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for a project where we had to recreate a piece by an inspirational artist ( ‘ 7 ‘ )b //and for @yoiauweek-2017!

more merman stuff - dragon au


Leave me to dream - (Imagine dragons - Dream)

Can’t wait for the final book to break my heart. 1-5 are from last year, 6-10 are from this week. Tumblr image resizing is terrible, so please download the images for a better quality! i’ll make an online album somewhere else soon so you can see them better : ) Thank you Andrea for helping me come up with scenes btw! 

Five Months

Description: You run into your ex-boyfriend while at a party with your current one and during the encounter are reminded of all the ways he still controls you.  You aren’t entirely surprised to find yourself on your knees in the bathroom with him in front of you minutes later.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12097

Warning: Dom!Namjoon, spanking, breath play, daddy kink, demeaning names, punishment, cheating, bathroom sex

A/N: @avveh prepare to die.  I think I listened to The Weeknd the entire time I wrote this haha.  Some of the songs were played over 100 times just during the time I wrote this, particularly “Shameless”, “Earned It”, and “Often”.  

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too hot 4 u

toys are weapons, weapons are toys

Actually reading the book right now (muttering “No, Kevin” on every other page). He keeps haunting me aah
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“It’s nice,” said Kell, “to meet someone like me.”

Holland frowned. “I am not like you,” he said, and walked away.

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Omg yes I’d love to see your Pennywise book design! I wouldn’t mind in either blog of yours, how about you post to both? Either way I’m excited to see your idea!

Right, so here it is, my design of Pennywise from the book! I tried to follow the descriptions from the book. The one I remember the best is the blue tie, because that’s fantastic, ties are great.

I do have a fullbody design, but I want to draw a better ref sheet for it.

Also, its voice is Weird Al Yankovic’s. I’m 100% serious, no joke (do not underestimate my love for Weird Al). It was literally the first thing I decided on for this version.

Aelin was no savior to rally behind, but a cataclysm to be weathered.

So, I’ve finally finished something.. Only took me weeks. But I tried T^T Not to mention, I dont think I’ve painted Aelin yet?

Dont mind her clothes. I am terrible with clothing my paintings.. 

Thank you to @sydney-jewel for recommending Elsa Hosk!

Prints available here x (today everything is 20% off!)

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, bubba. Hope you like your gift. <3 @tozierkasqbrak

Chapter: 1/1

Words: 1.6k

Summary: Eddie just wants to hand in his art project, Richie wants to get his number, and apparently, soulmates are a thing.


It wasn’t Eddie’s fault - well, it kind of was, but he wouldn’t admit it.

So, when he woke up at nine in the morning, already thirty minutes late to his class, hungover, his hair tangled, and his art project still drying from last nights extravaganzas, he muttered a small, “fuck.”

Instead of contemplating on whether it was okay for him to fail the class and just give up, all Eddie did was grab a pair of sweatpants, slip them on, grab his backpack, grab his art project and rush his way towards the door; a small piece of toast hanging from his lips.

It also wasn’t his fault that his head was throbbing, the number “21” flashing inside his head, letting him know he was going to meet his soulmate today.

That he was finally going to see colour.

He was finally going to experience how it felt to say “oh” when the sky turned from blue to a vivid orange. Something Stan did when he touched Mike’s hand when he was walking home from work.

Eddie always heard it was something unexpected. That you would meet your soulmate, that it would be magical, that you would want to kiss them the second you guys had skin to skin contact and it finally felt like you were alive.

He wasn’t so sure about that, really. All Eddie was sure about was that his painting was still drying, and he was rushing to class, hoping he made it in time.

Though he should have known his luck, as he bumped into another guy, who had black curly untamed hair, a fashion sense that was so unexplainable, Eddie didn’t know what to say.

Instead, he mumbled slash yelled, “What the fuck man, watch where you’re going,” when he bumped into him, making him drop his painting and in return, the guy’s books.

Instead of bending down and retrieving the books that were scattered about the floor, the boy laughed, “What the fuck do you mean watch where - wait, fuck, you’re cute,” the guy mumbled out, his eyes widening and a blush spreading across his cheeks.

Eddie blushed in return, stopped, and then narrowed his eyes, “Shut up, it was your fault, couldn’t you see where you were going?”

“Couldn’t. Fate had to make me bump into you,” the boy replied, a grin set on his lips. “Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m doing you a fucking favour. That painting looks tragic from where I can see it right now.”

