the art of london

“Florals for spring, groundbreaking.”

HEY FRIENDS so through some wonderful circumstances, I’m going to be travelling around England and then over to Paris this coming June! If you have been to either place, send me some suggestions of your favourite locations. I’m in the planning stages and I’d love some tips!
A wonderful send-off for the man who made colour sing from the canvas - Howard Hodgkin, National Portrait Gallery, review
The fact that Howard Hodgkin never seemed an obvious contender, during his lifetime, for the role of Britain’s “greatest” or “best loved” artist may be down to the fact that his work appears completely abstract.

Wind chips
As Stone dips
And a storm passes
Over Old soil that amasses.
Empty for no reason stands
A house out of demand
As Its garden trails
Further each time an estate agent fails.
Spare keys hiding
Under foot scraper forbidding
New owners to occupy
A Weed ridden land that is awry.


Swinging London 1967.
Report of Paris Match magazine on the psychedelic fashion in London. October 1967. Photos by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match)