the art hole

Wip collection for the Stucky Big Bang 2017 over @thestuckylibrary-bigbang.

Two of the drawings are for @raisedinthunder and their exciting Twister AU. The other two are for @lucidnancyboy and the continuation of our CapRBB collaboration, a direct sequel to “Red Vines” which is so far called “We Hate Cats” (no rats… err… cats will be harmed in the creation of this fic).

Posting of the finished works will be from August 18 to 20, so keep your eyes open.

Mayor Cardinal, from her home, issued a statement about the disintegration of our town and bleeding together of realities. The statement reads: “My father, who died of liver cancer when I was five, has returned. He arrived from a hole in our reality. I am choosing to go with him, Night Vale. I am choosing the world where he did not die, where I did not kill my double, where dragons did not destroy our town. Listen to the ripping of the firmament and find a world you prefer, Night Vale. All else is pain.”

Listeners. I beg you not to do this. This is the world we built, right here. If you leave, if you don’t accept it – it cannot hold together.

Hold tight those you love, Night Vale. Not for fear of their loss, but for love of their presence. Hold onto what you know is real. Life is only a narrative, but it’s a narrative we write together.