the art here is so pretty~

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I absolutely love everything about this blog. I just got one question, Jeff still loves his brother here, right? Maybe it's just me, I just think it's a lot better they don't hate each other. Either way, I think this is hilarious and your art is great. Hope you're having a nice day! :)

OOOHG i have such mixed feelings about this…I don’t think jeff ever hated liu (or at least i like to think so lmaooo) and maybe deep down liu still loves jeff but like

jeff did kill their parents and pretty much ruined liu’s life so like…it would make sense for him to hate jeff lol. idk liu is such a cool+complex character to me, imo he deserves more attention!!

anyway here’s a doodle of some pre-angst boys for ya

Just wanted to say thanks cause you’re a pretty nice guy. And also sorry for me being a shy little twat. So here’s some sketches for you!



Elise is so pretty and I love Cecile’s face x), you draw them so cute and perfectly well ! THIS IS SO GOOD !

AND DAMN THAT ASRIEL THO !! HE LOOKS SO BADASS, READY TO KICK SOME BUTTS !! (also it reminds me some pics I sketched x))

Thank you so much again for this beautiful pic !!

finally got to open my big-ass @radiance-anthology package, all 5 kilos of it! This is just a piece of all the goodies that came inside, holy hell, i don’t even know where to put it all. The book itself is so huge (!!!) i’m pretty certain it’s gonna break the shelf, but y’know what? i accept this bookshelf baptism, it’s a necessary step and a first one for me with regards to fantologies. And shout out to all the writers who wrote poems and bite-sized stories – it’s so good to know i wasn’t the only one :D!

now i sit here consumed with a need to reblog all that fabulous art in digital form. Such variety, flawless colors, excellent quality, and kudos on the choice of opening artist, nothing could prepare me for how good that looked.

The whole book is top-notch, full stop. @radiance-anthology i’m in awe by the production value and also the chance to be a part of it. Thank you <3!

Spent a few weeks playing some Ninja Shadow, because something tells me I’m gradually descending into Otome Hell now lmao~

So here’s a drawing I did of darling Kagura which I’ve been meaning to do practically since I first laid eyes on him -/////- finally got it! and I hope to do one involving him and Homura both soon because they both need lots and lots of loving~ ^\\^

UNDERTALE 2nd Anniversary and ALARM CLOCK Development

Well, it has been two years now.

I would like to announce that we have started working on the UNDERTALE ALARM CLOCK APP FOR IPHONE/ANDROID. Me and my friend Chess are working on it in our spare time.

Basically, it’s a barely-functioning Alarm Clock app, where a few of the characters from UNDERTALE will set your alarm for you.  (Actually, I highly discourage using it as an Alarm Clock, and take no responsibility for what happens if you do.)

However… it’s not only an Alarm Clock! You can interact with these characters in some simple ways and read a little bit of dialogue from them. This dialogue is pretty similar to the Q&A in terms of tone: Not very important, but pretty fun.

Since it’s just a minor project, development is really slow. There’s no specific release date. I’d say “hopefully 2018,” but if it ends up taking way longer, it wouldn’t be too shocking. No idea on pricing either…

Because there’s no Q&A this year, I’ll leave you with some snippets of character dialogue from the project behind the cut. Hopefully you can figure out which character is which…!

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Ar lasa mala revas. You are free. 


Say cheese~! ✌


“You are alone.

The cosmos stretch before you, endless, 

and the sea of stars drowns you in its vastness.”

Finished my first digital piece based on a story I’ve been working on!


hello, yes, I love space 

Space Tourism/Travel Posters:  Planets of our Solar System


I am SO, SO excited about this series. It was a very ambitious project, and I poured a lot of time, love, and effort into it. It really tested my skills, and I am super proud of the results.  


Thank you so much for all of the replies, reblogs, likes, and asks you’ve sent me about this series over the last couple months. Your support and encouragement mean the world to me! 

 There are a few more posters still to come: Pluto and a couple other dwarf planets are in varying stages of progress. And I’ve gotten a handful of questions about whether I might include exoplanets or other space probes in future poster designs–I don’t have specific plans for those at this time, but I do mean to keep making posters in this style, so keep an eye out! 

 These illustrations are available as posters, shirts, and a couple other things in my shop. And since I’ve gotten this question: The cheapest way to own all of them is by buying stickers–they’re only a few bucks, and Redbubble discounts stickers pretty steeply when you buy several at once.

If you like this series, you’ll also like the rest of my 8bit space art! I try to post about one new piece each week, and keep a pretty steady queue space pixel art reblogged from other artists. 

Check out my Redbubble store here, or just follow me for more space pixels on your dash!


Saw a post about a touch-starved Bakugou… so here are cuddles for the darling.