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What sort of person are you? v(0v0)v

Team Hero: You’re a bit flashy, aren’t you? You have strong morals! Perhaps you’re a goodie-two-shoes or a paragon of purity, blind to the harsher parts of life. Hm, maybe too much of a good thing. You want to protect your loved ones and do what is right in the end. Isn’t that nice?

Team Villain: You’re not bad, you’re just misunderstood. Okay, so you might give off a dark aura or you might be generally unapproachable…but that’s part of your charm! They just have to make it through the bitter/sour parts to get to the sweet center. Well, granted that you don’t incinerate them first.

Team Director: You may not like being stared at during all parts of the day, but you can certainly take charge and resolve conflicts. Be it a fight between friends or a general disagreement, your diplomatic skills can resolve most problems. While you’re great at helping other people out, you can be a bit of a doormat when it comes to yourself.

Team Support: A little more shy than most. You’re not as comfortable in the spotlight as your friends, but you’re their best friend and confidant. You give great advice in your own silly ways, but it is always greatly appreciated. If only you had a bit more confidence to stand out alongside your bolder friends…

Team Bush: A living meme, whether in open or in secret. You’re present, but hard to detect. When you do pop up, it’s usually on a social media platform or out of no where to scare you. The element of surprise is on your side, and you use it to your advantage to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Team Background: Smol and precious; must be protected. You can be meek and find it hard to talk to others, but you’re very empathetic if given enough time to adjust to people. When left to your own devices, you tend to daydream. There’s many possibilities! Try to stay a bit more grounded; there are lovely people all around you that want to get to know you.


Last week each #TeenWolfExhibit artist had one of their illustrations featured in New York’s Time Square to promote the two-night season premiere of Teen Wolf season 5. 🙌

btw: See all the artwork in real life at the Art Directors Club (106 W 29th St) before it closes this Thursday, July 2, 2015. extended to July 16, 2015!

[UPDATED] Classmate/Entourage  wishlist….

High School Story

Robotics Club = President+Artist+Nerd

Wood Shop Club = President+Slacker+Artist

Martial Arts Club = President+Jock+Artist

Debate Club = President+Prep+Nerd

Archery = Outdoor+Jock

Astrology = Outdoor+Nerd

Gardening Club = Outdoor+President

Hollywood U

Photographer = basetype

Paparazzi = screemwriter+photographer

Animator = director+screenwriter

Voice Actor = MovieStar+PopStar+Screenwriter

Celeb Dancer = basetype(?)

Back up dancers = MovieStar+PopStar+Director or Celeb DancerxPopStar

This season, all of our promo images were illustrated by Teen Wolf fans from around the world and we’re unveiling them all at our exhibit! Come celebrate our grand opening in NYC on 6/25 at the Art Directors Club. Get there early as space will be limited!  

Also, if you’re an artist, submit us your work using #TeenWolfExhibit and it could end up in our slideshow at the grand opening! 


I directed a music video for Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club. There is another video coming soon!

Director: Chris Schoonover

Camera: Tyler Kufs, Stephanie Dimiskovski, Jonathan SchoonoverChris Schoonover