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Hajimama, i haven't been drawing often mainly because school has been taking up all my time... It's the weekend for me here and i have some free time, but i don't have any ideas. Plus, I'm kind of slacking off in my language arts class and I'm trying not to but the teacher is just so boring...

Look out the window: Draw the first thing you see. Or go for Wikipedia’s random article to find something to draw. Personally I never not know how to draw, I’m just too scared to fail drawing the first thing that comes to mind and that’s unnecessary, cause as an artist you can draw literally everything. There’s no “I can’t draw that” It just might not look like the way you wanted it to, but you can work on that.

Most of the time, Arden didn’t like to trust other people’s advice. She preferred to do things on her own, which is why her… interesting life choices had been how they were for almost 21 years. Except this time, as she learned that February 14th was the day you spend it with the person who holds your heart, she knew she had to do something special for Jiyoon. She went to various romance mangas and online articles on how to go about this day, and as Jiyoon went to her classes ( Arden, of course, using the excuse that she wanted to stay behind to focus on drawing. ) she decided to go about the most reoccurring gesture in these articles, homemade chocolate. Of course, it hadn’t gone well. The girl can barely cook instant ramen without fucking things up. With the kitchen covered in various spilled ingredients and a failed attempt at chocolate thrown into the trash, Arden went to the store and bought a heart-shaped box of chocolates ( a rather expensive one, at that. ) and covered the official logo with a piece of paper that said ARDEN MADE THIS in large, pink font. She left it on the other’s desk and waited for her to return home, hours going by before she finally did. Her head perked up as she heard the door open, and she ran over to greet the female. “Jiyoon!” she chirped, immediately throwing herself into her arms. “Valentine’s Day. It is today. Did you know?” Arden pointed out, pulling back with a soft smile. // @dawntodvsk