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Wieliczka salt mine, Poland

In southern Poland, Lake Wessel lies inky and unmoving in the deep. Filling the bottom of an old salt mine, it’s just one component of the UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been a functioning mine since the 13th century. Featuring supreme carpentry, centuries-old brickwork and ornate salt-crystal chandeliers in cavernous dining rooms, this fantastical setting is a favorite for the Polish film industry. The mine’s attractions include dozens of statues and four chapels carved out of the rock salt by the miners. The older sculptures have been supplemented with new carvings made by contemporary artists. About 1.2 million people visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine annually. 

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In the dramatic climax of the SBFP: Golden Vert arc, Eric Sparrow activates the Skatehelit, triggering the Boardpocalypse and betraying his friend and rival, Lil’ Woolz.

Even after lighting numerous objects and people on fire, sacrificing his friends to strengthen his sick skate tricks worst of all, not signing him up for the Tampa AM, he has still done nothing wrong.

(In unrelated news, I certainly did not start this day expecting to make a crossover piece between Berserk and Tony Hawk’s Underground, of all things, but there ya go.)

Inspired by this video.