the art & science of doing nothing

How to be a Yogi in 5 Steps
  1. Give away your identity. You no longer belong to a religion, a race, a gender, a job, a story, a past, a future, a political party, an ambition, a role. 
  2. Cultivate compassion. Without an identity, you are free to contemplate and feel a sense of other beings. Right wing, left wing, anarchist, atheist, Christian, saint, sinner, human, frog, fish, dog. You can place yourself in the shoes of others and feel their suffering, their confusion, and their love. You are no better and no worse than anyone. Love. 
  3. Meditate. In silence and stillness, you come to terms with your own aloneness. You are alone in and as the cosmic web that is all of time and space and beyond both. Everything falls away leaving Being, Consciousness, and Bliss to shine in and of themselves. 
  4. Serve selflessly. Live your life as you so will it. Practice medicine, finance, art, law, science, or whatever you feel inspired to pursue. But surrender your attachment to results. Failure and success aren’t the point and ultimately mean nothing. You are the Divine meaning in your life. Do your duty and be true to your responsibilities but without clinging, tension, and fear. 
  5. Be a source. It is not about what you get out of life but what you bring to life. Everyone was born with something to contribute. By giving away our conditioned identities, cultivating compassion, meditating, and serving selflessly, we can discover what our uniqueness has to bestow upon the world around us–and how to do it without becoming infatuated or frustrated with ourselves.
    You are no longer a consumer.
    You are an emanator. 


Don’t not do something because you think the final product won’t be any good. That you won’t be any good. Sometimes, you surprise yourself and find out that by your standards, you’re not ‘half bad’ (code word for ‘bloody amazing’). But other times, it can be a little sloppy. But think about it. what makes you think it’s a little sloppy? Oh when you compare your work to another. But when it comes to things like art and science (that are quite interlinked) and creativity in general, nothing is ever the same. Call it a fundamental law, call it the one thing that is the truth, call it human nature. So comparison isn’t very accurate. And you know what, maybe you actually haven’t been blessed with the ability to paint something that actually looks decent. Take it from me, a person who dropped visual arts as soon as I could. But that hasn’t stopped me from using brush pens and water colours in my study breaks, because who cares if I can’t even draw people properly, it’s something I kind of enjoy and find therapeutic. Look, all i’m trying to say is, if you want to do something, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re bad at it, or if your teacher thinks you’re bad at it , or if you know you’re bad at it, just do it. Stop getting so caught up in the final product. Not everything you do and create needs to be perfect. Perfection should not be the only thing that motivates you to do the things you like. After all, if humans themselves aren’t perfect, how can the things we create be perfect?

elegantly wasted | baekhyun

 ”Who are you, what are you doing in my loft and why are you only wearing a fucking towel?!”

admin: s. genre: angst, fluff, smut (in later parts), age gap (cus I love this shit), kinda daddyish, ceo! baekhyun au   

pt. 2, pt. 3, epilogue

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You could say your life situation right now was more than depressing. Not long ago, you turned 24 and finished your studies. Now, being a social sciences absolvent with a Bachelor of Arts, you were also jobless, broke and bored every day.   

Since you were also still living in the apartment you lived in for the past 24 years, you literally had nothing to do every day except for cooking, cleaning and washing the laundry sometimes.  

Your mum was a cleaning lady for a richass CEO you knew nothing about, and except for the two of you, there was no one around.  

So, being alone almost every day until six or seven in the evening, you just lied on the couch of your living room in your underwear watching TV and this was exactly what you were doing now.

It was already eight in the evening and your mum was running an hour late. It was unusual but you weren’t worried. It could happen. You were watching one of your favourite children shows when you heard keys jiggling.  

Jumping up and stretching your neck so you could see in the hall to the door from your current position on the couch, you saw your mum entering the apartment looking more than only exhausting.  

You immediately rushed to her taking the groceries from her she must have bought on the way home. Setting them down on the kitchen island you prepared a glass of water with a pill against headaches for her. “Take that, mum.” 

Your mum took the glass from you and smiled, gulping down the water with the pill. “Thank you, sweetie. Sorry, by the way, that I’m late. Your aunt had a problem, so I had to help her.” 

Upon hearing that you got keen on hearing. Your aunt and uncle were in the middle of a bad divorce and your uncle decided it was a good idea to move to Busan. So your aunt had to make little trips to the coast visiting her still husband only so she could finally get divorced. Your mothers part was to stay at her only sister’s side and travel with her and that meant you had the whole apartment for you for probably almost one week.  

Trying to hide your smile you came to her side. “That probably means you have to travel with Auntie Jihye to Busan, right?”  

