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D23 Expo Disney Parks Panel Recap

For those who are finding it difficult to keep up here’s the WDW related announcements.

Hollywood Studios:

  • Star Wars land will open 2019 (WDW will open after DL) and will be called Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
  • There will be a new Star Wars resort that promises to super immersive 
  • The Great Movie Ride will be closing on August 13th and though the Chinese Theater building remain the inside is going to become a brand new ride entitled Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway that promises to put us right into a Mickey short
  • Toy Story Land will open Summer 2018

Magic Kingdom:

  • Tron coaster confirmed to be opening in time for the 50th anniversary in 2021, however it appears that it’ll be next to Space Mountain and may not take over the Tomorrowland Speedway
  • MK is also getting a new theater though no idea what show will play. (Hopefully it’ll be something like Mickey and the Magician/Mickey and the Magical Map)


  • Lots of changes coming to Future World! Apparently a new park entrance is in the works
  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure is also closing on August 13, 2017 to make room for a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. The tie-in is the fact that Peter Quill visited as a child before his abduction
  • Mission:Space is getting a new green mission and will have a new restaurant adjacent to it
  • Ratatouille the ride is officially coming to the France Pavilion in EPCOT! It’ll be situated behind the Eiffel Tower.
  • China Pavilion is getting a new film for it’s circle vision

Other WDW News:

  • The Disney Skyline gondola has been confirmed and will connect resorts such as Art of Animation and Pop to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios
  • Disney will begin offering it’s own “uber” like transportation with Minnie-style polka dotted vans/cars
  • There will be a brand new DVC hotel added called the Hotel Riviera

We’ll edit if any further information is released. :)

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THIS ONE’S A DOOZY PLEASE BEAR wiTH ME. Grab a dole whip and sit down and listen my frens. This is very info heavy and of course is all based on rumors from very credible sources. Quick thing to note if a project has a speculated premiere date (I.E Star wars land in 2019) I shall put it beneath the section as ETA!

Magic Kingdom

So little update on the stitch situation it seems the Wreck it ralph plans that were slated to begin this january have since then shifted. According to insiders given your perception on the previous plan (Stitch was going to be killed in favor of a wreck it ralph sugar rush simulator of sorts) the new plan (unknown as to what that is) is a much better idea for every space. IF that means Ralph going somewhere else and something new replacing stitch I truly don’t know. But I expect to learn more as we heads towards D23. 


 SO much like the Disneyland Celebration Walt Disney World will be celebrating it’s own 50th anniversary during the year of 2021. Now why does that matter now? Because between now and then a LOT is going to be happening to prepare for that year. The idea being thrown around is that Disney shall be toting 50 new things for guests to experience for the 50th anniversary. These 50 things can range from Pandora, to Star Wars Land, to attraction updates etc. Basically entertainment and rides are going to receive a lot of face lifts between then and now. SO what is up for updates between now and the 50th? Let’s start with the current theme of the Magic Kingdom 

Happily Ever after the new show that is debuting in May is currently on track to be replaced by some form of a new anniversary Firework show for the 50th. ETA 2021

A nighttime parade for the MK is currently on track for a 2021 release if not sooner. But most likely around then. ETA 2019/2021

Big Thunder Mountain to receive the Disneyland update (The new tnt scene). ETA 2018/2019. 

Some sort of replacement for stitch/ new eticket. 

Peter Pan update think DL 

Small World update consisting of adding the Disney characters to the ride 

and a few other ideas that aren’t known yet. But keep coming back as I will continue to update. 


As some of you know Epcot is next to receive a LOT of love in terms of new additions and attractions after Hollywood Studios (Which by the 50th Hollywood studios will indeed have a new name). So on the list of things coming we have 

Living with the land update. Whether this is tied to a franchise or hopefully just a refurb/touch up is unclear. 