Eddie really wanted to kill him, “Fuck you,” Eddie said, his fists clenched, his jaw in a tight grip. Even though he was cute, Eddie was really contemplating murder.

“Hey, listen. I can help you fix it, I’m an art major myself,” the boy raised his hands, “I just mean it from an artist’s point of view.”

“I don’t need your help.”

“I really think you do. You might be fucking cute, but your art is terrible.”“How the fuck do I know if you’re a good artist?”

“Pick a book from the floor and see for yourself,” the guy said, pointing to a sketchbook on the floor.

Eddie bent down, picked it up, and flipped it open.

He wanted to take his words back.

He really did.

Though, his pride kind of took over because he realized how much fucking worse his painting was. Eddie knew he wasn’t a good artist, hell, he barely knew how to place a canvas right - he dropped it seven times when he had first tried. He knew the only reason he took this class was because Stan said he had no creativity in him and Eddie wanted to prove him wrong - so really, it was that fucker’s fault that Eddie was where he was right now.

“Okay, so, let’s say you do end up helping me. My class is right now and the project is due by six, which is in two fucking hours by the way. Also, what the hell do you want in return?”

“Let’s make a deal.”

“I’m not doing you any sexual favors.”

“Damn, I was hoping to get into your mom’s pants.”

“What the fuck, dude, that’s so gross,” Eddie replied back, his nose crinkling up in return.

The boy laughed, “I’m kidding, maybe. Here, I’ll help fix your project, and in return, you give me your number so I can take you out on a date.”

“You do know that there are such things as soulmates, right?”

“And I didn’t meet mine, and you didn’t meet yours, right?”

“Yeah,” Eddie said, cautiously.

“So, what’s the harm? We go out on a date, everything’s great.”

“How do you know if I’m interested in boys?”

“You didn’t say anything the second I said that you were cute, instead you fucking blushed,” the boy said, shrugging, and then grinned. “So, I think you want to get in my pants as much as I want to get into yours.”

“I just want you to fix my painting, asshole. That’s it,” Eddie said, scowling. He might be right, but Eddie didn’t want him to know that.

“I can do that too,” the boy said, bending down to retrieve the painting and his books. He held the painting in one hand and his books under his other arm; then looked towards Eddie. “Now, are we going back to your apartment?”

Eddie’s eyes widened, “What the fuck, why?”

“That’s where you keep your supplies, right?”

“We can go to the art building for that too, you asshole.”

The boy shrugged, and pointed towards the art building, “Lead the way, cutie.”

Eddie really wanted to kill him.

It had been an hour and a half, and all Richie - which Eddie later found out was his name - had done was pick up the bottles, labeled their colours, and started a new one.

He just threw Eddie’s painting in the trash. That fucker.

“My painting’s due in thirty minutes.”

“I know, spaghetti,” Richie said, Eddie swearing he could hear the grin in his voice. That bastard. The second Richie figured out his name, Eddie went from Eddie to Eds. Then, from Eds to Eddie Spaghetti. Now, in order for Richie to save time to dick around instead of helping him, Eddie is just Spaghetti.

Eddie kind of wanted to punch him. Or maybe kiss him, he wasn’t sure yet. All he knew was that he wanted to touch the boy, but he didn’t know why he wanted to touch him - he guessed he wanted to touch his hands, they did look soft.

Who the hell was Eddie kidding, they looked skilled.

“Do you even know what my original painting was?”

“It was hands in a black mass, right?”

“Yeah, those are the only colours I can tell apart.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I added a little white into the black mass, so it’s going to look like a sky instead.”

“That’s fine,” Eddie said, clearing his throat. “Thank you.”

“Eds, I’m getting your number at the end of this, I should be the one thanking you. You’re practically letting me into your pants.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Richie.”

Richie laughed and then cleared his throat, “I’m done anyways.” He stood up, grabbed a cloth and started wiping his hands on it, making sure the paint on his fingers was coming off.

“Oh,” Eddie said, disappointment sneaking its way into his tone.

“I did your painting though, so, my end of our little deal is done.”

“And now you want my number, I guess?” Eddie grinned. his tone setting into a fond one. Richie was intoxicating, really.

Richie grinned in return, “Yes, darling, I want your number.” Eddie nodded, too choked up to reply. He went to his backpack, pulled out a sticky note, a pencil and wrote his number on it.