Your mum sighed and nodded, placing the empty glass in the sink. “Yes but don’t be too happy too soon, miss. While I’m gone you have to clean Mr. Byuns Loft. His Loft still has to be clean even when I’m not here and you’re not that bad at cleaning. Also, you’re broke and need a job. Even if it’s only for a short period you can have the money you make while I’m gone.”

You groaned and tried to convince your mum why you couldn’t clean her boss loft while her absence. “Mum that’s illegal. I can’t clean his loft while you’re gone.” Hoping your mother would trust you, you slowly tried to go into your room but your mum thought otherwise.   

“Y/N, Mr. Byun is a very nice young man from the few times I talked to him on the phone. I never saw him in person, he never enters his loft while I’m cleaning because he’s busy working. He won’t even know you cleaned his loft for one week instead of me. You’re broke and need money, you know I can’t come up for all of your expenses. So don’t be such a lazy person and clean his loft!”  The Voice of your mum got stronger and firmer towards the end of her speech and you exactly knew you had no choice other than to clean your mums boss loft.  

Sighing you gave her a sign meaning you’d do it for her. Your mum just smiled. “I’ll write you a list of the things you have to know while you’re cleaning. Also, you have to wash his clothes if there are and if he leaves a note on the fridge it means he wants something to eat when he comes home. Also - I’m just going to write you a list, okay sweetie?”  

Nodding and obviously rolling your eyes you finally entered your room. You threw yourself on your bed closing your eyes.  

When your mum was gone it actually always meant for you, you could relax, sleep longer than usual and eat as much takeout food as you wished for but now you had to do her job.  

Sitting up you took your laptop opening google and typing in the name of Mr. Byuns Company. It was one of the few things you knew about him. This and that he was 35 and richer than you and your mum would ever be.  

You clicked on the official website of the Byun Enterprises - the name of Mr. Byuns Company - and scrolled through the employee section, the section where all the Partner companies were listed and finally the section with the bosses profile.

The section had a large picture of Mr. Byun on the top. His name, age, and works below it. You stared at his picture way longer than you preferred.   

He was handsome. No, he was fucking hot. His brown slightly strawberry red hair was slightly curled and parted in the middle showing a little bit of his forehead. His eye color was also brown and his stare was boring into your soul. His pinkish lips were formed into a slight smirk. You licked your own lips and wandered with your eyes further down the picture.  

It was only a picture displaying his upper body but it was enough for you. He wore a wine red, black button up shirt which was only buttoned till the middle of his chest. The rest was unbuttoned so you could see a bit of his strong toned chest. Over the shirt, he had a dark grey, blackish suit jacket which was open but with a black belt held together on his waist. Around his neck, there were two silver chains hanging low on his chest.  

Your heart was thumping, your underwear slightly stained and you felt a headache creeping up. You never knew your mum worked for such a good looking person.  

Scrolling down more you read what was standing under his picture - Byun Baekhyun, 35 years old, hardworking and caring. Head of the Byun Enterprises…  

Suddenly you heard a knock on your door and you quickly closed the tab with the website, followed by your laptop. Placing it to where it was before you stood up and opened the door for your mum.  

“Here’s the list of all the things you have to know while being in Mr. Byuns Loft. I also wrote down the address and the code for the door lock. Mr. Byuns Loft is in one of the tallest buildings in Seoul. When you enter it you have to pass a reception but don’t worry I already told the lady working there that you are coming instead of me.” Passing you the list she pointed out the address and the code for the door lock.  

Quickly reading all the points you choked. Mr. Byun was way too demanding what things regarding cleaning his loft, washing his clothes and cooking his food prosecuted.  

“Mum that’s too much! How am I supposed to do all of this every day for one week? I’m going to die!” Protesting you read the list again. Mr. Byun had even a special way his clothes had to be washed or that he wants his potatoes mashed and not cut. What kind of guy was he?  

Your mum chuckled and patted your head. “That’s the life of a working person, darling. Either this or having no money. It’s not even that bad you just have to get used to it then it’s kinda fun.”  

Not believing your mum one word you just sighed and closed the door after your mum had left. Putting the list on your nightstand you sat down on your bed ones again. This was going to be an awful week.

Today was your first day as Mr. Byuns cleaning Lady - only for one week of course. You had woken up extra early today. Your mum had left last evening and even until she and your aunt finally drove away, your mum had remembered you countless times to do exactly what stood on the list.  

Already being ready to go, you sat at the kitchen table and sipped from your coffee. It was half-past seven and you had to be at Mr. Byuns Loft at eight. You still didn’t know what you should clean in ten hours but your mum said you definitely needed the time. There was no way this could be fun.  

