the art of london


Found this incredible street art whilst looking for brunch. Some beautiful handling of spraypaint and subtle translucent colour all at the hands of Shok-1, an artist I stumbled upon first in real life and then online.
Fuckin love bones.


hey, day two of mchanzo week is AUs and i drew Punk Hanzo and Bartender McCree from the awesome fic King’s Row Calling by @malevolentmango​ 

really good fic which i came for the pun, and stayed for everything else. (also i’m pretty sure mccree has both his arms in the fic but i felt like drawing his robo hand)

Jacket details…

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Teaser for the travel and social media themed YoI fanbook I’ll organize next month! Can’t wait to start this ♡

Anyway I’m looking for someone who’s willing to help a bit with the organizing, preferably someone who already made a zine/fanbook or participated in one. Drop me a PM if interested!