the art of naming cars


“Now, where are those pesky members of the hamon tribe…?”

((Oh man oh man guys this fusion event seems SUPER NEATO~ I’m not tagging myself into it, because I think I’m bending the rules a bit, but it seems super fun and you should check it out if you haven’t <3))
((In the meantime, I’m kicking my fun off with some PILLARMAN FUSIONS, oh my. Will there be more fusions tomorrow? PROBABLY~))

Grumbles about cosplay being left out as part of “fan art”

Realizes that gif makers get almost no recognition

Realizes people sing fan songs with no recognition

Realizes people build the damn car from the ground up with no recognition

Carefully hangs plaid shirt back up in closet to fight another day

Fatal Attractions: Lux&Niall


Lux knew she probably shouldn’t be vandalizing Zayn’s car in the parking lot, but she also knew that the raven haired boy deserved a bit of pay back for denting her car the other day. She and the boys were constantly damaging each others’ things or pranking one another, so this was rather common to say the least. When she heard footsteps approaching her though, Lux looked up and stopped keying the older boy’s car, her blue eyes fell upon the Irish lad of the group and she smiled sheepishly.

“Don’t look at me like that Ni, he totally deserves it for backing into my car the other night” she pointed out as she turned to look at her art work on Zayn’s car, her name carved into the paint. “I’m finished anyway…were you looking for me?” she asked Niall curiously as she stood up now and pocketed her keys in her jacket pocket.