiting for through lifetimes.
Info: Caesar/Joseph, artist!Caesar, writer!Joseph, one shot, unedited, i wrote this in like an hour because i was slapped in the face with inspiration/motivation when i saw an old art that joy drew for me please be gentle with me
Notes:  왜 살짝 내 손을 잡고
귓속말을 건네는 걸까
Why are you softly holding my hand
And whispering to me?


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Think Outside the Love Square 2

Week 1, Day Two: Study Date

I wanted to challenge myself to write a few pairs that I’ve never written before this week to kind of branch out a little more, so have some TomatoFox! Also be sure to check out @thinkoutsidethelovesquare for all of the details on the prompts going on!

FF | AO3

Things were looking up for Lila at College Francoise Dupont after the events of her first day. Not too many people were upset with her for lying, and she’d even managed to make a few friends out of that girl with the pigtails and the odd lesbian couple that sat across the aisle from her at the top. She attempted to make conversation with the little artist boy who sat next to her a few times, but he always turned as red as his hair and turned away. It was a little cute, honestly. She’d never met someone so shy, and she determined to break through his barrier some way or another.

An opportunity presented itself perfectly one afternoon during their chemistry lab when Mme. Mendeleiev passed back their tests from the previous week. Lila passed with shining colors, naturally, but she saw Nathaniel hide his away immediate, though not before she saw the big red I circled at the top.

“I can help you study if you want,” She blurted, startling him.


“You did bad, right? I’m pretty good at chemistry, so why don’t we study together?” His face darkened three shades of red, and Lila giggled. “C’mon. Say yes. I can help you.”

“Uh, s-sure,” He mumbled.

“Great! Then let’s get together in the library during free period,” She said, and he gave a tiny nod. She turned back around with a triumphant beam. Nathaniel Kurtzberg was going to be her friend, no matter what it took.  

When free period rolled around, she grabbed his wrist and tugged him to the library before he could protest. She sat him down at a table and sank into the seat beside him while he shakily dug out his materials.

“So, let’s start with standardizing acids and bases then we can move onto freezing point depression,” She said decidedly.

“Okay,” He whimpered, but he listened intently as she began explaining.

“So, let me see your notes,” She ordered after a while when they reached an example she wanted him to work from class.

“Uh, can’t we use yours?” He shifted nervously.

“It’s better if you read your own writing,” She said causing him to squirm some more. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He winced, slowly sliding his tablet out and pulling up his chem notes.

“Let me find that problem then I want you to work it just like we did in class,” She held out her hand for him to fork over the tablet, and he passed it to her reluctantly, holding on tight when she tried to pull it away but ultimately surrendering it.

“Okay, now-” Her voice trailed off as she scrolled past countless doodles in the free edges of his notes. “Is this what you’re so mortified over? They’re really good.”

“Thanks, they’re just sketches- ah, don’t scroll too far!” He lurched forward when she kept going, but she turned away, smiling down at his work.

“Oh my gosh! You drew Volpina?” She gasped.

“Uh, just a little bit.” He shrank back, face as red as his hair.

“A little?” She cocked a brow as Volpina consumed more and more of every page. Eventually, she reached candid drawings of herself, staring out windows or smiling brightly.

“That’s enough!” He swiped the tablet back quickly and hugged it to his chest.

“Nathaniel, you’re such an amazing artist!” She praised, smiling proudly when his cheeks flushed.

“Well, I have a pretty amazing muse, so…” He caught himself and swallowed hard, stuffing his materials back into his bag quickly. “Thanks for your help!”

Lila watched him scurry off with a small smile. She’d never been a muse before, so it was kind of flattering. It was decided. Nathaniel Kurtzberg was going to be her boyfriend, no matter what it took.

【2017.1.11 PopStyle】 BTS 

The hidden side of the high completeness

You can see their charisma from their performances. Watching their live performance would be the best choice but firstly, we hope you can check their official videos on Youtube. For example: ‘FOR YOU’. The dance is in perfect order and the rap is energetic! Their original Japanese single that was released in June, 2015 reached #1 on Oricon Weekly chart. The dance with fluttering body movements became a hot topic ‘Petal Dance’.

