the art of cosplay

reference for @theluckyjinx2170​ ‘cause this brave heart want to cosplay the empress. I’m honored and intrigued that you chose my version. 

Note: I imagine the empress as a woman who you would kneel before just looking at her. The woman who defeated Galra and built the most powerful Altea empire in the universe. She’s as terrifying as beautiful.
The war has broken her and then fused again. God knows what Allura has gone through but unfortunately there weren’t anyone left who would explain to her that no war =/= peace. 
Her outfit is a mix of her dress and pink paladin armor + dark color and a little gold. I think it looks noble and military at the same time, doesn’t it? Also her marks changed because of practicing with quintessence.


Attention! The Captain has arrived. Submit your weapons for inspection. 

Complete Phasma for Dragoncon 2017, which we will have running around with a medieval Kylo Ren and a team of Sith Lords. Constructed completely from leather, which we hand-tooled, baked to shape, and riveted into place. Combine this with blood, sweat, tears, and no respect for your lungs, you have a full suit of medieval Star Wars armor!