the artist moved to despair at the grandeur of antique fragments

In art history of the enlightenment revolution, we looked at this image as a critic to neoclassism and how artistry was practiced by perfecting ancient methods of art. This Henry Fuseli piece The Artist Moved to Despair at the Grandeur of Antique Fragmentsrepresents the notion that classism that was held to perfection had been turned into rubble and artifacts- therefore this perfection of art that was seen to be timeless could not stand to the changing times. 

I liked this idea out of context. We strive for this perfection of the past where things were always better, yet it is not progressive and those times could not pass the test of time during its own era. The strengths we hold ourselves accountable are only relatable to the weaknesses of our current time yet our weaknesses will always have the potential for unseen perfection. The only strength one must hold is the glory of their past weakness and the forsight for the future.