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Visit to Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to See Artwork of Aiden Gillis

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It’s October 1st 2014, and my new homemade DeeBeeCaster™ in “surf green” seems incongruous with impending wet and chill of autumn.

Oh, and I have been running around telling everyone it weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces…but I was mistaken.  I must have measured it before it had strap buttons and stings or something because the ACTUAL final weight is 5 pounds, 14 ounces.  I am extremely happy when a guitar weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so anything under 6 lbs makes me happy!

PS:  The other photos were taken in Sydney, Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago during my holiday on Canada’s East Coast.  They were done from inside my car…the camera is focused on the rain on the car windows rather than the scenery behind it.

PPS: the book in the guitar photos is about American painters of the 20th Century, published by Time/Life Books in 1969 - so the book itself is “vintage”!  It is showing one of my favourite paintings of all time by Jasper Johns called “Numbers in Colour” (1959).  I have actually seen this painting in person because it hangs in the Albright-Knox gallery in Buffalo NY, which is under two hours drive from Toronto.  Jasper Johns also did one of the coolest Simpson guest spots ever.  :D

Colourful views of Ottawa by Anya Camille

Okay, so I haven’t posted in a while and I still have a bunch of Nova Scotia pics to upload but this whole moving to Ottawa thing has been really time consuming! Here’s a pic I snapped tonight on our way home from the frozen yogurt place. Yeah, frozen yogurt was the highlight of my day. And it was amazing.

Hope you all had a fun long weekend.


I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, 1971

John Baldessari 

From Wiki:  He created his first print – I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art (1971) - as an edition to raise funds for the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax. The lithograph was created in conjunction with the now renowned exhibition for which – at Baldessari’s request – students endlessly wrote the phrase “I will not make any more boring art” on the gallery walls.“




Dashboard:  click box below for video.  A Brief History of John Baldessari narrated by Tom Waits   (via:  youtube | HENRYandREL Supermarche) 



Description and credits via:  youtube | HENRYandREL Supermarche "The epic life of a world-class artist, jammed into six minutes. 

Narrated by Tom Waits

Commissioned by LACMA for their first annual "Art + Film Gala” honoring John Baldessari and Clint Eastwood.

directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman (

edited by Max Joseph (

written by Gabriel Nussbaum  (

cinematography by Magdalena Gorka (

& Henry Joost

produced by Mandy Yaeger & Erin Wright

Thank you to John Baldessari and his studio. (“