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So here’s the thing. Call out culture has always been and continues to be dangerous and all sorts of fucked up when done on social media, where the situation can spiral out of control at the hands of thousands of people who will 1. Believe anything they read 2. Not bother to fact check 3. Escalate situations to astronomical proportions according to their personal ethical values, sense of justice, and moral absolutism.

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<p>Huge thanks to @raptorlily for giving me this prompt!

“Betty and Jughead are snowed in working on the Blue and Gold, pre-relationship, current canon"

It was 5:00 when Betty felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. She and Jughead were staying a little late to meet their publication deadline. Pulling it out, she saw her mother’s face displayed across the screen, and her blood ran cold, What did she do this time?

“Hi, mom. What’s up?” Betty tried to keep her voice even. She was sure her mother could smell fear.

“Elizabeth? Oh thank god.” Alice’s voice was frantic. “Where are you?”

“I’m at school, with Jughead. I told you yesterday we were going to work late on the paper.” Jughead watched her curiously, worrying he was getting Betty into trouble.

“I don’t know the last time you looked outside, but there’s a snowstorm going on. The weatherman says everyone should stay indoors. I’ll come pick you up.”

“Mom no it’s obviously not safe enough for you to drive over here. We’ll wait out the storm. It shouldn’t last too much longer.”

“Are you sure, Elizabeth?”

“Yes, mom. This way, we can all stay safe. Besides, Juggie and I can keep writing.” Betty felt a flare of hope in her chest as she hung up. She was snowed in with none other than Jughead Jones, the boy she was developing a serious crush on.

Jughead was everything Archie wasn’t. First off, her feelings for him were genuine, not just a projection of what was expected of her. Second, he was thoughtful and sweet. He didn’t allow many people to see his sensitive side, and Betty was damn lucky to be one of them. Finally, they shared interests. With Archie, Betty was constantly trying to be somebody else in order to gain his attention. With Jughead, she can be herself and know that he won’t judge her.

Lately, Betty had felt the energy between them changing. Sometimes, she felt almost as if he was flirting with her. He would make an odd comment here or there, complimenting the way her sweater matched her eyes, or how it suited her skin tone. Most people would brush it off as a friendly compliment, but Betty knew better.

Jughead kept to himself as much as possible. He didn’t like unnecessary socialization, and he didn’t freely give compliments. These little comments began to plant seeds of hope in her stomach, taking root and blossoming into full-blown desire for the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

“Betty?” Jughead’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “You’ve been staring at the wall for the past couple minutes. Everything okay?”

That was another thing Betty adored about Jughead. He was always checking up on her, making sure she dodnt draw too far into herself.

“Apparently we’re snowed in. My mom was going to pick us up, but the roads aren’t safe to drive. The last place I want to be snowed in is home,” she finished with a humorless chuckle. Home was still very tense, with her parents constantly at each other’s throats. Jughead knew this and simply nodded in response, turning back to his article.

It was as if Christmas had come early for Jughead. Snowed in with the girl of his dreams? He couldn’t think of a better way to spend the snowstorm.

Glancing at the clock, he was shocked to see that it read 12:37. Both were so absorbed in their work, that time had become irrelevant. Jughead decided it was time to break their comfortable silence in favor of his second favorite activity, sleeping.

“You look exhausted, Betty. Let’s call it a night.”

“Where do you propose we sleep?” Betty had an eyebrow quirked in a sarcastic manner. “The only hospitable furniture is the couch we’re sitting on.”

Jughead simply grinned and said, “I’m a cuddler.”

When Betty woke up the next morning, she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that her body was pressed against another, and strong arms held her in place. It only took her a second to remember the events of the previous night: the snow-in, the writing, the flirting.

Jughead wasn’t wrong when he had declared himself a cuddler. Suddenly remembering the dream she had, she shook Jughead awake.

“Jug! Jughead, wake up!”

“Wha- hm Betty what’s the matter?”

“I had the weirdest dream last night. You and Veronica we’re planning to go to the beach, but you said you would only go if people would be wearing bucket hats. Then the two of you started talking about how sexy bucket hats are.”

“You woke me up for THAT?” Jughead did his best to sound intimidating and angry, but Betty knew better. He may act all tough and mad at the world, but he was really just a big softie. “Whatever, babe. I’m going back to sleep.”