What’s the secret to their high-quality dance?

J-Hope expressed: “we’ve got to get together and go through the choreography before we perform and that’s one of most important part to maintain such high completeness.”

“We’re grateful that we could earn good reputation (for our dance), but we don’t want to be too caught up in it. We want to challenge various genres and show our various sides,” said Suga, positively.

The reason for such comment comes from the fact they always participate in composing songs, lyrics and choreographies. Their ideas are reflected in various performances from time to time.

Highly interested in Japan

We asked them what’s the group’s charm, “you can sense the human scent”, (Rap Monster). “Energy!” (J-Hope). “We take care of each other.” Jin said enthusiastically. We think they’re portraying the human scent as in the fierce melody ‘War of Hormone’ that’s depicted by the restlessness of youth.

BTS, who values their fans. Last year November, on their fan meeting, they used mostly Japanese during the long talk. They are also very interested in Japanese culture.

We asked them which artist they want to collaborate with, they replied: “Ryuichi Sakamoto’ (Suga), ‘SEKAI NO OWARI’ (Rap Monster). Jungkook and V loves Japanese animation. Jungkook’s favorite are ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’. V’s favorite is ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’. V expressed: “I can feel the great charm of the Japanese animation’s sensitivity.” Jungkook expressed: “I want to sing an animation’s theme song.”

Someday in Africa

Last year, ‘WINGS’ album achieved #26 on U.S Billboard 200 chart, best result achieved by Korean artists.  Jungkook was #55 and V was #60 on the ‘Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016’ chosen by an American film website. It was a year that they received attention from all over the world. J-Hope expressed: “we’re happy that people can overcome the language barrier and listen to our music.” Suga expressed: “one of our pleasures is visiting different countries. And we haven’t performed in mainland Africa yet, so I want to go there one day. ”

On 2016’s MAMA, they received the album of the year award. After that, they had a celebration party, except for Jin because he had to go to the jungle the next day to film a variety show.  Rap Monster: “while we’re drinking wine, we talked about the memories of pre-debut days and trainee days. It was very tough back then, but now we can joyfully think about the old days.”

The dream, Tokyo Dome

You probably care about Jimin’s response since his name haven’t been mentioned yet. Shy Jimin was very quiet when we were interviewing them. When we asked what’s his recent interest, he whispered ‘ARMY’ and got judged by the other members. Jimin shows off glamorous dance like an acrobat on the stage, but this kind of contrast is also a type of individuality and it’s connected with the whole group’s charm.

These 7 boys, who are active worldwide, they said: “we want to have a solo concert in Tokyo Dome!” We think they can do it even if they hold one right now. They have many possibilities, so we want to keep watching over them in the future.

Behind the Scenes
Trans (from Korean): KIMMYYANG

It’s been a long time coming, but my first illustrated book was just published today by 47 North! It’s Scott Meyer’s Off to Be the Wizard and one of the first Kindle in Motion animated e-books available on Amazon.

You can check it out here with other interior animation samples!

Huge thanks to my AD Tyler Freidenrich, as well my family, friends, and mentors who saw me through my first book. Love you all!

Okay, I know you guys have all seen this, but I backlogged through the A/P tags on tumblr and saw it twice without credit. So I’m going to post it again for my own convenience. It’s by the artist, Dan Hipp, who I believe keeps this Pintrest page.

And I wanted to add that I found this during a time when I wasn’t looking for A/P art. To my delight it was posted on the last website I would ever expect to find it on, due to prequel bashing. I was pleasantly surprised and touched. There was some good after all.



Creating the Name

Suga. A unique stage name. It gives others a sweet, soft image. But the person that I met totally contrasts this name.

First, as opposed to sweets, he prefers lighter food.Secondly, as opposed to bright songs, he prefers more somber songs.