Guardians of the Galaxy moving into Ellen’s Energy adventure. This project while it has hit some delays is still set to by open by the 50th, and will be one of the “50 new things for the 50th”. This is not the same attraction as the one opening up at DCA this summer and from what has been told it is slated to be a huge new eticket taking place inside the old Ellen building. So not an overlay but a brand new ride and ride vehicle inside an old building. ETA 2020/2021 

Ratatouille has apparently been given the greenlight with construction beginning as soon as late summer or early fall. For those first hearing about this plans have been made to clone the Ratatouille attraction from Disneyland Paris. Here is a ride through of what that is here. ETA late 2019 early 2020. 

Grand fiesta tour is slated to finally kick the bucket in favor of a Coco overlay from pixar! This seems to be going forward and not contingent on major box office, given it’s a better fit for the pavilion I am not upset by this. Expect the Grand Fiesta Tour with the 3 Caballeros to make their last tour in 2018. ETA 2020. 

Illuminations Reflections of Earth 2.0. It appears that the show is going to be getting a HEAVYYY update one that will fundamentally improve and make the show a must do for guests across the resort. ETA 2019/2021 

New country for the world showcase. Now plans on this one are rapidly shifting but at the moment it seems like a Brazil pavilion is indeed on track to be something that could be offered at Epcot. Plans exist for this pavilion both with and without an attraction. I would keep an eye on this rumor as it is still rapidly changing. 

Bticket for the UK pavilion. This should be open by 2019/2020 to help alleviate the stress from ratatouille. As for what this is it’s still unclear, but it should serve as a nice addition to the pavilion while not being a headliner of sorts given the Bticket status. Hopefully a revival of the enchanted park concept? 

Mission space is receiving a substantial update this summer that should bring the attraction to the current present with a new film among other updates. ETA 2017

Innoventions updates/revival. The innoventions concept will be getting a refresher sometime between now and 2021. As much is already closed at Innoventions to make way for this revival all that needs to be given is the greenlight. 

Hollywood Studios

Gondola system is going up as permits have been filed. This is a new transportation system between Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Caribbean beach resort and Art of Animation I believe. Expect this project to begin to move dirt and most likely a formal announcement from Disney soon. ETA 2019. 

The Great Mickey ride seems to have finally been given the greenlight and will be opening just a little before star wars does.. Expect GMR to go down sometime this fall. ETA 2019 

WELL THAT’S IT for this update. It was mostly Epcot and MK related but as you can see a LOT is happening here in the next couple of years. So much so that I am going to need to constantly update and change this current list I have! As always if you liked this post please hit that heart button or reblog! Until next time! 

Dragon Gliders

Although the colorful characters of the DreamWorks Animation canon are typically found in Universal Parks and Resorts worldwide, this winter brought these characters their own dedicated space in the newly-opened Motiongate Dubai theme park from Dubai Parks and Resorts. The all-indoors DreamWorks zone of the park features four distinct areas each based on the Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. When the Dragon area debuts later this winter, it will feature a suspended rollercoaster that sends guests on an exhilarating high-flying adventure through the Forbidden Islands alongside unlikely hero Hiccup and his dragon pal Toothless.

Art ©️ Entertainment Design Corporation & Dubai Parks and Resorts

annabethistheannabest-deactivat  asked:

wait. Wait. WAIT. Percabeth goes to WDW.


@lililibird​ and I had a big discussion about this so prepare yourself for a bunch of Percabeth Disney headcanons! ( @ishelmascarinas I feel like you’ll enjoy this. )