The drive with the subway to the building Mr. Byun lived in was as terrible as this day would going to be. The subway was filled with rude people pushing and pressing each other. When you were still in University you had lived there, so you didn’t have to take the subway every morning and you were glad you did so.  

After you had finally arrived you stood in front of the building before entering it. It was really high and Mr. Byuns Loft was in one of the highest floors. Usually, you weren’t afraid of heights, but you had also never visited a building as tall as this, so maybe this would change.  

Passing the reception the lady behind the counter smiled at you. Like your mother had said she already told her you would come instead of her for one week.  

You looked around and saw security men almost at every entrance - even in front of the elevator. Being a little bit shy you quickly passed them and entered the elevator.  

Breathing out after the door had closed you pressed the number of the floor Mr. Byuns Loft was located at. It wasn’t the last floor but still one of the highest.  

The doors of the elevator opened after your ride to the top. At the wall had been a window so you could look outside while riding up and the way the streets, cars, and people got so small so fast made you anxious.  

You walked outside and towards the door to Mr. Byuns Loft. Luckily his loft was the only apartment on this floor besides one public bathroom. The building was very large what meant if Mr. Byuns Loft was the only apartment on this floor, the size of it had to be enormous.  

Typing in the code for the door lock the door opened and you entered his loft. The smell of a mixture of men Parfum and soap engulfed the apartment.  

Directly after entering the apartment, you were in an open big ass living room. One wall was completely made out of glass what gave away an incredible view over the skyline of Seoul. All in all the apartment was furnished very nicely and thoughtful. Everything was held in black, white and grayish colors.  

Placing your bag on the kitchen counter, you took out at the list your mum had given you before and read the first point - washing his clothes.  

You sighed and made a fist cheering you on. It was not the first time you had to wash clothes and your mum gave you such a detailed description of how to wash his clothes, you were sure you could do it.  

In the extra room where all the washing machines were, you took the basket of his clothes and started walking towards his bedroom. You were glad his apartment was not one of these confusing ones, so you found every room pretty quickly.  

Entering his bedroom you gasped. It was immense and beautiful. The colors were still the same but it looked super classy and chic. His bed was, of course, a king-sized bed made of black wood. Above it was a large painting. He even had again one wall full of glass with a connected balcony to it.  

Still having big eyes and being full of jealousy you started picking up his clothes from his bed. Your mum told you Mr. Byun always left the clothes he wanted to be washed on his bed, so you didn’t have to search for them. You didn’t know if it was a nice gesture or if he just didn’t want someone to search through his things.

Half of the day was already over. It was now four in the afternoon and you had already washed his clothes, cleaned every room except for the bathroom connected to his bedroom and you even cooked him some rice cakes.  

You were exhausted and sweaty. The thought that this was only day one of seven almost made you throw up.  

Lazily walking into his bedroom you entered his connected bathroom. It was obviously again super big and had everything in it. A bathing tube, two sinks, an enormous mirror and… a fucking rainfall shower.  

You had lost your breath. Since you were a teenager it was one of your dreams to at least shower one time in a rainfall shower.  

Starring at it for good two minutes you hesitated if you should try it out or not. I mean, you still had two hours until you had to go and according to your mother, Mr. Byun never comes home early. Also, your were sweaty and exhausted. You deserved this.  

You decided to first clean the bathroom except for the shower and then shortly hop in just to rinse your body a little bit. Your body needed and deserved some relaxation.  

Shortly after you had cleaned the bathroom, you stripped your clothes, laying them outside the bathroom on Mr. Byun’s bed.  

Opening the shower door, you quickly turned on the water and let it fall on your body. The feeling was amazing. You stood there for almost five minutes just letting the water soak your body until you found more options you could use while showering. You played a little bit with the regulator of the shower and you didn’t even realize one full hour passed by.  

Already feeling how your skin started to wrinkle from the water you exited the shower and put a towel on your body. The towel was not really large but it was enough to cover what needed to be covered.  

You walked out the bathroom and then his bedroom. You wanted your body to dry a little bit before you put on your clothes again and you saw a sound system in his living room, you still had one hour left, some music wouldn’t kill anyone.  

Switching on the sound system, the sound almost made your ears burst but after some time you got used to the clear and loud music and you started to jump around.  

Mr. Byun’s living Room had the perfect size to dance along the music that was playing from the sound system.  

You were in the middle of having fun while Mr. Byun Baekhyun was currently standing outside of the door to his loft and heard the music from his sound system blasting through the corridors.  