Betty froze at the words that came out of his mouth. “Did-did you just call me ‘babe’?” Butterflies had erupted in her stomach, leaving her breathless.

Jughead’s eyes flew open in sheer panic. “Shit, I think I did. Just a slip of the tongue, I guess. Sorry about that.”

Betty would have believed him, if he hadn’t spoken so quickly. “Maybe a Freudian slip?” she teased gently. “I’ve been told I’m quite a catch, Jughead Jones. If you’re going to make a move, you better do it soon.”

She could feel his breathing getting quicker as she trailed a single finger down the hard plane of his chest. It was now or never, and she couldn’t back out now. Her cards were already on the table.

“Fuck it,” she heard him whisper, and suddenly his lips were on hers. Betty brought up her hands to cup his face, and hummed appreciatively against his surprisingly soft lips.

“I’ve been waiting for you to do that for months,” Betty sighed as they broke apart for air. Their eyes hadn’t left each other as they laid there panting.

They were pulled out of their mutual reverie by the sound of Betty’s phone vibrating against the desk closest to the couch.

“Mom?” Betty breathed into the phone

“The roads are all cleared now. I’m on my way to get you. I’m so sorry I didn’t get you before the snow was too heavy. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Alice hung up the phone before Betty could acknowledge anything she said.

“My mom’s on her way. 5 minutes is enough time for another kiss, right?” Betty was suddenly nervous. What if their kiss was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing? What if Jughead didn’t actually want her?

Her worries were cut short by the now familiar feeling of Jughead’s mouth against her own. She quickly wound her arms around his neck, holding him close as he did the same around her waist.

“You said you’ve wanted that for months?” Jughead asked her softly. Betty nodded in response. “Well I’ve been waiting years for the chance to kiss Betty Cooper.”

I’d love some feedback!! Hmu @gay-for-rey1999 or here

Side note- Betty’s dream is one I actually had the other night

💚 Erin

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. In my opinion, Paulina’s probably one of the weakest recurring characters in this entire show. Even Dash got a focal episode in the form of Micro Management. Aside from Parental Bonding, which only depicts her as shallow and manipulative, any focus Paulina gets usually has her overshadowed or barely doing anything.

Honestly, no character really deserves that, but I was having trouble finding a way to make her character work without changing things too much. These last two episodes finally gave me an idea that I think could’ve been very interesting. So, this is going to be less of an analysis of Paulina as we know her and more of some ideas for the kind of character she could have been.

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Joker Imagine - Ignorant PART 2

Part 1 here

Do you have a part two to Ignorant?? When the reader is being stalked while J ignores her? I’d really like to see how J treats the guy once he finds him and how he claims her for the whole city to see making an example out of the Stalker.

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Your P.O.V.

Joker’s car was somehow the comfiest place ever right now. We had found my stalker by looking through the security footage to see who left the box. I recognized his face immediately. What a coward he had to be to actually show up behind our door. So J made his henchmen find his address and that’s exactly where we were going. He was holding the steering wheel tightly and he looked angry. Then we had me. I was honestly a little scared. I mean, the guy has an obsession with me!

We were both dressed well tonight. Joker was wearing his purple jacket, no shirt underneath with black pants and shiny black shoes. He also had gold rings and chains on him, making him very sexy. I was wearing a black dress that covered my bum and just a little more. The dress had golden patterns that fit with my golden heels. My tattoos were visible and I stared at my favourite one ‘If lost, return to Joker’ that was on my leg. The font was pretty and the fact that J had tattooed me made me love them even more.

But then we had to get out of the car and I felt anxious. I really didn’t want to see him, but I had to. Besides I had J to protect me, right? ‘’Come on baby’’ He told me deeply and grabbed his special made gun. I sighed and followed him inside the block of flats. This stalker of mine lived on the first floor so it was easier for us to drag him into the car. J had a crazy plan. I watched as he broke the door with only one kick and we stepped inside the apartment. It smelled bad, like he hadn’t changed the air in months. It also smelled like trash and beer.

‘’Get out get out wherever you are!’’ J growled and looked around. Everything was messy. I stayed close to J as we walked further inside. The walls were a yellowish white and the floor was a red carpet floor, full of stains. I felt grossed out by just being here. J kicked another door open and we walked into a bedroom. He turned on the lights and the first thing I saw was the man sleeping on a small dirty bed. Then I saw the worse things..

