the art of sleeping alone

My sadness surrounds me
Encroaching on my soul
I feel small as ever
And here I am attempting
To hold the world on my shoulders
To hold the world together
But I alone am too much
For my own simple strength
So the cracks in my face grow
More and more each day
Until the pieces of what was
Are scattered in the streets
I have so numbly traveled
—  12:16 am

finally got a chance to read jonathanstroud‘s The Whispering Skull, second in the Lockwood & Co series and it was BRILLIANT. I love it so much and highly recommend it (and any of his other books I’ve read them all)

so here’s some of the sketches I produced while reading it the last couple days…. (I think I’m missing some.. and I know there’s some older ones from when I was reading the first book but idk where they are….)