the artist and his mother


Some cute Vegeta and Trunks moments. 

“Don’t cry, boy…you’re making me look bad…” Cuz we ALL know he didn’t get his crying fits from his mother… Heh… 

Artist: Aomushi  (couldn’t find the Pixiv page, I think their name is in Kanji…so if anyone has it, please reblog with the link.) 

the way louis talks (about music) is so passionate and sophisticated, you can see how hard he works and how thankful he is for having the opportunity to work with great artists, the way he talks…. so eloquent…. he’s so smart, he has his way with words you can hear it in the songs he writes… and the way others talk about him… i will NEVER get how some of you can think that the mess of a amateuristic way his image/single is promoted to the public is his doing…….. i just dont…. thats not him he’d never disrespect other artists like this he’d NEVER disrespect his family, HIS MOTHER, like this…

SpockFact #32

While logic and sciences are heralded as the most vital aspects of a Vulcan’s teachings, the arts are also regarded as being an important part of culture and tradition. Spock was fairly successful in his youth at learning such arts as music, poetry and literary studies, but fell short in one area. Despite his interest, Spock was never very good at visual arts. After careful practice and laboured studies, his skills eventually improved, but as a child his art was extremely subpar. His mother, however, thought him an excellent artist and kept every one of his drawings and even has a few hanging on her walls. After a conversation with Kirk on the way to Babel about Spock’s youth she promised to send him photographs of her son as a child. True to her word she provided him with a few pleasant pictures as well as, to Spock’s distress, a picture he drew when he was only 9 years old. It found a home taped to Kirk’s food synthesizer.

Since it’s October, can we just talk about SFX makeup artist!Grantaire?

  • Grantaire who’s played around with his mother’s makeup behind his parent’s backs since he was 7. Who hid some in his closet when his father threw it all out.
  • Who helps his other friends with their student film projects.
  • Who has a giant tub of latex in his mini fridge (Bossuet almost ate some once)
  • Who has caused Joly into nearly having a heart attack on multiple occasions with some of his gorier pieces.
  • When he is going through a depressive episode, he just sits there and paints scales or something on his hands.
  • He and Eponine have sleepovers where they spend the entire night just doing each-others normal makeup.
  • He and Jehan are obsessed with Halloween.
  • Les Amis volunteer every year to do the community haunted house.
  • They once walked in on Grantaire painting Jehan’s belly to look like he had been dissected. Grantaire couldn’t stop laughing because Jehan looked fucking ecstatic.
  • One Halloween night Grantaire had the idea to scare the shit out of Bahorel while he was sleeping, Feuilly and Courfeyrac were filming. Long story short Grantaire ended up with a fist colliding into his gut, while the  others ended up with a hilarious viral video.
  • He comes into a Halloween party in an beautiful skeleton facepaint, and Enjolras hid from him the entire time. He just couldn’t stop staring at him! Since when were his eyes so god damn blue?!
  • Halloween is the one night were Grantaire truly feels proud of himself and his work.

February 26, 2017


By Michael Vahl

When his wife passed away, his life became dull. He stopped eating, scratched his face, he was constantly shouting and crying. He could wander around his house uttering delirious phrases about Gala. He didn’t paint anymore and died several years later after Gala. That’s a striking breathtaking story. That’s what one calls true love. —Michael Vahl

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Púbol was born in 1904 in the Spanish region of Catalonia, to a middle-class lawyer, and a mother who encouraged his artistic endeavors. In 1929 the flamboyant artist met his lifelong muse and future wife, the Russian-born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, known as Gala. Los Angeles born artist Michael Vahl, now living in Tampa Bay, greatly inspired by Dalí’s story painted this striking portrait of he and Gala on Baum Ave. N. behind Ashe Couture Boutique in St. Petersburg. With the Dali Museum barely more than a mile away The Burg is a must-visit for Dali lovers.  @michael_vahl_artwork  @dalimuseum  @ilovetheburg


Photographer Arnold Genthe with lady friends. 

1. San Francisco between 1896 and 1911.
2. Long Beach, New York between 1911 and 1942.

Arnold Genthe (January 8, 1869 – August 9, 1942) was a German-born American photographer, best known for his photographs of San Francisco’s Chinatown, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and his portraits of noted people, from politicians and socialites to literary figures and entertainment celebrities.

Arnold Genthe was born in Berlin, Prussia, to Louise Zober and Hermann Genthe, a professor of Latin and Greek at the Graues Kloster (Grey Monastery) in Berlin. Genthe followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a classically trained scholar; he received a doctorate in philology in 1894 from the University of Jena, where he knew artist Adolf Menzel, his mother’s cousin.

After emigrating to San Francisco in 1895 to work as a tutor for the son of Baron and Baroness J. Henrich von Schroeder, he taught himself photography. He was intrigued by the Chinese section of the city and photographed its inhabitants, from children to drug addicts. Due to his subjects’ possible fear of his camera or their reluctance to have pictures taken, Genthe sometimes hid his camera. He also sometimes removed evidence of Western culture from these pictures, cropping or erasing as needed. About 200 of his Chinatown pictures survive, and these comprise the only known photographic depictions of the area before the 1906 earthquake.