News articles, photos, drawings of me were stickered onto his wall and he had dozens of notes scattered across the room. I saw my face everywhere from times even months ago. J turned to look at me quietly. I was horrified and disgusted. How long had he stalked me like this?! ‘’Get your sorry ass up’’ J hissed and loaded the gun. My stalker woke up and stared at J. He was only wearing a dirty T-shirt, boxers and socks. His hair was greasy.

‘’Oh darling you’re finally here’’ He gasped as he saw me. He tried to stand up, but J hit his face with the gun. ‘’She’s not your darling’’ J told him angrily and watched as his nose started bleeding. I bet he broke his nose. ‘’What the fuck..’’ Mr. Stalker breathed out and glanced at me. I just wanted to go away. ‘’Get dressed’’ J demanded and pointed back at the guy with his gun. J kicked some jeans on his lap and my Stalker had no other choice than to put them on.

‘’Where are we going?’’ He dared to ask us with a small voice. He was getting really scared now. ‘’You’ll see’’ I just smiled, but wanted to shoot him right there. J grabbed his neck harshly and pushed him towards the outdoor. The three of us got back into the car where J hit his head, causing him to black out. I got seated and let J tie him up before we could get on the road again. This would be crazy for sure.


‘’Everyone get down now!’’ Joker yelled as we got inside the television station.We got into a big blue office where they were editing the live news. The workers saw us and immediately got down on the floor with their arms up in the air. A couple of J’s henchmen held my stalker who was waking up slowly as I followed my boyfriend closely -of course with my gun in my hands.

‘’Y-You can’t go in there!’’ A man stuttered as J opened the door to the room where they were filming the news. J wasn’t up for bullshit so he just shot the guy making the others whimper out in fear. I just smiled and then we all walked in the LIVE room. The news reporter turned pale as he saw me, J, his henchmen and the guy that stalked me. J’s henchmen got rid of the camera men, pushing them away and then they made the reporter surrender as well. A talented henchmen grabbed the camera and walked closer to J. We were literally LIVE on Gotham tv. It made me excited, yet a little nervous.

‘’Listen up people of Gotham’’ J started and smiled widely, flashing his grillz. I stayed away from the camera in case he didn’t want me to be filmed. ‘’This man here has fucked up real bad..You see he dared to stalk my beautiful girlfriend’’ He sighed and pulled me next to him. I felt like blushing, but I forced myself to smile and wrap my arms around J. ‘’She’s mine, got it?’’ J growled angrily into the camera. Oh how flattering!

‘’I wouldn’t want you to do the same mistakes. Because this is what happens..’’ J told them and then the camera pointed at the stalker. J’s henchmen had tied him to a chair and he had tape on his mouth. I watched as J walked closer to him and started literally growling. He was hot when he was so angry, but I wouldn’t want to be the person he was angry at. 

‘’You’re disgusting’’ J spat at the guy and stopped right in front of him. My stalker was crying and trying to defend himself, but the tape muffled his words. Suddenly J grabbed his gun and petted the guy’s cheek with the tip. ‘’You’re setting a great example for the rest of Gotham not to fuck with me’’ J snarled and cupped the guy’s face with his other hand.

‘’Last words?’’ He asked with a grin. The guy just yelled from fear and tried to wiggle away. Oh what a pussy. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, waiting for J to kill him and get rid of him forever. ‘’Oh wait, you can’t speak!’’ J laughed loudly in a mocking way and then placed the gun on his forehead. He pulled the trigger and with a bang, my stalker was dead. His head fell back a little and it looked like he broke his neck as well. He died quickly. The blood splattered on the floor and people were crying in the editing room.

But I was happy as you could be.

‘’You don’t want to be next’’ J warned everyone watching us before making a hand gesture to inform everyone that we had to leave now. Batman was probably on the way already. I grabbed his hand and we hurried outside together. ‘’Thanks Puddin’’ I smiled as we literally jumped down the stairs like maniacs. ‘’No problem’’ 


We got home without being noticed by stupid Batman. People were probably traumatized by what they witnessed on tv today, but I was so cheerful and happy. J seemed pretty pleased as well. ‘’I bet the entire world is gonna talk about this by tomorrow’’ I giggled while wrapping my arms around his neck while I was leaning against his chest. 