His heart was beating.

Beating like crazy.

But he walked back towards Richie, and moved his hand out to slip Richie the piece of paper.

“Can I get a kiss with it, sweet-cakes? A little one, we can save the real smooching for later,” Richie smirked.

“You’re a dumbass,” Eddie said and smiled softly. He stood a little up on his toes and pressed a soft kiss to Richie’s cheek.

And really, Eddie should have guessed it. He really should have fucking guessed it because the second Eddie moved his lips away from Richie’s cheek, colour slowly started forming.

There were a million theories and stories that Eddie heard that would describe how you felt when you saw colour. Though, Eddie didn’t know what theory could have explained how Eddie felt when Richie’s eyes took the form of a dark color, not intimidating, but warm and inviting. His hair even darker, and his lips - Eddie guessed it was only pink, that’s what he heard anyways.

Sure, Eddie thought Richie was beautiful before, Eddie thought he was mesmerizing now.

“How about you kiss me on the lips now, Eds?” Richie asked softly, moving closer to Eddie, his arms snaking around Eddie’s waist.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Yeah,“ Richie replied back in a low voice, moving down a bit and brushing their noses together. They didn’t notice who moved first, but their mouths came together, soft, wet, pliant and sweeter than any kiss had the right to be. Eddie ached with it, all the way down to his toes, whimpered, grabbed a handful of Richie’s hair, and tried to act like he wasn’t absolutely fucking drowning.

They pulled apart, softly gasping for air, and Eddie laughed.

“I’m so getting into your pants tonight.”

Eddie groaned and rolled his eyes, “Way to ruin it, you fuckface.”

The heirs to the Barbaric Archipelago

sorry for the terrible, terrible color
I drew the whole thing in a completely absent-minded state :P whydididrawthis

(looking at it again, i think the color is not the only problem)

one of my favorite writers @hazelwickpepperweb suggested me to draw Damen and Erasmus! I’m not sure if was meant to be like a ship or just them togheter so I tried to do something sweet but ambiguous. And I drew Erasmus with no cuffs because he deserves to be a free boy.

Two Kingdoms (Part 6/18)

Catch up on the series here!

Summary: James and Y/N grow closer. Y/N has a worrying conversation with Sam. And Y/N realizes something terrible. Feat. Jealous James and snarky Sam. Royalty AU

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 2563

A/N: I hope you guys like this chapter! Please let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

Y/N and James have dinner together nearly every night. And nearly every night they talk about books and art and her childhood and everything, it would seem. Nothing else seems to exist for those few hours. She finds she really likes James, who is charming and walks her around the castle grounds or takes her horseback riding when he has time. She likes him quite a lot and, for that, she hates him sometimes.

During the day, most days, James is away.

During the day, most days, Y/N plots how to get away.

She doesn’t trust any of them even if she trusts James much more than she should.

But there hasn’t been a hint of anything for her to do about her situation. And even worse than that there seemed to be no worry that her own people might come to her rescue. There hasn’t even been negotiations, to work out some deal. Each day that passes Y/N feels a little more stung and forgettable and forgotten. With each day that passes she realizes more that she’s on her own and that no one is coming for her.

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When your favourite author releases a new book after 5 years and it’s freaking amazing

After three months of literary droughts and disappointments, only stilled by re-reads I know to be good, this book is a blessing

It has

  • “normal girl with an uncertain future is invited to rich people’s lone but lavish mansion on an island”-trope - you don’t need say more, sign me up
  • diverse cast of characters
  • wlw romance
  • mystery
  • beautiful and intense writing
  • full of literary references
  • a lot of positive female interaction
  • focus on aesthetic
  • is about art, art theft, photography and craft and if you ever saw her blog, you know how much Kristin Cashore likes travelling, photography and craft and you can see this show in the book
  • more references
  • despite the setting, the sense of the “real” world doesn’t get lost
  • sarcasm as salty as the sea including the “can you pass the salt?”-meme
  • a cute dog
  • well-rounded and flawed characters instead of cardboard figures
  • unique umbrellas
  • did I mention references? Sorry, I live for them ;-)
  • underwater photography

I mean, I just started it and it could get worse, but please let me fangirl for a moment ;_;

Kiran has a way of saying words that send a beam of sunlight through the bullshit. - p. 83

Well, yes this sums up my feelings while reading this book.