Hesitating if he should call the security or handle it himself he decided to first observe the situation himself. Maybe Mrs. Y/L/N wanted to listen to some music while cleaning his loft.  

Typing in the code the door opened and he entered the loft. The situation what he found in front of him was definitely not what he expected to see.  

A stranger more specific a girl was running and jumping around in his living room only wearing a towel that merely covered her buttcheeks and womanhood.

Gulping he just stood there observing the situation a little bit more until he had found his composure again and walked to the sound system, still unnoticed by you and switched it off, angrily.   

Your Head immediately turned to the sound system in shock. Your head turning into a red mess the second you saw Mr. Byun standing there with a bewildered and angry look on his face.  

“Who are you, what are you doing in my loft and why are you only wearing a fucking towel?!” He asked with an intimidating loud and annoying voice.  

In this exact moment, you had died internally.  

So, guys, this is the first part of a new story I will be writing here on tumblr and this time it’s a baekhyun story! Also can you guys all guess which baekhyun era he is displayed as here? For all the people who can’t seem to guess it (*cough* admin a. *cough*) it’s lotto era cus lotto era was daddy era in my opinion lmao and it’s my favourite baekhyun era.    

By the way, I’m still on vacation so don’t think the second part will be uploaded anytime soon since I’m writing and editing this on my phone and doing this is shit. Anyway, love you guys~  

- admin s. 🌞  

title credits: admin a. 💖

On Tuesday, the world learned the name of Khan Sheikhoun, a town in Idlib, Syria, after government forces used what was likely a chemical bomb containing a nerve agent on innocent civilians. Between 70 and 100 people, including dozens of children, were killed in the attack and as many as 500 were injured. Witnesses described the horrors of the aftermath - much too graphic for me to write here. But this is nothing new, it is not the first time President Bashar al-Assad has slaughtered innocent civilians, especially children, in his own country. It is not the first time he has left people laying on the ground foaming at the month until death from use of illegal chemical weapons. It is not the first time the world has been shocked by images from within Syria. It is not the first time global leaders have spoken out and condemned this sort of barbaric extermination… Yet it continues. For 6 years, this war has raged, a war officially between the government and a rebel army, but it is hard to see this as anything besides a war on the innocent Syrian people. The toll is impossible to calculate to an exact number, but most estimates indicate more than 200,000 innocent people, including more than 50,000 children, have been killed to date, and almost 5,000,000 have been displaced. I don’t have the answer, I don’t know what should be done or even what could be attempted, I can’t tell you who did what and recall every detail, but I know one thing, no matter the intricacies, it must stop. Syria is one of several points on this planet which holds the history, known and unknown, of our species, it was once an epicentre of art, discovery, and science - perhaps the oldest civilization besides Mesopotamia, yet it is being destroyed as if it were nothing more than a piece of trash. A jewel in world history has been reduced to ruins. And that is just the past, the future is being decimated as well. With each traumatic injury, with each innocent fatality, the light of Syria’s future weakens. It will take hundreds of years, multiple generations, for Syria to overcome the current suffering, and the scars of today’s battles may never heal. If only we’d think of the children, there is nothing a child could do to deserve the nightmares of war, nothing a child could do to deserve anything close. Adults create war, adults create the weapons that kill, adults create the politics and the fighting, adults create power and money, adults are the cause of and reason for mass conflict, but they do not bear the greatest loss here, it is the children that do. Like I said, I don’t know the answer, I am not even sure of the question, but the motivation to end this all is clear - the innocent children of Syria. My heart aches and shatters for Syrians in the war zone and across the world, I can’t imagine your pain so I won’t even pretend to understand, but I hope you still believe in the goodness of humanity, I hope you still find reason to carry on, and I hope one day, Syria can again be an epicentre of civilization. Most of all, I hope you find safety, and your loved ones find safety. Whether it is peace in Syria or a new home until the fighting ends, I hope you find stability and safety. 


For @ransomweek - March 28: “Remember that time…”

warnings: senior year nostalgia, oblivious pining, excessively soft bromance

“Okay,” Lardo said, taking another swig from the bottle of gin they’d been passing around. “Worst class you’ve ever taken?”

The noise of another kegster, not their last together but frighteningly close to it, thrummed through the floor of the attic. Sometime after midnight Nursey and Chowder had started trying to go through various Haus rules, proper kegstand procedure and ratios for tub juice, with the Tadpoles like Holster and Ransom had done for the past two years, and Ransom had found himself hit with senior-year nostalgia again. It was the kind of weird, happy-sad ache that pulled from under his ribs and made him want to hold onto everything tighter.