  • Percy loves Disney movies because he used to watch them all the time with Sally. Her favourite is The Little Mermaid, but his favourite is Finding Nemo. They watched Hercules a lot, too. Sally’s fond of Meg.
  • So Percy’s seen all the classics, and he thinks Annabeth looks most like Aurora but acts most like Belle (or perhaps a scarier version of Jane from Tarzan). 
  • One time he casually mentioned that someone (probably Grover) had told him he looked like Prince Eric, once, and ever after Annabeth teases him by calling him The Little Merman.
  • Chiron had movie nights sometimes when Annabeth was young and tried to show her some of the Disney classics, but she was too agitated to really focus and he was missing most of the movies from his collection anyway.
  • When Percy finds out she’s never seen most of the renaissance movies he makes her marathon them with him. Annabeth surprises herself by absolutely loving most of them.
  • She admires all the castles and looks up concept art and background art and prattles on about the skill of the animation technique, the switch from 2D to 3D animation, etc.
  • Percy promises he’ll take her to the parks one day and she just shrugs it off because that’s not what demigods get to do, it’s just not. But of course Percy keeps his promise because he’s Percy and he knows what promises mean to Annabeth.
  • Her eyes just light up when she sees the forced perspective of Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle for the first time and Percy almost cries because look how happy she is.
  • The forced perspective stuff is her favourite she literally just spouts off facts like crazy about the park and how strategically designed it is. She points out all the little design tricks like, “Hey, you see how there’s a trash can within 30 feet of us at all times? How genius is that?” and Percy just stares at her like ‘a literal parade of animated characters just walked past you and you’re talking about TRASH CANS????’ but obviously deep down he’s just happy that she’s excited, even if it is about receptacle spacing. 
  • She keeps going on about it and Percy’s fondly exasperated, like, “Can’t you just enjoy the magic?” and she turns to him with the biggest smile and practically yells, “This is me enjoying the magic, Percy, it’s all so incredible and knowing how it works makes it even MORE MAGICAL!” 
  • Percy actually swears to everything that the Disney magic is real because he hasn’t seen her act like a 5 year old… ever! She just throws herself into it wholeheartedly and it’s such a glorious time for both of them.
  • Percy on Splash Mountain and watching Fantasmic. *nods solemnly*
  • He rides Rock n Roller Coaster a MILLION DAMN TIMES. He has to be dragged away, literally. The two of them go on it over and over ask to sit at the front and then the back and debate over which was better (pro tip: it’s the back, it goes faster). Percy sings along to Aerosmith and Annabeth just screams.
  • They go on every ride. Annabeth is definitely a ride screamer, which is endlessly entertaining considering how tough she normally is. Percy makes a lot of inappropriate jokes about making her scream before remembering they’re at a family institution.
  • Maybe Annabeth surprises everyone by saying her favourite ride is one of the animatronic ones like Ariel’s Undersea Adventure because the animatronics are so impressive and also it makes her think of Percy and she’s so glad she gets to sit snuggled up with him in a clam shell singing along to some of his favourite songs.
  • Annabeth loves Celebrate the Magic. 
  • IMAGINE THEM AT THE WISHES FIREWORKS SHOW!!! THE AWE IN THEIR EYES, and afterwards they just stand there holding hands and Percy’s like, “Well, that just ruined camp fireworks for me forever.“ 
  • They meet all the characters and they’re so excited by it! Annabeth is on a mission to collect as many autographs as possible, she is out for blood and you can bet she’s going to have that book perfectly organised with autographs and matching photos a week after they get home.
  • Percy eats all the food. Every Disney-exclusive food, he tries at least once. He eats his way around the world at Epcot and it’s just amazing.
  • They stay at The Art of Animation Resort and good luck getting Percy out of the Finding Nemo pool with the underwater speakers. He runs straight in and uses his powers to turn the fountains onto Annabeth and he pretends to talk to the character statues until she’s falling over herself laughing. He keeps staying under for way too long, listening to the music through the speakers, and she keeps having to drag him up or hit him and remind to come up so the lifeguards don’t get suspicious. 
  • They deck themselves out in merchandise. 
  • They get a cliche but adorable couples kiss photo in front of the castle. Percy is all for it and even though she’s hesitant, he eventually goads Annabeth into it. She’s like “Fine but make it quick-” AND PERCY JUST STRAIGHT UP DIPS HER AND IT’S THE BEST CASTLE PHOTO EVER and Annabeth blushes for 9 days but she actually cherishes the photo so, so much for ever and ever amen.   

The Generation Gap Bridge by Disney Photo Tour