After local magazines published some of his photographs in the late 1890s, he opened a portrait studio. He knew some of the city’s wealthy matrons, and as his reputation grew, his clientele included Nance O'Neil, Sarah Bernhardt, Nora May French, and Jack London. In 1904 he traveled to Western Europe and Tangier with the famous watercolorist, Francis McComas.

In 1906, the San Francisco earthquake and fire destroyed Genthe’s studio, but he rebuilt. Within a short time, Genthe joined the art colony in Carmel-by-the-Sea, where he fraternized with the literary elite, including George Sterling, Jack London, Harry Leon Wilson, Ambrose Bierce, and Mary Austin. Here he was able to pursue his work in color photography. Of his new residence, he wrote, “The cypresses and rocks of Point Lobos, the always varying sunsets and the intriguing shadows of the sand dunes offered a rich field for color experiments.” Although his stay in Carmel was relatively short (1905–07), he was appointed in 1907 to the Board of Directors of the Art Gallery in Monterey’s luxury Hotel Del Monte, where he insured that the work of important regional art photographers, such as Laura Adams Armer and Anne Brigman, was displayed with his own prints. By the spring of 1907 he had established his residence and studio at 3209 Clay Street in San Francisco, where he continued to enjoy membership in the celebrated Bohemian Club, attend prominent society functions, display his own work, and pen newspaper reviews of photo and art exhibitions.

In 1911 he moved to New York City, where he remained until his death of a heart attack in 1942. He worked primarily in portraiture, and Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and John D. Rockefeller all sat for him. His photos of Greta Garbo were credited with boosting her career. He also photographed modern dancers, including Anna Pavlova, Isadora Duncan, and Ruth St. Denis, and his photos were featured in the 1916 book, The Book of the Dance.

Source: Wikipedia.

Nathanaël Headcanons

things about our favorite fruit vegetable cutie

  • Nathanaël comes from a family of artists of some sorts 
  • his mother is a university art history professor and his father has a stable job of being a musician for TV shows
  • his older sister though is as artistic as how authentic gas station sushi is so in other words…nada
  • of course, some weekends the whole family goes and supports dad when his band plays some good ol’ rock and roll
  • Nathanaël hates, and let me stress this, hates Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  • With a burning passion
  • If someone calls him Ariel one more time, he’s not going to need an akuma to turn evil
  • the perfect weekend morning is when he wakes up early and he whole house is still sleeping and it’s a little misty outside. those are the days he throws on a comfy sweatshirt and goes to his favorite cafe with messy bedhead and sips some coffee in peace
  • he loves his family, but they’re loud and he likes to wake up peacefully in the mornings
  • Marinette was the first person in class to tell Nathanaël that she liked his art. After that, she comes by sometimes and sit downs going over her designs and his sketches with him. 
  • Ladybug is also someone who he really admires because she’s strong, but gentle
  • pretty much…he wants his dream wife to be a combo of Marinette and Ladybug….
  • he cries during movies and always check to see if a dog dies (if there is a dog death, he refuses, AND I MEAN REFUSES TO WATCH IT)
  • he has a pretty popular art blog and most of his friends are online
  • he also loves playing LoL and let’s just say, that he’s a lot more Chloe than he’s willing to admit out loud
  • for he will extort and blackmail anyone
  • he has a really close relationship with his sister and makes huge posters for all of her rugby games 
  • sometimes he wishes he was as tall as say Nino or Adrien or as brawny as Kim or as smart as Max
  • when he was possessed by the akuma, he learned a lot about himself and that he has talent in his art
  • Nathanaël might not be a loud person or be showy, but you know what, at the end of the day, he really likes who is
  • and that’s all that matters

hey, hi, hello ! sun’s mun here, super late as per usual. ahh, thanks so much for the warm welcome, you all are so sweet ?? soo, i threw together a quick tl;dr down below, but you could totally check out his bio and quick profile if you’re up for that. also some terribly put together plots smh. i’m so down for all the brainstorming though, so give this a like and i’ll head on over to your ims. without further ado, let me introduce you to my weird, messy, hippy kid sunwoo !

