the art of talismans

Spirits and gods of death magic part I.

This post is intended only to catalog the gods and spirits associated with necromancy, and provides no opinion or bias to any religion or faith. Do note that despite one’s personal beliefs, spirits will not yield to the authority of gods they have no faith in and thus it is wise to practice necromancy as a secular science as opposed to an exercise of faith. Due to the nearly limitless amount of death deities I will split this post into parts.

Anubis: God of death and funerals. To the necromancers he is the patron of mortuary knowledge (embalming, preservation) and burial.

Bune: Spirit/god of conjuration and binding of spirits. To necromancers she is the matron of conjuration.

Euronomos: Spirit/god of rot, cannibalism, Carrion feeders, decay and talismans made of carrion. To the necromancers he is patron of decay magic and teaches the art of necromantic talismans.

Hades: God of the underworld, death and transactions between the living and the dead (e.g pacts and deals). To the necromancers he is the patron of payments and the orchestrator of the afters.

Murmur: Spirit/god of all death magic and necromancy. To necromancers he is the patron of knowledge concerning death magic and a teacher of them.

Nergal: God of the underworld and the dead season (summer in the eastern parts of the world, winter in the west) as well as the “president” of all the dead.
To the necromancers he is the patron of conjuration and hexing.

Osiris: God of resurrection, reincarnation (such as binding a spirit to an object) and the afterlife. To the necromancers he is the patron of golums, bindings and conjuration.

Papa legba: Loa of the crossroads and gates. To the necromancer he is the patron of conjuration and wandering the after.

Qayin/Señor la muerte: God/Spirit of harvest, necromancy, death, hexing, death magic, sacrifice and Knowledge of things concerning death magic (herbs, talismans and rites of all necromancies, high and low).
To necromancers he his the patron and teacher of knowledge concerning death magic.

Reaper[s]: The nature of this entity is widely debated. It may refer to a single or any number of Psychopomps, angels (namely Azrael and Michael), gods or Archtypes. To necromancers the being is the patron of death energy and the guide of the departed.

Nephthys: Goddess of death, Mummification, Funerals. To the necromancers she is the matron of talismans, fetishes and batteries made of carrion and a bringer of rest to sleepless spirits.

Set: God of violence, sacrifice and chaos. To the necromancers he is the patron of the baneful and angry dead and sacrifice unto spirits.

Santisima muerte: Saint of protection and healing. Not to be mistaken for Señor la Muerte (Qayin/Kane/Cain). Her nature and attributes opposing death (e.g healing and preventing deaths) cause her to have no true necromantic attributes despite her skeletal appearance.

The three Barons: A trinity of mort loas who watch over cemeteries. They are Baron samedi (baron [of] Saturday, the day of death), Baron le Croix (baron [[of]the] cross, who presides of graves), and baron Cimitere (baron [of the] cemetery, who presides over the land the cemetery rests on).
To necromancers they are the patrons and guardians of all resting places.

Best of luck.

Sea shell magic

Seashells that wash up on the shore come from a netherworld where ocean meets land. Because of the Moon’s influence on the tides, these seashells hold the energy of the Moon goddess. Many shells, particularly sea snails and the chambered nautilus, form or contain a spiral—the powerful symbol of the Great Mother Goddess. Spiral shells can be used to stimulate energy in your home or in ritual. Other shells have a calming effect because of their smooth surfaces. Shells can be placed anywhere singly, or they may be in jars, bowls, and baskets. A summer wreath for the front door could include a few seashells to add their magic to the energy that enters your home.

Abalone – Abalone has many uses for Witchcraft. Abalone has been used by Kemetic (ancient Egyptian), Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Italian (Stregha), Celtic (Druidic and Faerie), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Gypsy, Norse, Germanic, British, Scottish, African, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Asian Indian, and Native American witches.
Many will use the shell for love spells, and that sort of magick that we dont practice. However, I would not discount the fact that this shell could be used for love of self. To help with affirmations, and balancing. That’s why amulets are typically for protection.
Abalone amulets protect the witch from negative energy. Abalone talismans attract creativity to the witch. A magick amulet protects from some kind of energy, while a magick talisman draws in some kind of energy. A witch can magickally charge the same abalone as both an amulte and a talisman. Witches can use abalone for meditation and chakra balancing. Witches use whole abalone shells as an incense holder
Wearing abalone shell as a magickal amulet will protect the wearer from negativity, especially anger, depression, fear, and/or sadness. The abalone amulet should be charged with a protection spell and/or ritual (protection from negativity, protection from anger, protection from depression, protection from fear, protection from sadness).also, wearing an abalone shell as a magickal talisman will bring inspiration and creativity, especially in writing. This magick effect is strongest with creative writing, especially lyric poetry, but can also be used for business or school writing. The abalone talisman should be charged with a creativity spell and/or ritual. An abalone talisman can be used to help with inspiration and creativity in any art. Carrying or wearing an abalone talisman will help give you creative ideas, especially if magickally charged. To charge shells, do not cleanse. The purification of the sea from which they came and the Sun that has shown on them for ages is cleansing enough.
Charging the shell is recommended. Because of the Suns rays upon the shell and the intent for which it is intended , should be enough for your magickal working. Of coarse, we can and should ask Our Blessed Mother to instill in the shell, all the powers that she would wish us to have.
Because of the abalones magick energy protects from negativity, a magick abalone amulet is great for meditation.
An abalone talisman can help you move past negative emotions and bring you in touch with your own innner beauty.
The same abalone shell can be magickally charged as both an amulet and a talisman. A dually charged magick abalone is particularly good for meditation.
Abalone can be used for chakra balancing. This is an advanced metaphysical subject. Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, abalone can be used with almost any chakra balancing techniques you have learned.
Water is the element for abalone. A piece of abalone can be used to represent the element water during calling of corners (when casting a circle). A witch can use abalone on the altar for any magick spell that needs a symbol or representative of the element water.
A complete abalone shell can be used as a magick incense holder (for stick incense). Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, it can be used as an incense holder for any kind of magick ritual or spell. Abalones power to protect from negativity helps protect your magick spells and rituals. Incense burned in an abalone shell incense holder is empowered for any kind of magick.
Silver is the only metal that should come into contact with abalone, being used for magickal rituals or spells. Or it can also have a small hole bored into it to slip a black cord thru for wearing as an amulet.
Shell Correspondences

ABALONE: General use. Use to conatin empowered herbs, stones, and other magical uses.

CLAM SHELLS: Used for purification and love. A small clam shell may be etched with a rune and made into a potent talisman.

CONE SHELLS: Used in protective spell crafts.

COWRIES: Cowries are specific tools of prosperity and money; many cultures once used them as money.

LEFT HANDED WHELKS: Use for making dramatic, positive changes in your life.

LIMPETS: Courage, confidence, physical strength.

MOON SHELLS: Psychic awareness, purifcation, and peace.


OYSTERS: Love and good fortune.



SCALLOPS: Useful for spells involving travel and movement.