the art of utena


Wow, here’s something that certainly didn’t took forever x_X

This is my submission for the fanart contest for the SagGeek event. Once it’ll be done editing I’ll update/reblog this post with a link to the speed draw video I made as well

EDIT: Speed draw video HERE


Revolutionary girl au! I was and still am obessed with Utana.

So basically Lance is the rose bride and Keith is a duelist who is currently engaged to. if you’ve never seen revolutionary girl then you’ll probably be pretty confused on what is going on in the two red parts. Basically Keith stumbles upon the rose bride and sees that he’s being tortured by the people he was meant to protect. after seeing this he rushes to save him but he can’t because he is not a prince, so little Keith vows to grow up to become a prince so he can save him.

I might add more or not.

Femslash February, day 5: stars.

It’s been so, so long since I drew them, so here’s Utena and Anthy! I love this anime/movie/manga to pieces (all the adaptions I’ve seen really) and especially the relationship between these two. Spoiler alert, Utena was a big role model of mine while growing up and I still adore her.