the art in this is gorgeous

kikunakamura  asked:

I've seen your art around before but I just found your blog today. Your art is gorgeous and I love how you do the lines!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Have a nice day! ✨



Thank you, you also have a nice day!

RvB Rec Day: March

We are coming off the high of the RvB Big Bang posting and I recommend first of all that you check out the masterlist! It is a thing of beauty and I have not even gotten to read or look at everything yet. Thank to everyone who participated and fantastic work! 

Art Recs

Reccing @creatrixanimi and their gorgeous Grif. We have short hair Grif, we have long hair Grif. Grimmons on the cliff. I am obsessed. Oh, and Grif Siblings. I am always a sucker for Grif siblings. Also check out this ensemble piece for S13Art tag.

Also went and gorged on @purgatorical’s grimmons work this week. This is their rvb art tag, but go cautiously, there is some NSFW. Favorites include this comic about Simmons’ fax machine ass, the Captains of Chorus stuck in a closet, and this pic of Red Team

Fic Recs

Decided to rec all grimmons again this month since I read SO MUCH GREAT rvb fic across the board I was having trouble picking just a few. I’ll probably be back to a mixed bag next month.

Incremental annihilation by @kyuunonana - Wash and Carolina arrive too late to stop the mercs at the temple. Tucker’s solution to the partial activation of the Purge doesn’t exactly make everything easier. In which Wash really fucks up, Grif can’t sleep and Donut won’t shut up about Twilight.

I will warn that this story is very angsty the first couple of chapters due to character death, but also note it is tagged “temporary character death.” I had to rec it because I am so intrigued by the premise. The emotions are like a freight truck, so be cautious, but I can’t wait to see where this is going. (Also it’s grimmons.)  

Bottle Half Full by @riathedreamer -  Grif tried to nod but ended up losing his balance. He was leaning heavily against Simmons again, head resting on his shoulder, his face so close that the cyborg could feel his breath against those parts of his neck that still had skin. Simmons could hear his own heart beat faster. Then Grif began to talk and Simmons felt his heart drop to his stomach. “We still need to pick up Kai.” 

Ria sometimes takes pity on my poor heart and writes fluffy pieces. This was bittersweet fluff with a little edge of angst. I adored it. 

By instinct he draped an arm around his drunken friend. It was not like Grif had ever tried to hide his desire about going home: since the first day Simmons had met him he’d been complaining about being a draftee and not belonging in the army in the first place. But drunken Grif had made this complaint heart-wrenching and Simmons had no idea of what to do.

If You Catch My Drift by mfdonut - In which Grif is wrong, and Simmons proves a point. (Also probably the least number sexual innuendos in any fic with this title)

This was an argument grimmons would totally have in canon. It’s hilarious, just read it. “Sure thing… Jrif.” 

ain’t nothing that i need by tumbleoutyourhair - grif narrows his eyes at him. “you’re making spaghetti bolognese. you never make that unless you’re upset over something and the last time was when they cancelled almost human.” “it was a good show!” the redhead flushes and something pleased settles in the pit of grif’s stomach. “the network just didn’t give it enough time and they put it in a shitty timeslot anyways–”

This was a really sweet grimmons story. Do you love them living domestically together and still not acknowledging their feelings? Because I sure do. This author does a lot of tuckington fics too! They’re migrating their fic to ao3 but they’re also here on tumblr at @agentwashingtrash.

Smoke Screen by @nj7009 -  Wherein Grif gets injured and Simmons comes to help. Except, there is more bickering going on than actual rescuing.

I love fics where someone gets injured and they’re forced to care about each other. It’s awesome. I loved this one because the snark would not die. It felt very them. 

We Will All Go Together When We Go
by Goodluckdetective - Fallout AU. Simmons is an escaped synth with one goal in mind: answers. So when he stumbles upon a ghoul who’s willing to be his escort across the wastes for a discount price, he finds no reason to say no. Even if the ghoul is the laziest asshole he’s ever met.

I have been excited for this fic since Iz posted a little idea of it on her blog in a ‘what should i work on next’ capacity. She ended up working on it for the Bang and I was privileged to get to read it early and beta. I cannot say I’m unbiased (it is my favorite ship and I’ve been bugging her for ages). It came out so wonderfully. It was funny and snarky and I don’t even play Fallout and I was rooting for those idiots the whole time. I’m also going to plug @hexasart’s pieces for it here because they were GORGEOUS.