the art of caring

Fun idea after the Xemnas fight, Sora tells Riku all about his adventures to the different worlds and all the people he met. Sora seems to be the most fascinated with Hercules(especially considering how many games this world pops up in) and the boy totally aspires to be big and buff. Herc is all fine and stuff but can you imagine Sora looking up to Zack???? Square, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS

Day 17 - Mayumi Hanezuka

A day late because I got sick last night! A SHSL Class Rep has to show some enthusiasm for her classmate’s endeavors, right? It’s definitely not an excuse to enjoy music, not at all!

The tote bag is for another classmate band, too. She’s got a ton of posters on her wall, even….

holy shit yall, school has completely taken over my life and i literally have no time to draw anymore))): but on the bright side im talkin to a rlly cute girl and she reminds me a lot of mike bc shes always like “ lol im a vampire or somethin “. so, speaking of vampires, have some mike! <3 

Reasons Why It’s Probably A Good Thing I Don’t Live In America: Case 1, @steverogershield‘s windows remain intact