“The stage name is given to me by Bang Shihyuk PD. He says the name includes many levels of meanings and think it’s best suited for my image." Although he has a stage name that is totally different from his image, he actually really likes it himself. "Because he gave me that name. Although ‘Suga’ has a very sweet meaning, I hope because of my existence that one day the word 'Suga’ will be defined.”

Quiet Little Prankster 

Suga described himself in lyrics as a “Daegu guy.” It’s his hometown and also a place where he spent a lot of time at so it’s not surprising that he misses that place. He came to Seoul by himself yet he doesn’t let himself forget his identity - he actually incorporates such thoughts into his lyrics.

“In Korea, they say Daegu men are men of few words and not too into expressing their own feelings." During the interview he chose specific wording for his answers but he was able to clearly express his thoughts.

Of course he also is like guys of the same age and also have a prankster side.

"I often go to the sauna with the members since we don’t often get recognized. We would play in the water and compete in who can stay in the sauna room the longest. We would even put on a mask in the sauna while chatting…”

Although he’s quiet, he also has a naughty side. There’s usually laughter when he’s with the other members. When the camera is filming him, he would show a V-sign as a reaction. Suga is a man with two charming sides, leaving others wanting to know more.

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day 6. write a letter to your best friend

Dear Best Friend,

You have gone through so much in your life. And you have come through it alive. I want you to know how proud I am of you for all you have made it through in your life, and I want you to know “If I can get thru this, I can get thru anything.” ;) That has been proven to you. You are the hardest fighter I know. I wish I had come into your life earlier on in your life, but what’s important is that we met, and our bond is unbreakable.
If the world walks out on you, if it lets you down, if it betrays you, if it’s just shit, I will be there. I am never going anywhere, got it?
Best friend, you are enough. You have had far too many people come into your life and break your trust, and you have had far too many bad experiences. I wish I could rewind time and take those all away. Anybody who tells you you aren’t enough, is not worth your time.
Best friend, never settle. You have done enough settling in your life. I want you to love yourself and know how much you deserve. Because you deserve the world.
I wish you saw yourself how I see you. And that is a strong, beautiful, smart, witty, funny, creative, artistic, caring young woman who can have anything in the world she desires.
I want the absolute best for you. You think I’m judgmental, and it comes off that way at times, but I’m truly the most understanding person there is on the face of the earth. I will support your happiness always, as long as you are truly happy. I have seen you go through too much and don’t want you to settle. You deserve so much.
Know how you have helped me these past two years. Your presence has saved me from falling deeper into this darkness I find myself in. Just talking to you and spending time with you means the world to me.
Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. You think very little of yourself, and that makes me sad.
Just, know how much I love you, and I would go to the ends of the earth to do whatever you need me to do. I will always be here for you.

“No matter what, I got your back, I’ll take a bullet for you if it comes to that. I swear to God, that in the bitter end, we’re gonna be the last ones standing." 




in regards to that asstastic post demanding shit that cant be given/whatever happened with hinabn- be it some definite lawsuit shit or w/e- tessa has

a) acknowledged fans of hinabn, even after starting NDE (reblogging/retweeting fanwork of both comments, thanking fans profusely, even making hinabn jokes about nde ON twitter with fans)

b) is extremely giving and punctual with her fanbase (as of now, which is when i got this, +2 nde posters after the stoneworks site freaked out on me and my card)

c) has literally worked nonstop on her new comic through 144 pages (4 chapters) of on time updates through the past year

in the entire art industry, shit happens. It really, truly happens. sometimes things happen and can ruin careers. and it’s ridiculously shitty to draw some WMGs about 5 year old events to slander an artist who is coming back at full force and doing the best they can to do what they love and start over with a new ip for their fans.

