the art of invigorating and prolonging life


Sir William Jone’s Andrometer: A chart laying out the benchmarks year-by-year in an educated person’s life. The art of invigorating and prolonging life, by food, clothes, air, exercise, wine, sleep, &c. 1828.

Age 10: Dancing, Music, Drawing, Exercises. Age 24: Ancient orators studied. Age 39: The virtuous assisted. Age 67-69: Perfection of Earthly happiness.

otherpeoplescreativity said to questionableadvice:

Dear QA, I will be having a followup doctor appointment on the day before my birthday this year, several weeks from the submission of this ask. I am annoyed right now because the doctor put me through several unpleasant tests that turned up EAT YOUR VEGETABLES results instead of OHO LET US FIX IT results. Do you have Questionable Advice in stock for how to be a good patient instead of Cranky Pants patient?  I do not want to wreck my birthday! Something silly would be great. Thanks!

otherpeoplescreativity:  You have my sympathies. In the past I have also consulted doctors in the hope of a cure only to be told that I need to “exercise more”. It is very disheartening. While there is a great deal of historical advice pertaining to the doctor/patient relationship, most of it is written by doctors and consists of variations on the theme of “do what the doctor says and be grateful” so it is not necessarily helpful in your situation. Without casting aspersions on your doctor, perhaps there are additional remedies that she has not considered?

For instance: onions

Or give some thought to increasing your consumption of champagne:

And if all else fails consider a vacation:

In any case, I hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday!

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