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Saw another anon asking about Madoka. Would you be willing to imagine the Senshi as Madoverse witches, and describe them in excrutiating detail for us?

WHOO BOY I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR 2 DAMN DAYS. I still have some issues with it, but I feel like it’s about as perfect as I can get it realistically before driving myself mad and/or just never publishing it. It’s only one of the girls because, well, it’s still more than 2,500 words because I have no idea how to shut up. 

Spoilers for Madoka CONCEPTS, but not for the actual show. Reminder that I have Disqus! 



The first note in an elegiac symphony that would only end in ruin.

Mina whipped around to face the sound, and saw Haruka’s sword fall to the floor. The witch had been defeated, the Grief Seed laid plump on the floor ripe as a berry for picking, the labyrinth had faded from around them, and yet she was reminded that even in victory, there is no moment for relaxation.


Haruka clutched at the Soul Gem on her shoulder, eyes wide, as if trying to desperately hide the quickly growing rift in her gem, to conceal the inevitable shatter of her own life. Her legs gave way beneath her, and she fell to her knees.

“Haruka…” Michiru’s whisper was soft and fragile, her soul already giving way to the sorrow as she stood, fixed as a statue, as if she could stop this moment in time.

Haruka looked up at her, scared and pleading. “Michi, I—“


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Post LoT, Ray Palmer decides that Leonard Snart’s criminal ways really need to stop now. Appealing to his better nature never works, and doing the superhero thing rarely works, so Ray decides to go another route - and having finally fixed his little “he’s not actually dead” issue, Ray is very, very rich.

So Ray decides to simply remove the element of challenge from the equation, since Len cares more about the game than the score anyway.

Long story short: next time Ray learns that Len is planning a heist, he goes and buys the thing Len is planning to steal, then drops it in his lap.

And the next time.

And the next.

(Turns out most museums won’t sell you their priceless works of art, but making donations in the name of the “Leonard Snart Foundation for Legitimate Art Appreciation” turns out to work just as well. And most priceless works of art doesn’t actually belong to museums anyway).