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If depression ever comes knocking on your door please don’t ever try to face it alone. Humans are far to weak for that. Please never be afraid to run to me, or your Dad. In fact, if it feels like you are breaking go ahead and let yourself shatter. Shatter across the floor let the pieces fly miles away. It’s okay, our God is an artist. So run into his arms first. Your Mother has always been good at puzzles and your Dad may hold us all together but our Savior will build you into the most beautiful mosaic you have ever seen. So baby go ahead and shatter.
—  letters to my future family

Sometimes I just think about Louis, going up on that xfactor stage and sing his first song as a solo artist for the first time after losing his mother just a few days before and absolutely smashing it and being good and brave and perfect and so so strong and I just…I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he’s real and he did that and he was so so wonderful and I will never stop being proud of him and of everything he does

This one is for your mother, who had a beautiful name. I never told you, but I wanted our first daughter to be named after her. She was a woman of spoken dreams and hidden truths. I wanted her soft hands, because she made you with them. I wanted her arms around me teaching me to cook tradition and clean patriotically. I know, she misses her homeland, crying culture and counting the geography. She called me a good girl, and I got drunk on wine made of honey.
—  Excerpt from the poem His Family by Royla Asghar
  • first and last name: cyrus hasek
  • age and birthday: 45, 1972
  • gender: male
  • hometown: valletta, malta
  • location of residency: downtown portland
  • occupation: sex worker and sex health educator
  • sexuality: pansexual

––––––– “i want to live only for ecstasy. small doses, moderate loves, all half-shades, leave me cold. i like extravagance.”

tw: sex mention.

azure seas, fragrant markets, tangerine skies and the sound of ink on paper. it was a poet’s dream, growing up in malta, living echoes of a bohemian lifestyle with his artist mother and his father, who worked remotely for a software company. days spent in a haze out on the beaches, exploring every little indulgence that caught his interest - painting, swimming, woodworking, pressing himself into the warm flesh of tourists’ hungryembraces out in secluded grottoes and alcoves, these were the days he’d always remember fondly.

but as all things that make one feel at once immortal and young, they had to end. his father was called in to work at his company’s headquarters in portland, oregon, and cyrus, now seventeen, dragged his feet the entire way to the states. though, while it was not as effortlessly stunning as valletta, portland had its own eccentric charm, cyrus and his mother came to adore the city and its vibrancy. he majored in anthropology at university with plans on taking on a minor in social work, but halfway through his junior year, on a whim, he attended a nearby casting call for an amateur porn company - and the rest, as they said, was history. perhaps it was his easygoing upbringing that fostered his lax attitude towards the idea of an unorthodox career, but the reality of porn production didn’t deter him. he liked the travel, the unusual work, and happily dove into it. now, many years later, he still found the work he needed, though now he’s taken to publishing papers and articles on sex health, occasionally even guest lecturing at universities, and fundraising for sexual health causes and affordable housing.

cyrus’ humor is unfailingly dry, coy, self-aware, and good natured. sensuality and innuendo color his words and he loves to tease and tickle the nerves, though he is just as capable of turning on his professionalism at the flick of a switch and takes his profession seriously. his temper, while slow to rise, is as venomous as a viper’s bite, and he has a strong sense of justice and morality.

played by: em, 21+, est, she/her.

I can send my incarcerated uncle emails now.

He’s a perfect example of the school to prison pipeline.  He’s my mother’s oldest brother. He’ll be in prison for the rest of his life. We’ve written each other back and forth since I was very young. While in middle school I’d tell him about not fitting in and loving to draw and I’d send him my sketches to critique. He’s a really good artist. My mother and sister have a few of his pieces hanging in their homes. He’s incredibly intelligent. Seriously, he could have been anything. Anything. I have at least 5 or 6 shoeboxes filled with our letters of correspondence. 

He’s got a little bit of the misogynoir thing going on but whatever, I love him. He loves me. 

Anyway, you can send emails now to inmates instead of snail mail. 

They charge you one “stamp” an email. 

Each stamp = $1. 

In order for the inmate to respond they need stamps too. 

So really to email an inmate it cost $2, because obviously you want them to be able to respond. 

For every picture attachment you add to the email that’s an additional stamp, so an additional $1. 

If your email is longer than a page, they charge you an additional stamp per page (however long a “page” in an email is they don’t really tell you if they’re basing it on character count or word count). 

It’s sickening to realize that most people with incarcerated family members probably cant afford this service. I’m over here sending him pictures from my trip to Miami and sending him essay long letters detailing my life - because I can. I don’t know it’s just fucked up, when you see the system at work and the cycle being continued…its just fucked up. My latest email to him cost $5 after adding pictures, and I sent him $10 worth of stamps so he can have a chance to respond to me as well as the rest of our family that corresponds with him who I know is on a more fixed income. 

TL/DR: Incarceration is a business, and realizing that and having to feed into that business to communicate with the important people in my life makes me angry. 

Headcanon that after Cecil and Carlos move in together Carlos doesn’t buy Cecil flowers as much as he did solely for the fact that he realized Cecil is one of those people that keeps flowers long after they’re dead and dry and doesn’t like to throw them out so there are vases and Erlenmeyer flasks scattered all over the house with dry dead flowers.

Mark Bradford “High Roller Kats Gonna Pay for That,” 2003

A self-described “paper chaser,” Bradford created this work using layers of end papers—thin sheets normally used by hairdressers in administering perms. The artist, who once worked as a stylist in his mother’s hair salon, lightly singed the translucent sheets to create delicate smudging and dark outlines. Also incorporated are fragments of billboard posters scavenged from around the artist’s studio in South Central Los Angeles. Bradford’s work reflects the poetry of urban experience.