‘’Let them. I don’t anyone to play tricks on you doll’’ He purred softly while holding me closer by my bum. His scent made me feel safe and I was so happy. The last few weeks had been the worst since he had ignored me and the stalker stepped in, but now I felt like everything was perfect. Nothing felt wrong.

‘’I hope the entire world knows that you’re my girl’’ Joker whispered into my ear deeply and made my heart flutter. I was his girl, no one else’s. The best part was that I loved it. He made my life like a fairytale. ‘’Hmm and you’re mine J: If I see those dancers trying to touch you, I’ll shoot them’’ I giggled like it was funny. He gave me a big smile and removed one hand from my ass so he could cup my face.

‘’That’s exactly why you’re perfect. You seem as crazy as me’’ He let me know before leaning closer to me. Our noses brushed and my heart was fluttering harder in my chest. ‘’Let daddy take care of you..’’

anonymous asked:

Hello. At first, I want ot thank you for your amazing drawings. It is so perfect and I absolutely love your hinny paintings. Everything about them, from Ginny's pixie hair to Harry's mans bun is stunning. I wanted to ask you, do you have any idea about how this couple reacted to famous article "DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY REUNITES AT QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP FINAL"? It would be so funny to see, what you have in mind. Thank you again and I can't wait for your new paitings! :)

The awesome thing about this article is that in the actual World Cup in 2014 Ginny and Rita Skeeter were working together and Ginny hexed her in the end of the transmition they both were doing. So I think Harry and Ginny were expecting the article. James Sirius dramatically read it during lunch, doing a very funny impression of Rita Skeeter. I like to imagine it is a funny family moment when they read and make fun of Skeeter’s article.

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Can I please have headcannons for Reiner if his s/o was meeting his mom?

  • He would be extremely turned off by the idea of his s/o meeting his parents–mostly because he knows how much his mom loves to embarrass the fuck out of him and the last thing he wants is his s/o to be scared away.
  • He doesn’t know why it bothers him so much, and by the time his s/o and his mother meet he doesn’t know why he was even worried.
  • Because even though yes, his mother did bring the embarrassing stories of his childhood (the little bit he got to experience, anyway) along with several articles of his past that should have been burned a long time ago (he was never meant to be an artist, his crappy drawings could have told anyone that), he is totally caught off guard by how into it his s/o is.
  • He’s mystified as he watches them laugh alongside his mother, genuinely interested in everything she has to say and asking question after question about things that his mother is more than pleased to elaborate on.
  • Overall, his mom and his s/o do most of the talking during this meeting. He’s idly picking at the meal in front of him while neither of them have touched their food much at all, and at one point all he’s doing to participate is roll his eyes when his mother gets particularly exaggerative.
  • After it’s all said and done and they’ve said their goodbyes (with his s/o hugging and kissing his mom’s cheek, something that even Reiner doesn’t do much anymore), he’s walking hand in hand with his s/o while they walk along quietly.
  • It’s almost alarming how quiet they are considering everything that just happened, so Reiner can’t help but eye them from his peripherals, heart hammering as his anxiety causes him to fear the worst–the entire dinner was just an act and they are secretly extremely annoyed and are ready to leave him.
  • He catches the large, beaming smile on their lips however, and he almost stumbles over a crack in the sidewalk. They stop alongside him to help him catch his footing and they squeeze his hand tighter before enveloping him in a tight hug that would have been bone-crushing if he wasn’t a highly trained soldier.
  • “I love your mom,” they reveal into his chest, and Reiner visibly relaxes in ways he didn’t even know he could. He wraps his strong arms around them as they laugh into his chest. “I love you,” they finish, and lean up to peck their lips against his.
  • It wasn’t at all how he imagined it going, but it’s better than any of the nightmares he’d been having about the moment. He feels silly that he was ever anxious about it in the first place, and as they continue walking back to his s/o’s home, he can only sigh and smile as they begin to recant their favorite story his mother shared of the night.

p'raps an unpopular opinion but I think that this recent trend of writing really gory opinion pieces about decontextualised suffering is so pointless. what are we gaining by having another article on a vaguely left-leaning news site that goes through a list of all of the acts of racism you’ve experienced or seen in your life? what is the point of being so maudlin unless we draw attention to the material forces that shape these discursive acts & work towards a theory & a set of actions that will allow us to actually change things? past a certain point what do I gain from reading yet another “here’s everything I’ve overhead being said about Arabs since 9/11” listicle?

falco-r34  asked:

uh HI! so I just discovered your blog and your art and I really love how creative and original your character designs are, and then I learned they are things called Rooks (I like the name) but I was just wondering, what are rooks? could I maybe get like a crash course/primer on Rooks, like are they aliens? are they machines? do they have magic? or are they just a style of drawing cool, creative characters and is their no lore to them? sorry if the question is weird

Hellooo bby, thank you so much that means so much to me oh jeez ;;;; 💞

Everything you need to know about Rooks is in my #dollyinfo tag or #rooks tag.

