the art gets better!

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

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as someone who never does warmup, how do you do that and what is that really ; - ; (waa sorry if the question is vague?)

A warmup is usually a 10-30 minute doodle before I have a crack at a project I want to take seriously. 

Typically your art is better once you get some momentum going, which is really the purpose of the warmup. You also may or may not notice your quality slipping towards the end of a work period as you lose momentum and need to rest or get fatigued with a piece. (If it’s the fatigue a cooldown piece/ random fun doodle really helps me avoid the dread of picking it back up again.)

It differs from artist to artist but it’s basically how I need to work. It’s a good habit to get into.

are people seriously upset their instagrams are getting taken down when theyre the ones who repost art without permission.. that’s like getting upset at someone for calling the police on you after you robbed them. these artists are getting accused of bullying/harassment and other shit just because they don’t want their own art getting stolen.

come the fuck on guys, we’re better than this

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I need some serious advice on starting commissions to help me pay for college. But I'm super scared because: a) don't have a fancy program or drawing tablet to get the nice clean lines b) anxiety my style isn't good enough/cute enough/other crap reason because anxiety. c) overall not a big audience that sees my work... You're my favorite tumblr artist and I thought if anyone, you could help me get on track.

Ok, first of all I don’t think any artist (or at least not a lot of us) feels really confident about our art when we open commissions for the first time, but there always have to be a first time, even if you don’t feel confident about it. 

Also it’s a great way of getting better!! (My art has improved A LOT since I started taking commissions) Since you’ll want to give your best to someone that paid you, you will work harder than when the art is for yourself. 

1. About the tablet… You don’t necessary need a tablet. It’s more comfortable, yes, but there are great artists that work with their mouses. But if you want a tablet just start saving little by little. Investigate. There are thousands of tablets out there! (and some of them are not that expensive)

2. About the program. There are fancy programs for free, like Fire Alpaca, for example, which is similar to SAI. You can also try to download a free version of SAI (this was my case haha (─▽─)> )

3. Your style is YOUR STYLE. And there will be people who will like it and people who won’t. There’s not a single artists whose their style is liked by everyone, believe me. So take a breathe and work on making it better. As long as you like your style… it’s ok. 

4. Promote yourself. Do art giveaways!! Trade art!! Do ✨FANART✨ (THIS HELPS A LOT, people likes much more fanart than original art, sad but true (ΘεΘ;) ).

5. Don’t go crazy with the prices (unless your art is crazily amazing, which is not my case and that’s why my art is buuuh cheap).

Hope this helps you a bit!! If you need more help please don’t hesitate about sending me more messages! (Also sjsdsdfuegysygs it makes me so happy that I’m your fav Tumblr artist ( ;u;) thank you)

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hi sry if this is stupid im thinking bout studying animation but for a masters degree. is it ok if my bachelor is completely irrelevant or is it true that they prefer/favor people who've studied arts/ computer science before? from what i've heard its difficult to get in as it is, so im afraid of making my chances slimmer this way..

Hello!! I think that depends which animation school you’re going for. Personnaly I went to study animation right after high school, but then again my school isn’t very prestigious (and it’s not a university). However I’m pretty sure that your background isn’t as important as your portfolio. If you can draw, you can get in. Sometimes people go into arts first to get better, to help them make it into animation (I have a ton of friends who did this) so if you think it might be necessary for you then go for it! Don’t think of it as time lost not studying animation, because you’ll use that time to learn and improve your artistic skill. Either way I suggest that you at least apply to a few animation programs. If you don’t get in you will probably get feedback on what you need to improve first, and also you mihht get in right away, you never know!!! Good luck friend!!!

When all your art friends get better at art and sorta forget you. They get well known, and you sorta fade into obscurity. Eventually they stop talking to you. You don’t feel like trying to speak to them; Their probably too busy to chat anymore.

But I’m used to it by now, of course. So I just wait..Hoping someday they’ll remember me. I’m not exactly talkative to people. Guess that’s why I get forgotten.

(No I’m not leaving or anything. This is just a doodle of how I feel most of the time)

I only watched a few episodes of the Death Note anime and while I agree that some parts of it are meh (like the lack of properly developed female characters or just how the whole plot centers around L and Light can get overwhelming at times, though the former can be blamed on the fact that Death Note is fairly old) I do think the manga is worth a read. Even if you don’t enjoy the story or the characters it’s pretty much impossible to dislike the art, which is impossibly detailed and just keeps. getting. better.

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You are talented. Your art is better than mine. How do you get your art like that?

—–submitted by @kaleb122—–

thank you for thinking I’m talented! I really appreciate it, but there’s no such thing as being “better”, all art is equal, just like us humans. And the answer to the question you asked: I just started and continued, I was self taught, since none of my family was interested in art, so I’m kinda alone with it. My only advice is to no steal, but just create as much as you want, it doesn’t matter if its bad or good, just continue what you started, and you could see the improvement you’ve made