the art of book

Hell, how I wish you knew
that when we were lying outdoors,
under the stars,
and our two hearts
were beating the same rhythm,
they were both yours.
—  // 28 words poem



Pages 5 and 6

Ready! I got people. I’m very happy that I was able to finish this short comic. It took me a long time to finalize them because of some of the commitments I had over the past week: travel, purchases of materials, projects, finally …!

I hope you have enjoyed this parody (or not).

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Note: don’t post this illustration on other social networks except with my permission.

You pretend that you love me, that you want me. But you don’t. You don’t like the me that laughs too loud and says the wrong thing and breaks promises and can’t hold a conversation without an awkward comment. You like the me you made up in your head.
—  from an unfinished story #753

This weekend flew by so quickly! It’s already the last day of C2E2! 😱 I hope you’re enjoying the con as much as I am! 🤓💕 It’s been so great so far! 😁 I still have some goodies at my booth so if you were waiting to pick something up, now’s the time to get it! 😊 I’m in Artist Alley table T1! Come stop by! 😀👍You can’t miss me, I’m by the aisle marker 😜😙💖