But main important articles are here:







But to answer your questions really quick:

1. Rooks are an alien/monster species created by me. 

2. Rooks are not machines, but some are born with hard armor/plating on their bodies that may make them resemble a mechanical being.

3. I would say Rooks are more mystical, than magical. They are physically very adept and strong and are a relatively large species that survive with multiple wounds, but they don’t use magic.

4. Any lore you’ll find within those links or in the tags, I need to tag all the asks i just answered and I’ll get to that right now.

BUT NO THANK YOU!!! I’m glad you’re interested, sorry it’s a lot of reading, but they’ve come this far in about 2 months!

- Dolly ❤

Honestly, I love that an established character trait of Joseph, at least based on official art, is “likes to wear many, many articles of clothing at once”

Three scarves, three belts, pants and crotch-high boots.

Three hats.

At least three or four hats, at least one scarf, and goggles that aren’t even on his head.

At least two scarves, three belts, at least five watches.

Joseph is an icon and I love him and his completely nonsensical fashion sense. He has the air of a child who just went through their dress-up box and excitedly put on everything at once, and I think that’s great. He’s so fun I love him

shatteringangels  asked:

I'm working on the draft of my book and I'm having a really hard time coming up with the first sentence. Do you guys have any tips for making a first sentence that'll get people hooked? Thanks in advance!

The first thing to do is to ask yourself what it is that you find interesting–what kinds of openings draw you in?
That’s the best place to start because you can’t please everyone, so you might as well start with the easiest audience.

I agree with pretty much everything in this article–if you want something that will be worded way better than what I’m going to say.

I think so often we as writers fall victim to trying to hook a reader in too much, if that makes sense.
We think we need to have MCs found in the heat of battle, or in the middle of a dire confrontation, or having just suffered a great loss.
While those are all hooks that are fine and dandy, we also have to remember that just because our stories don’t start out the same way, it doesn’t mean our hooks are boring.

I’m going to use a couple of examples:

…Every syllable of my message came through.

Sometimes we had to crawl, had to run, had to lie partly submerged in a swamp or in a lagoon, or in the dead heat, pinned under fire. But there was no problem. We transmitted our messages under any and all conditions[…]

This is the opening of The Navajo Code Talkers by Doris A. Paul.
While is does open with war, in a way, it isn’t the central focus. Rather, the focus is on what they were doing there. And you want to know why.

Take the opening of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones:
In the land of Ingary where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of the three.

Though comparatively tame to other hooks, it certainly wastes no time in drawing you in. It raises the question of “what are seven-league boots,” “what kind of place is Ingary,” and–above all things–“why is being the eldest such a great misfortune?”

One thing to note is what Paula says at the end of that article I mentioned: There’s no one way to write a great hook, but if you remember that the hook is a promise of things to come, you won’t go wrong.

Hope that helped!

powerpuffliz  asked:

Do you have any creative prompts for a travel journal?? I travel a lot but I always seem to get writer's block when I try to put down my experiences : /

Hello there. Of course! I love to travel, too! It’s always hard to focus on your writing when there’s so many great things to see and do. (That kind of rhymed…didn’t it?)

Here are a few prompts and suggestions I hope will help send you in the right direction: 

     Tip: Write with a pen (that doesn’t bleed through your pages.) You want to   remember everything! Don’t let your words get smudged.

