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Dragon Gliders

Although the colorful characters of the DreamWorks Animation canon are typically found in Universal Parks and Resorts worldwide, this winter brought these characters their own dedicated space in the newly-opened Motiongate Dubai theme park from Dubai Parks and Resorts. The all-indoors DreamWorks zone of the park features four distinct areas each based on the Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. When the Dragon area debuts later this winter, it will feature a suspended rollercoaster that sends guests on an exhilarating high-flying adventure through the Forbidden Islands alongside unlikely hero Hiccup and his dragon pal Toothless.

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The Generation Gap Bridge by Disney Photo Tour

Far and away the coolest thing I bought from my trip.  We stayed at the Art of Animation resort, and there’s artists there that do pics of characters from pretty much every Disney movie and short ever.  Most of the time they just draw whatever they feel like, or to show kids how to draw certain characters in a drawing lesson, but you can get personalized stuff to order.  And from asking around the parks, it seems like our resort is the only place at Disneyworld that you can get that done.

Coolest thing ever, and the artists were all super nice.  If you like art and animation stuff, you definitely need to try and stay at that resort for sure.

!Absence Notice!

Hey y’all, I’m leaving for a family vacation to Walt Disney World/Key Largo on this friday.  We’re spending 5 days in Disney (and we’re staying at the Art of Animation resort in the Lion King suite so I’m super hyped for that) and then 3 days in Key Largo.

I’ll be gone from the 10th - 18th!

Although I’m bringing my laptop with me, I won’t be on it too often ‘cause you know, vacation!  I’m thinking I’ll put most of my replies in the Queue while I’m away.  So please please please be patient with waiting on replies.  If you wanna drop the thread while I’m gone just IM me.

I’ll miss you guys!~ <3

the-free-cellist  asked:

Oh I also was an opening day guest for the art of animation resort! It was so cool cause there were only about a handful of us there and only the nemo part had been built in completion. Of all the resorts I've stayed it's been my favorite.

omg that’s awesome!! i love that resort so much. its so pretty!


D5-5 by Mark Kolanowski
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Crush and Dory cruise by Marlin and Nemo in the pool area of Disney’s Art of Animation resort.


The Little Mermaid Rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Pricing: $109-199 depending on the season. September pricing-weekday rates $115/$126 & weekend rates $139/$147.

Resort Level: Value

Beds: 2 Double Beds or 1 Kind Bed

Bath: 1 Bathroom with separate sink area.

Sleeps: 4


  • Rooms have a mini fridge.
  • Exceptionally themed and renovated.
  • You can use the amenities of the Art of Animation (pools and amazing food court) without spending as much for the family suites.
  • The bus pick up is a traditional line with metal dividers at the front of the resort, so it’s easier to get a quick ride.


  • These rooms are usually exempt from discounted deals such as the eat-for-free promotion.
  • The two beds are double beds, not queen.

Art of Animation by Mark Walter