the art of falling apart

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

could use more seraphs.
Anything with wings, really—

a falcon, a swallowtail.
Ravenous for marvels, I slit open
a chrysalis. Inside,
no caterpillar mid-morph.
Only its ghost in a horror of cells.
I pinch the luminous mash
of imaginal discs
and shudder, imagining
the mechanics of disintegration.
The wormy larva—whole,
then whorled. A wonder
it did not die. Even now,
smeared against my skin, it beams

like the angel in the tomb
prepared to proclaim a rising.


This City

Eugenia Leigh


Graphic - Hannah Yata

Ribbon round my neck
red like blood
red like love
red like beauty

keeping my head from rolling
off my shoulders
too light and too hollow to stay
maybe it would crack
when it hit the earth

keeping the rest of me
from dissolving
into puddles of fear
and pathetic reluctance

Some days
the ribbon begins to slip
slow and leaky like a sunset
it stays so secure
I forget it’s there at all
—  A.O.A.M. || Ribbon