the artist who saw through time

The Florist and the Tattoo Artist

Prompt: This is from otpprompts: Person A works in a flower shop. Person B works in the tattoo shop next door and does all of Person A’s tattoos. (Bonus if person B has 0 tattoos and is a cinnamon roll type character.) with the reader as A and Bucky as B please by @natasha-baggins

A/N: I actually know next to nothing about the process of getting a tattoo? I think I was pretty vague, but if I got something wrong let me know so I can fix it.

Bucky looked up and smiled when he saw who had just entered his shop. Y/N worked next door and liked to come over to see the artwork he was working on. She had been when she first met him. He had no tattoos himself, but he was the best artist in the city. She hadn’t remarked on it, but he could tell at the time that he was not what she had expected to find when she had walked through the door.

Every once in awhile, he liked to head over to the store where she worked. Something about the atmosphere of the flower shop, whether it be the flowers themselves or the beautiful person arranging them, inspired a lot of his latest tattoos.

“Good morning, Bucky.” Y/N said with a bright smile. She carried a little bouquet of flowers. At least once a week, she restocked a little vase on the reception desk. She claimed it make the place look more friendly.

“Good morning, Doll.” Bucky said, putting his sketch aside. “How are you today?”

“I’m good. I was thinking about maybe getting a tattoo?” She said a little hesitantly.

“Really? What exactly were you thinking about getting?” He asked as he picked up a couple of his other sketchbooks and set them on the counter.

“Well.. I was kinda thinking of something small on my hand right now. I don’t want to get anything too big the first time.” Y/N explained as she traced the flowers on one of his drawings.

“First time? You planning on getting more than one?” Bucky asked, slightly surprised.

“Never know, Buck. I may decide I like them to much to just have one.” Y/N laughed.

“Fair enough. So do you have a specific idea of what you want?” Bucky said as he watched Y/N flip through the pages. She nodded and pulled out her phone. “I saw that little sketch you were doing the other day and I thought it was pretty.”

Bucky nodded and pulled out the drawing he thought she was talking about. It had more detail than she remembered, but it was her favorite flower and she loved the way Bucky had drawn it.

“That’s the one.” She said quietly as she watched him pick it out.

“Would you believe me if I told you I drew it for you?” Bucky said as he gathered what he would need.

Y/N smiled and nodded. “I figured as much.”

Bucky laughed and began to work. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as Y/N had expected it to be. It wasn’t fun by any means, but it wasn’t the worst thing she had ever felt either.

When it was over, she quietly turned her wrist and looked at the tattoo. Bucky had done a wonderful job and she felt honored to have his art on her body.

“Do you like it?” He asked as he cleaned up his work station.

“I love it. Thank you so much.” Y/N said as she got up. “How much do I pay you?”

“Well, normally it would be about 300 hundred dollars, but I am going to let you take me to dinner instead.” Bucky said as he finished cleaning up.

“Bucky, you can’t give me a 300 hundred dollar tattoo for free.” Y/N said, shocked that he would even joke about such a thing.

“I’m not. You are going to take to dinner. Besides, you have given me at least 300 dollars worth of flowers over the past couple of months so we’ll call it even.” Bucky smiled at the surprise on her face.

Y/N shook her head and smiled. “Does Friday work for you? Around six?”

“Sounds good to me, doll.” Bucky said as he escorted her to the door.

Y/N leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “It’s a date then.”

Bucky blushed as he watched her walk back to her shop. Never had he been more thankful for tattoos.

honesty the worst official Mario art I’ve seen was from Super Princess Peach and it’s this one:

It just looks so goddamn shady and hate it. I didn’t even think it was official the first time i saw it, i just refused to believe it. Like you can’t tell me the artist who drew this didn’t know what they were doing. 

Even when i ran this through google to try and find a larger image it came up with weird yoshi bondage fanart in the suggestions, so even google algorithms apparently think this is suss too lmao.


Ursula Production Cel 魔女の宅急便 Kiki’s Delivery Service - Dir. Hayao Miyazaki (1989) Ursula is a really great character in the film who has a big effect on Kiki when shes having a difficult time. Shes so laid back but driven and artistic whilst representing a form of independence and maturity Kiki wants for herself. Kiki see’s parralels between Ursulas artistic gifts and her own magical powers and through Ursula gains a greater understanding of herself and her own gifts and becomes even stronger as a person. As soon as i saw this cel come up on auction i knew i had to have it as she is central in the film and one of my favourite characters. The cel looks great considering its about 26 years old. ジブリコレクター Ghibli-Collection


My brothers and sisters, I urge you to please give just 4 mins of your time to watch this video.

I know there are a lot of things we should be thankful for to Allah, but one of the greatest one would be our eye sight, not just because we can see but because we are among those who can see every single shade He has created. Allahu'akbar.

I’ve been very keen with my eye sight as I know it is one of the greatest blessings Allah gave me and that through it I saw beauty in art, maybe this is something common among all artists (and we are all artists in our own ways). Alhamdulillah.

This video just speaks to your soul in so many ways, it makes you realize how blessed you are, how Allah blessed you so much. Take care of what He has given you, your body is just borrowed, so take care of what you have borrowed.

I literally can’t stop crying until now, since I started working on the journal, most of the time I couldn’t go on because there is so much emotions piling up on my chest and there’s so much we should be thankful for as there is also so much we should be asking for His Forgiveness.

Bottom line is, Allah loves you. He loves you so much.

-Umm Umar Khaled


Other times,
past time,
historical time.

History times.
In other times,
other people.

People before us.
With their lives
and their dramas.

They crossed this threshold.
They passed through this port.
They saw what we see.

We tread where they stepped.
We look where they looked.
We breathe where they breathed.

We speak where they spoke.
We dream where they dreamed.
We live where they lived.

Yesterday they were.
Today we,
Tomorrow who?