the art resort


“Meg, can you describe your thought process as you tackle a new drawing?”

*pushes up glasses*

Why, yes. It’s the simple formula of, “How can I make two characters groping each other in the fluffiest way possible? I call it The Shmoopy Octopus.”

Dragon Gliders

Although the colorful characters of the DreamWorks Animation canon are typically found in Universal Parks and Resorts worldwide, this winter brought these characters their own dedicated space in the newly-opened Motiongate Dubai theme park from Dubai Parks and Resorts. The all-indoors DreamWorks zone of the park features four distinct areas each based on the Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. When the Dragon area debuts later this winter, it will feature a suspended rollercoaster that sends guests on an exhilarating high-flying adventure through the Forbidden Islands alongside unlikely hero Hiccup and his dragon pal Toothless.

Art ©️ Entertainment Design Corporation & Dubai Parks and Resorts


i sure love me making some lazy backgrounds

how i celebrate my ship showing signs of sailing tbh