  • Cut out pictures of your destination from a magazine. Make a collage of the places you want to visit. 
  • Make a list of the things you’re going to pack. Tape this list in your journal for future reference.
  • How was your journey? What kind of transportation did you use to get where you’re going? Write a paragraph about your experience and then draw 5 stars. Rate your experience by shading those stars in with a yellow highlighter or a gold gel pen.
  • When you’ve arrived, list 10 interesting things you’ve never seen before. Look at things that catch your eye and instantly capture your interest. Use Shutterfly , Instagram, or a regular digital camera to save these photos and print them out at a later date. 
  • 79 Travel Photography Tips you might like to read about.
  • If you take a tour, write down interesting facts or small blurbs. Take notes in the margins of your pamphlets and then tape them into your journal. 
  • Has anyone said anything inspiring on your trip? Use a voice recorder to record your favorite phrases throughout the trip. Draw a quote bubble then write down that inspiring phrase. Cite the freaking awesome person who said it before you forget. (Maybe you can use that quote to impress someone later.) 
  • Collect objects like interesting flowers, seashells, souvenir pens, etc…Stow them away in your backpack for safekeeping.

And, if journaling isn’t working out for you, you can always bring a cool scrapbook along! You can find them at any craft or dollar store near you.

Bon voyage, mon ami! :)

Click on my Heart - Chapter 57

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [38.5] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [43.5] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [50.5] [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] [Chapter 56] [Chapter 57] [Chapter 58 - Final]

A lot can happen and lives will change.

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ohheyraye-deactivated20161011  asked:

Hi bara chan! I'm a big fan out your work! I was wondering if u had any tips for someone who's shy and has had an artblock for years? I follow a bunch of artists on here and twitter, but too scared to talk to them or start drawing again. Thank u!

thank you!! hopefully this old post of mine will help you with the art block problem:

as for talking to other artists, the #1 thing is to just remember that they’re human beings sorry to dismissively link you to other things ahhh but there was actually a perfect article i found about this a while ago, it lists everything better than i can:

the only thing i would add is that most artists are ok with nice compliments and art chat, but they get that sort of thing all day long, often with strings attached. it’s even nicer when someone realizes they’re a human with possible hobbies and interests outside of art, so if you notice that an artist you follow shares a similar non-art interest as yourself (dogs, a band, a video game genre, pizza, etc,) feel free to mention it and see if it sparks more of a convo

good luck!

I’m trying to get fit and lose some weight, so I’m not entirely happy with my body. But I am happy with the things I can’t change, like my shape. No matter how much weight I lose, my thighs stay big and my hips continue being really wide. But honestly? I’m happy about that. Not even just okay with it. I’m really happy about it! I don’t try to “balance out” my figure with ruffled tops anymore, or wear strapless tops to try to “visually widen my shoulders” and I just laugh when articles for pear shape girls warn us not to wear anything that could draw attention to our rear, our “least flattering location”. I’m embracing everything that makes me a pear, and I’m not gonna spend any more time or energy trying to find ways to hide it! 

Chemistry Major Skills, Talents, and Tendencies: A List of What I Learned in College:

  • draw good hexagon
  • can spell ‘vagina’ with periodic table element symbols
  • magically compel people to ask, “can you make meth?”
  • compulsion to put pH strips in EVERYTHING
  • 500% more likely to get in Facebook fights with people who post scare articles about soda/hair-in-bread/sweetener
  • very good at scientific database
  • Excel/spreadsheet magician
  • get texts from grad students like, “yo, you want to go get some EtOH?" 
  • become uncomfortable with non metric units
  • make name tags for roommates using peptides (amino acid one letter code)
  • say stupid things like, "our lunches are concerted” when your lab all goes to lunch at the same time
  • say stupid things like, “it’s just a problem with sterics” when things won’t go together nicely
  • n3rd
Common misconceptions

Assuming it’s a stunt equals to doubting Zayn’s talent

FALSE. I’ve seen a lot of people use the argument that calling it a stunt means we “don’t believe he can be successful with a solo career”. Unless we’re talking about Zayn haters—though they’re among the ones buying into the official narrative—his talent is not up to discussion. He’s shown how much he can do working under the restrictions imposed on the band, and he’s now giving us all an insight on his true potential. If anybody thinks anyone on 1D has shown his true potential yet, we clearly haven’t been following the same band.

People want “Zayn’s unhappiness”, thus want him back

FALSE. I don’t even know how this one works. This fandom has this bizarre culture of caring about their fave and hating on the other four/three/two. Truth is that some don’t want him back because a) they never cared about the band to start with or b) hated him from the start. As absurd as it sounds, this is how this fandom works. Yikes.

