the art of a lemon wedge


☆ ☆ ☆ Buckle up space cadets☆ ☆ ☆


Smell Aesthetics I think of for MCR albums

Bullets: fresh rain on autumn leaves, taking a old Halloween costume out of storage, opening a window on cold October nights, burning paper in your backyard, rotting pumpkins.

Revenge: coffee that’s been sitting out too long, a light floral perfume, burning a strawberry scented candle, old sketchbooks you’ve had for years, taking a walk in a park or trail at the beginning of the school year.

The Black Parade: melted snow, worn out dryer sheets, cleaning out a school folder, buying a new record at your favorite record store, a glass of water with lemon wedges, green or white tea on a snow day.

Danger days: various art supplies, your elementary or high school art room, bright and fruity perfumes, going around town on a sunny summer day, using brand new cherry chapstick, being near a lake or ocean.

I will always be a bit disappointed that Edea and Ringabel or/and Alternis didnt come back as the asterisk holders for Templar and Dark Knight in Bravely Second in a boss battle that made you so frustrated you’d want to chuck your 3ds out the window  

Its been a year since I’ve penned  something and mY GOD I FORGOT HoW nerve wracking it was…super fun tho even with all my ‘ah crap’ moments