the art of making magazines

Do you know what’s really fucked up in this fandom? That the artist who made yesterday’s podium family official art was forced by the publishers to delete the rings from her illustration, and instead of getting mad at the magazine publishers people started attacking her and the anime staff, that has /nothing/ to do with this.
Anyways, at least we know that they /want/ to draw the rings in official art, but most magazine publishers aren’t okay with it because, well, it makes it too clear that their affection is not just fanservice (… not the confirmation we wanted or deserved, but… well, still a confirmation).
It’s not MAPPA’s fault — please remember this and don’t attack the artist or the anime staff. Thank you.
Make Tumblr Great Again.

I’m gonna try to explain why you have to remain on Tumblr, so that the art community remains vivid.
1. The templates  : you can choose the appearance you wish for your site here. Many are free and of excellent quality.
2. The archive : available, unlike Instagram and Facebook, which makes the two platforms I just named be a product, in the consumption and capitalist system. As many of you think they are left-wing, there is a contradiction that you surely wouldn’t want to make persist, would you ?
3. The smart phone obligation for Instagram : this is expensive, and anti-democratic. As said here recently, only the owners of smart phones can post on Instagram. Ecologically, I can’t really say anything as computers are not really better. If someone can tell me which is the best or less problematic on this aspect, please try.
4. The nude freedom : the censorship of Instagram and Facebook is purely ridiculous, as well as the complicity of Facebook, which is linked to Instagram, with highly criminal dictatorships. I won’t detail here, but I can tell you I have serious infos.
5. We can make the haters recede. It’s hard, I know, and long. But we are managing, little by little. In the same range of ideas, we can make pressure on the staff, as recently expressed too, to make crime, abuse and excessive pornographic intrusion go away, little by little.

I think these are good arguments. And I am here, which is not bad, either.

Basile Pesso, YWAMag director,
Barcelona, 20 April 2 017

So in the very drug filled house I used to live in, my housemate had been in his room all night re-dosing on LSD for like the 3rd day in a row and I was in my room all tweaked out making art, I cut a bunch of faces out of magazines and used the eyes/mouths/hair to make a monster so then I had all these eyeless, mouthless bald celebrity faces cut out and I didnt want to waste them so I very quietly taped them to the door of my tripping housemate’s room and like 3 hours later LONG after Id forgotten what Id done I hear the most blood-curdling, just like feral scream of terror, like glass-splitting I stg this scream was so next level that my mirror almost cracked, coming out of my 6'5" 350lb housemate.

So to get me back the next day he constructed a suit/mask made of cardboard and sat in the bathtub with the curtain closed waiting to scare me, but joke was on him because I was tweaking so I hadnt eaten in like 2 days so he sat in the bathroom I stg all day, fucker literally called out of work and sat with his headphones in and watched the entirety of breaking bad from like 5am til that night, and I never came in to use the bathroom


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