the art of powe

German street artist 1010 paints murals that seems to disappear within the walls on which they are painted, each work an optical illusion with brightly ringed shapes. The effect is a 3D cavern on a solid surface, produced by 1010 layering 6-10 warm or cool shades on top of a dark background or center. He has recently applied this technique across the globe, including a mural for the Backside Gallery in Marseille, France and a work on a large public building for this year’s POW WOW Hawaii Festival in Honolulu.


Follow My Vans: Truelane goes to POW! WOW! Hawaii

Our friend Chelsea Lankford from Truelane went to Hawaii for the most insanely rad art festival, POW! WOW! to scope out the top female artists we should keep our eyes on in 2017. Check out Chelsea’s picks and mini interviews with the artists below!

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Platine POW Card

When a freak accident turned her hair into platinum and that she could control it, Plantine saw this as an opportunity to become even more popular or at least make some friends. She isn’t a fan of all the physical effort that goes into being a hero though.

While working on some ideas I got this idea for a kind of bratty hero as an OK KO fan character. I also thought it would be funny to give her the anime drill curls that she can actually use as drills to fight robots. In the end shes kind of a younger more spoiled version of a hero i designed along time ago, I even used the same color scheme.

I got the pow card layout from @ok-ko

Gave a shot at trying the OK K.O. character template. so here’s my heroes, Trance and his monkey friend Remix!

Power: can gain control of anybody’s body via their sick hypnotic techno tracks, anyone who listens faces the chance of possession! with this power theyve had people do a range of things like embarrassing themselves to even having them fork over all their belongings.

Weaknesses: For Trance, it’s hot muscle guys. for Remix it’s junk food. they arent popular at Gar’s Bodega.