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While you’re waiting for Underbright DaMIIZ. I also made this! I love the Underverse series and as well as X-Tale so I decided to make a X-Tale DaMIIZ. She got no glasses, but see’s ton even when blind.

HOOOO BOY underverse is a cool series. I like the idea that she has X mark on her face (is that a mark? xD) 

Cool stuff, thank you so much I like it!

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my art professor told one of his other classes that he's concerned about my obsession (hyperfixation) with kate mckinnon because i made a couple projects about it and he apparently "went down that road" in the past. and he wants to help me, but i don't know how to explain to him that i go through a series of hyperfixations with different characters and celebrities throughout my life and that i'm like... fine? she's my comfort and i sometimes hyperfixiate on her in class but like i'm good?

i had similar problems when i took art in middle school - my art was always centered around my hyperfixation for that moment


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