Takemiya Keiko and Uchida Tatsuru’s theory of manga as culture

I just finished it! This post isn’t a thorough review of the book or anything, just some brief thoughts. Basically, Takemiya Keiko and Japanese “intellectual” Uchida Tatsuru sat down to have a conversation about manga one day, and this book is a transcript of what they said. After a while I ended up only skimming what Uchida was saying, because while it’s obvious he admires Takemiya, his thoughts and opinions on manga were either shallow or wrong. For example, there’s a pages long passage of him talking about how shojo manga of the 70s must have been an expression of anti-America in the face of pro-US sentiments prevalent in Japanese culture after the end of the Vietman war, exemplified by Gilbert Cocteau who embodies everything America hates (European, decadent, and homosexual), and how he admired the women of the time for not falling for pro-US propaganda the way the men did… and then Takemiya pretty much shoots him down saying “Haha, no, we weren’t trying to be anti anything out of political beliefs; Europe was all the rage in media targeted at women back then, and we totally jumped on that bandwagon.” I laughed; thank you, Takemiya, for knowing what’s what because you were actually there to experience it.

Takemiya says some interesting things in this book, although it clocks in at a measly 250 pages and thus lacks a bit of depth. (Takemiya Keiko no manga kyoshitsu, edited by Fujimoto Yukari, is still the far superior book.) I really enjoyed her description of how she traveled Europe for 45 days back in the early 70s, with Hagio Moto, Yamagishi Ryoko, and her friend/collaborator Masuyama Noriko. Takemiya! Hagio! Yamagishi! Traveling through Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Austria! This is how they all became enchanted with Europe, and why so much of their work took place in Europe, especially at the beginning of their careers.

Takemiya doesn’t talk about her fellow Year 24 Group artists all that much in this book, but she does mention Hagio here and there, referring to her as a genius, which I found very interesting (I’ve been curious about the personal relationship between Takemiya and Hagio for a while). Takemiya has mentioned many times that around the time of Rondo Capriccioso (her figure skating manga) she was in a huge slump that lasted for years, and she says that it did not help her that she was close to someone as outrageously talented and original as Hagio. She compared herself to Hagio, and saw herself as a much more orthodox, old-fashioned manga artist, with no originality of her own; she worried for a long time about how her form of expression wasn’t new or interesting, that she was only mimicking manga artists who came before her. Finally she realized that the only originality she could bring to the table would be through theme and content, and this is how she came up with Kaze to ki no uta. She also credits Hagio with influencing shojo manga to become more complex and deep, and mentions jokingly that Takemiya herself surely did not have any influence there.

In my post about the contemporary popularity of the Year 24 Group I mentioned that Hagio didn’t rank very high in popularity polls but received a ton of fan letters, and Takemiya mentions here that her situation was the same. Her work pre-Pharaoh no haka would rank at the bottom of the polls, but she had dedicated fans who would write detailed letters to her. Takemiya has talked extensively about how Pharaoh no haka was a series she wrote specifically to become popular enough so the editors would allow her to write Kaze to ki no uta, and she mentions this here as well. Ugh Uchida Tatsuru how can you not even know that and act surprised when she mentions it… that was the part where I realized he hadn’t bothered to read much about Takemiya’s work and stopped paying attention to him. She wrote Pharaoh around the time Hagio was writing Star Red in the same magazine, and they started realizing that you could win over readers merely by having many close-ups of faces in the manga. I think this is still true for shojo manga, and kind of hilarious! Takemiya also mentions referencing Mizuno Hideko’s Hoshi no tategoto (the first shojo manga to feature romance between a man and a woman) a lot while drawing Pharaoh, and how she put in a lot of effort to figure out what girls enjoyed so she could cater to it.

She also goes into the relationship between the manga industry and the dojinshi market, something I haven’t seen her talk about much before (except I once did see her complain that people’s Captain Tsubasa yaoi dojinshi were so much better than the original BL they tried to write, which made me laugh). She mentions how Weekly Shonen Jump once considered suing dojin writers – but when they talked to manga artists and editors about it, no one thought that’d be a good idea because dojin artists are fans, and alienating them might have financial consequences. After this, Takemiya has noticed an increase in manga that seemed to be created for the specific purpose of attracting fans who are into yaoi dojinshi, e.g. by having the whole cast be pretty boys. I’m including this bit of info here because “What do local Japanese publishers and artists ACTUALLY think about dojinshi?” and “Are titles such as Prince of Tennis and Katekyo Hitman Reborn ACTUALLY intentional yaoi bait?” are topics I sometimes see discussed endlessly in English-language fandom.