Personally, I don’t know how that’s a thing. I suppose most people got into the band due to the boys’ dynamics? There’s a HUGE difference between One Direction band (the boys and their obvious love for one another) and the One Direction brand (the machine behind the boys and responsible for the fuckery we’ve sadly grown used to). No matter how much you hate your fave’s friend, the boys will choose one another over ANY of us. Why would they even choose complete strangers over people they love and have shared a big part of their lives with?

Everything “needs to be a conspiracy”

VERY FALSE. Honestly! How in the world you can be lied to for years and then think that one day everything is magically solved? There’s a lot of money at stake in this, and if you haven’t noticed yet, the boys have been overworked because of the greedy puppet masters behind them. Why in the world would that change so easily all of a sudden? If it had been that easy to change things from the start, why drag it for years? And why would anyone think of Simon Cowell as this super benevolent father figure (even though it’s the image he wants to sell), when he’s the reason the boys have gone years on a cycle of recording-tour-stunting during breaks? I don’t really think you get articles about artists saying bad things about him for nothing, y’know.

Questioning stuff makes you a “bad fan”

FALSE. I feel like it happens too often in this fandom. You’re either supposed to accept/like everything or “hate” everything. There’s no in between. You’re supposed to take everything at face value, or be branded “delusional”. *snorts* Analyse stuff yourself and draw your own conclusions. Don’t be afraid of questioning something just because you’re told you’re no longer being lied to. What says that you really aren’t? Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but there’s a lot of fucked up shit people do when there’s money involved. Especially true for those with an absurd amount of money and power. If things were so easily resolved, then lawyers wouldn’t be necessary.

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also he basically called out @Louis for /being/ 1DHQ, so if he gets a tweet from him it will make the whole thing more transparent and draw attention to exactly what the article said

I KNOW I LOVED THAT. when he said something along the lines of the blame not falling on louis. if @louis_ does react now it just makes everything even more transparent.

i think part 2 will dig more into the mechanics of how controlling simon is and how oppressive their contracts are too which really just brightens the spotlight on anything and everything louis’ social media does should simon try to retaliate.

damn what a great way to start the weekend.

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dont you always say not to take to heart what is said in print interviews bc its more than likely that it never comes from the boys mouth.. but when it comes to ziam or larry print interview.. its automically true?

Why are you cherry picking my advice? Hidden agenda much? Btw, I’ve never said that 100% of print interviews are made up. I’ve never even said “more than likely”. I do say grain of salt sometimes (depending on surrounding circumstances) and look for possible red flags. If it comes across as to you as a fan as sketchy, it probably is. And don’t I also say context is important, don’t try to take one thing and make it everything, recognize patterns and then draw reasonable conclusions?

So what you’re missing here is:

  • From what we’ve seen from 1D’s team in the past (context and patterns), they absolutely WOULD NOT make-up these quotes. Their commitment to “no homo” the past few years has been epic. Something has shifted. We’ve seen little shifts in the narrative lately (more context) that seem to be laying the groundwork for the end of 2 fauxmances. One never was (Hadine) is also over. So it’s not strange to think this article is part of that shift (reasonable conclusion).
  • Simon Jones has a habit of co-signing things (patterns) he wants the fandom to notice. He co-signed this article at least twice in the past few days (context and patterns). HJPR is also no more. Simon Jones seems to still be handling PR business for 1D. As an openly gay man, he’s probably open to the idea of shifting away from 1D’s traditionally homophobic messaging (context). Especially with a management change likely on the horizon (context and reasonable conclusion).
  • What we know of 1D is that they have never ever needed any help making up quotes that lead people in the direction of same sex relationships within the band (context and patterns). What they have needed “help” with is maintaining a super heterosexual image. Hence fauxmances, “…biggest load of bullshit…”, porn tweet favoriting, “…100% not gay” and “I am in fact straight” (patterns). The only thing management would need to do to shift away from that is to turn them loose and allow them to be themselves without censorship. This interview comes across as pretty authentic to me. And that’s why so many people in the fandom assumed it was an old interview (context and patterns). Because they KNOW what the real 1D used to sound like in interviews (reasonable conclusion).
  • Aside from all that, this is just one interview. Even without it, there’s a mountain of credible evidence pointing to Larry and Ziam being very real romantic relationships (don’t take one thing and try to make it everything).

So that’s why this interview is legit, imo. I hope you found this enlightening.