the art of val


“Right… You are hopeless.”

“More like lucky, Sera.”

The Gaston scene from Beauty and the Beast just screamed Dorian to me and I had to do it.

Adding this to Vax Across Thedas series hehe


I love this game I love this game I love this game

(I also live for Morrigan roasting Alistair and Alistair being a puppy of a man and all the fucking dialogues, honestly) 

Since the first bunch of characters had success, I thought i might as well do another one. So, from left to right and top to bottom, Daario Naharis, Shiera Seastar, Missandei, Val the Wildling, Dunk and Sandor Clegane.
You can find part 1 here.

Who do you want me to draw next?