Other interesting things: Takemiya is aware of OEL manga and finds it to be an underdeveloped genre that is still at the imitation stage; she believes fan translations are often better than professional ones and wishes there could be a way to make official translations of manga an open source project; many current Hollywood creators are inspired by people who were once inspired by manga and anime back in the 70s and 80s, and thus don’t even know that they have been inspired by manga and anime; Yoro Takeshi’s theory that because Japanese people process kanji and hiragana/katakana/romaji in different places in the brain (the former being ideograms and the latter being phonograms), this has enabled them to neurologically process images and text simultaneously, which has had a huge impact on the development of manga.

Blah, this ended up being way longer than I intended. This wasn’t an amazing book, but there were loads of interesting tidbits in it, and I’m glad I read it. It was also kind of fun to see Takemiya having completely forgotten that Lindsay Anderson’s If… was what inspired her to write about European all-boys schools, and then going “Oh! I remember now! It was If!” While I remembered that vividly because I just read about it in her Kagami no kuni no shonen-tachi artbook, and I was thinking “It was If, sensei! If!” while reading that passage. Heee.


Artists in Action!

Meet Sarah Marino, a Background Painter on Shimmer and Shine! We sat down with her to talk about her career, what inspires her, and (of course) Kenan and Kel.

Read on to learn more about this wonderful artist!

1)    What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here?
I’m currently a Background Painter on the Nick Jr. show Shimmer and Shine. I just had my two year work-iversary in February!

2)    How did you get started in Animation?
After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2009, I relocated to Dallas, Texas, where I freelanced for the commercial division at Reel FX.  After freelancing for a year, I started full-time as a production assistant in February of 2011 on the Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas special. I then worked as a production coordinator on the “Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem” ride before I was promoted in April 2012 to a visual development artist on Reel FX’s second feature, The Book of Life. I had the wonderful opportunity to come out to LA and start at Nickelodeon in 2014, and it’s just been amazing. A lot of hard work, persistence, and networking helped get me to where I am today!

3)    What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?
Come in, eat breakfast, check emails, queue up my Hulu, Netflix and YouTube shows, then get to work! No two days are exactly the same at my job, as I’m constantly painting fun new environments and characters drawn by the design team. Our world of Shimmer and Shine is growing, and I can’t wait for everyone to see Season 2!

As for unique routines, every morning while I’m getting ready for work, I listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR. It helps keep me informed on what’s going on in the world outside of my happy animation bubble! During the work day, I always try to take an afternoon walk around Downtown Burbank – I get a little sun (vitamin D is necessary, people!) and it’s a great time to catch up with coworkers.

4)    What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation?
Telling stories that resonate with people of all ages.  Knowing that what you’re doing matters, even if it is just a silly cartoon to some, because for others it makes a world of difference.

5)    What are your favorite parts of the job?
My coworkers! Nickelodeon really has the most wonderful, talented, and fun people in the entire industry! That, and getting to tell stories for a living. Could anything be more awesome?

6)    Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?
Speaking on a panel at San Diego Comic-Con last summer was definitely a career highlight! I loved getting to share my story with people, and how there are careers out there that will totally embrace you and your weirdness. And even though I’ve now had several credits in both TV and film, the feeling you get when you see your name on the screen is just as awesome as the very first time you saw it. I always make sure to sit through the credits of anything I watch – so many people work so hard to entertain us and I love to acknowledge them in my own way.

7)    What/who inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many things! From movies to anime, books to music – I am a nerd through and through (and I’ve got the action figure collection to prove it)! As for artists and creators who’ve inspired me:

Naoko Takeuchi, Hayao Miyazaki, JK Rowling, Annette Marnat, Pascal Campion, Yoshitaka Amano, Erwin Madrid, Studio Trigger, Chris Appelhans, Mary GrandPre, Loish, Tadahiro Uesugi, Edmond Kiraz, Tetsuya Nomura, John Singer Sargent, Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, Kazu Kibuishi, Lisa Keene, Eyvind Earle, Paul Lasaine… and SO many more!

