the art doesn't belong to me


now they’re just being unreasonable. what’s a little ink between friends?

Bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge !

 (fun fact: my life doesn't revolve around voltron, it’s just lance has been my focus lately, but WITH THE MANGA UPDATE AGGHHHH)

(okay crappy art but I did it in like 20min, here me out)

Hinata: I don't care if she has an owner, I’m keeping her.

Kenma: That’s called stealing.

Yama: So you don’t wanna keep her?

Kenma: Oh, no. We should keep her.

College AU where Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Kenma are roommates and very smol. So one day they find a lost cat and all agree to keep her.

BUT turns out she is a lost cat who happens to belong to Kuroo. He and his flatmates, Kageyama and Tsukishima, notice she’s missing and go crazy looking for her. Only to find her w/ some smol cute guys wearing cringe worthy gay shirts sweaters and coats. But there cute so… 

(I didn’t even try with Kuroo’s hair, also why the fuck does this 3min sketch look better than the 20min sketch??)

They ask for the cat back but flirt it up thinking the small bois will blush and stuff, but jokes on them. The smoll ones throw it back at them x10 harder

Kuroo Probably (to Kenma obvi): so I couldn’t help but notice your guys tops, you guys looking for someone?

Hinata, interrupting: nah, we got each other if we need anything.(he’s implying stuff)

All the tall guys thinking: holy shit ////

But they convince the small ones to exchange numbers so they could visit the cat (her name is Gato btw) which makes the boys a bit too happy

(Also I’m making Yama short to go with the theme, fucking fight me)

btws its Kuroo w/ Kenma, Tsukkiyama w/ Yamaguchi, Kegayama W/ Hinata 


Persona 5 Arcana Masks - Part 1

As is common knowledge, Joker/Akira Kurusu is a Wild Card and each Persona he uses is tied to a different Arcana, but while his “Persona Mask” changes, his actual mask doesn’t change in any way. So, I thought it would be fun to design masks for him based on each Arcana! While Persona 5 has its own designs for the Arcana Cards, I prefer the designs used in Persona 3 & 4 soooo that’s what I used. And as you can see on the right, I’ve done a P5 color-palette version for each, too!

I’m also going to be selling double-sided acrylic charms of these and I need your opinions! If you’re interested in buying a charm when they’re available later this year, please let me know which combination you would prefer with a comment on this post or in an Ask. As it stands now, I will take the top two kinds and work on getting those made. (If there is enough interest and time/money permits, I will see about offering the third kind at a later time.)
NOTE: I will stop taking votes on August 1, 2017.

The different kinds are as follows (Side A/Side B):

  • Arcana / P5-colored Arcana
  • Arcana / Joker’s Mask
  • Joker’s Mask / P5-colored Arcana

I do have all the masks designed but I need to finish coloring them all. Thus, I’ll be releasing them in four parts over the next month or so, so keep an eye out for them! I’m also working on a wallpaper using these mask designs and I will post it after I finish all the masks!

But for now, enjoy this first set! ^_^

Persona and the Arcana Card designs belong to Atlus
Arcana Mask designs by me // @dragaura // @dragauras-art-corner

~Part 2~ ~Part 3~ ~Part 4~ ~Wallpaper~

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Have you seen Kristen Stewart's Come Swim? It's a blatant rip off of her ex-boyfriend's fragrance commercial. Literally. Her poster is of a man wearing a white tee & jeans floating in a pool. Pattinson did the same thing for Dior in 2013, the images are on YT. It was mostly ignored at Sundance & The Wrap reviewer said it was "weak" & she had no vision as a director. It doesn't belong at Cannes, it's taking the spot of someone with real talent. She's a woman, but she's a poor representative.

Thank you for this message, it made me laugh. 

Dior did not invent swimming fully clothed in pools. There is room for lots of people to use these images. 

Also despite what we’d like to believe about the purity of art and talent always rises to the top and blah, blah, blah Cannes is a commercial festival and they can and do choose stuff regardless of quality of content based on celebrity. Her film isn’t even competing for awards in the short film section, it’s just being screened. She’s not taking the spot of someone more talented, she’s taking the spot reserved for celebrity directorial projects.  


Slendy: “Lemme get this straight. I don’t belong to anyone. I can be your friend, your acquaintance, your sibling, your idol, your enemy, or whatever else, but you do not own me! I’m not someone you can claim. There are no dibs, no firsts, no seconds, no favorites, and there is no owners. I’m nobody’s! Got it?”

can you stop interrogating me at every new shit I do ? It becomes annoying

now I’m waiting to be interrogated for this rock,I’m sure someone else that is more famous than me in this fandom drew a rock and grass,so credit to the person that drew the first rock and grass from this fandom/world

the rock doesn’t belong to me,but I felt like doing a fan art of it

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Ideas for Inktober-if you'd like some :)-: jealous Scorbus, shy under the invisibility cloak ('we're really close, aren't we?'), angry/first kiss ('why doesn't he realize he belongs with me not Rose?'), tangled in a time turner, awkward Potter/Malfoy family dinner (with bonus hand holding under the table?), dressing for a wedding? I have so many ideas, please feel free to ignore these! (also I love your art so much, thank you for sharing!)

[ Inktober 2016.10.29 - Under the Invisibility Cloak ]

Being under a Cloak is a Scorbus classic by now :’) Thanks for the all the lovely prompts, if we had more days left in October I def would have tried to go for all of them!

to everyone who’s ever said that we don’t exist, that we are broken, that we don’t belong. to everyone with the idea of the “perfect asexual” whose asexuality is valid only when it’s not influenced by factors in our past and present lives. 

also to everyone who’s ever told me that I don’t belong in the ace community because I’m demi. You’d think with our flag representing the ace spectrum (plus purple for community), the point would’ve been made by now.

(hand drawn using my own hand as reference so I can personally flip aforementioned people off)