8)    What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation?
Work hard and be humble! Having a great portfolio is a way to get noticed, but being a great person is the way to get hired! Social media and networking are so very important. Don’t be afraid to put your work out there!

9)    Who was your mentor and what advice did they give you that inspired you to continue pursuing your dreams/career goals? Advice you’ve give to aspiring artists in the industry?
I’ve had so many kind, generous, and talented people help me along the way; from my parents, to my teachers, to my friends and coworkers. It’s hard to pinpoint just one person. I think that’s really important – find people you trust, that are honest with you and rooting for you, that will be there through the good times and the bad. I wouldn’t be who I am without my support network and I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me get where I am today.

10)  What are your favorite hobbies?
Drawing, playing video games, watching cartoons, cosplay… not much has changed over the years!

11)  What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?
Choosing which glitter brush is most appropriate for the occasion.

12)  What is your Spirit Animal?
Ilana from Broad City...

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon Show?
Doug and Avatar!

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon Quote or Catch Phase?
“Who loves orange soda? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA.”

(I asked my sister what she thought of my choice, and she said: “I think that is your favorite quote. At least it def was in 1998.” Sister approved.)

15)  Favorite Snack?
Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus.

Follow Sarah to see all of her amazing work: 

Tumblr: @sarahmarino
Twitter: @sarahmarino 

honesty the worst official Mario art I’ve seen was from Super Princess Peach and it’s this one:

It just looks so goddamn shady and hate it. I didn’t even think it was official the first time i saw it, i just refused to believe it. Like you can’t tell me the artist who drew this didn’t know what they were doing. 

Even when i ran this through google to try and find a larger image it came up with weird yoshi bondage fanart in the suggestions, so even google algorithms apparently think this is suss too lmao.


First pic is my attempt to “restrain myself and be selective” HaruComi pile XD
On top is the elusive HaruMako AV anthology! Yup, I’ve finally managed to get my dirty paws on it. Lots of HaruMako catch this time around!! I hope they are good… though I did end up buying a couple (or more) by mistake so they will probably find their way to my big sales post.

Fun moment this event- going to a harurin circle to buy the two makoharu books they were selling. The seller (don’t know if it was the artist or not) was like, “You really like MakoHaru, huh?” so I told her I love them way too much it’s becoming a problem xD; (And also how there are so many doujinshi for them, that it makes up for all my other pairings that don’t have any ;-; ) I still had 3 sold outs. Including one that I really need to get somehow.

I went all the way to the eastern wing to get a makoharu doujinshi that sold out on me in the Only event. This time the artist’s new work was Kise/Kuroko so she was in the east hall with the shounen circles and not in the west hall where all the Free! circles were. So I bought 2 makoharu books in Kurobas area xD Then I thought, maybe I’d be lucky enough to find my OTP (Hyuuga x Izuki) and my next favorite kurobas pairing (Teppei x Kagami), which are so rare. but no such luck in the vast ocean of everyone x Kuroko. Then when I got home, I noticed I had an ad tucked into the makoharu books.. it was for a Moriyama x Izuki book. Like…. did they even interact ever?!?? And yet I can’t find a single doujinshi for my pairings with plenty of shared screentime, chemistry and interaction T_T /fangirl woes

Anyway, I ended up buying one single Daiya no A FuruMiyu doujinshi. I’m not into the pairing (or any pairing in this series), but I saw this book while browsing pixiv for Furuya fanart and I loved this cover. The art is also amazing (despite the numerous rough sketches panels the artist had no time to finish).

I only skimmed through it, but look who I spotted inside Seidou dining room!! XDDD (and maybe that’s Erwin in front of him?) . Place must be clean, huh?

HEICHOUUUUU I miss you… I did not buy any SnK doujins.