He was going to graduate in May. He’d been accepted to med programs at Emory and UPenn, and he was waiting to hear back from a couple other schools. His future wasn’t some nebulous concept any more; it felt real. It felt too close. It was so much easier just to melt back against his bed, next to his two best friends, and to soak up the way their words seemed to roll around the room and fill it up completely.

Holster snorted and leaned against Ransom, reaching around him for the bottle but not moving away once he had it. “International Finance Theory with Professor Lawrence.”

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I clipped together a chunk of paper, went to starbucks and animated with my morning coffee ( well not that this is full animation, just some rough keyframes but…you know what i mean) . I havent done that since school. I mean i’ve done drawn things DIGITALLY but not flip paper. I’m still rusty with model/volumes but it was way easier then i thought it would be after not doing it for so long. Super encouraging and fun :) 

Just take paper, clip it together at the bottom and flip it, dont need anything fancy. 

also i should say just incase but .. this is just me playing around with gestures and faces using Varian , since i like drawing him. Its nothing official from the show and just amounts to fanart doodles cuz I love this science boy. 

(unrealistic) tendou satori headcanons, because i love and cherish him

  • hasn’t left his emo phase. he was probably born into it
  • tendou: [is mildly inconvenienced] tendou: “Had It Not Been For The Laws Of This Land, I Would Have Slaughtered You”
  • spectators: “nice kill satori!” tendou, mockingly: “nice kill satori”
  • has been benched for doing finger guns immediately after blocking an opponent’s spike
  • semi: [tries to hold tendou’s hand but comes into contact with something metal instead] tendou: “that me hook”
  • the one time he beat ushijima in a race it was because he changed the rules so you could only naruto run
  • tendou: “Alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy.” shirabu: “tendou wtf i just asked if i could have a bite of your food”
  • he’s the artist behind 50% of those fake pikachu hurt/comfort posts. the mimikyu fanart. u kno the ones
  • [on the sidelines during a match] tendou: “everybody get up it’s time to slam now, we got a real jam goin’ down, welcome to the space jam, here’s your chance do your dance at the space jam”
  • tendou: “they call me a monster for a reason” also tendou: “goshiki have you been eating enough? did you drink enough water today? how was class you know you can tell me anything-”
Wonder in her Eyes and Iron in her Hand.

She is a student of mixed origin.

She herself was born and bred in Australia, only here for a year; her white trainers stained orange with iron and sea-salt spray that reminds her of home in her hair. They never approach her from behind, never give a tap on the shoulder, never blow in her ear. Her path stays poisonous for a few hours at least.

But she would walk towards Them with the curiosity of her mother’s country. While she knew by heart the cautionary tales of her homeland she carried in her heart the wonder of the British countryside. She skips over the faery rings, curtsies to the eyes in the dark and explains “My house back home was haunted, like actual spirits of the dead, it’s just polite!” and you can tell when she recognises a species as she inhales, sits a little straighter and smiles. “It’s just nice to see y'know? Ones’ back home just growl and threaten to rip your spine out and beat you with it.” You think you’re afraid when she sighs nostalgically at that.


It really does not help that she is a psychology major. Thankfully, she is not a fool. You tell her tales of the ones who try to diagnose the gentry. 

“Oh man that’s wild. I guess there’d be a few who’d do that back home, but yeah I dunno. I guess it’s coz I’m really big on theatre and dance. Like I considered be a theatre major for ages but figured it’d be too much of a risk.” And you suppose she does carry herself like a dancer, you had never connected the dots but maybe that tapping she did with her feet when sitting down was actually tap dancing, and yes you now recall all the wistful sighs when you mentioned theatre. “We get a lot of artist types though, like yeah you get the ones who see nothing but science but psychology can be under a bachelor of arts.” She grins at that. “I dunno I just find everything so…cool! Of course I want to know everything about it but I know that those costs vastly outweigh the benefits.”

You still find yourself confused at how she holds back when everything about the gentry is so inviting, so tempting.

“It’s just another facade y'know? Back home They tell you They’re different, that They’ve been hurt and want nothing to do with their mob. Or They tell you that you’re strong, you deserve to be one of Them, not some fleshbag that rots in a few years. Here They cloy you with sweetness, draw promises and favour outta you. They make you love Them.” Her eyes now resemble those of the science majors, cautious and guarded.

She is mixed not only in her origin but within herself. Art and Science. Wonder and Caution. 

You think you understand why They stay away from her.


anonymous asked:

I follow you on twitter and from what I've seen you like Latin? And I just wonder why? My four years of Latin class were absolute hell but I love languages so maybe I'm too biased and I'm actually missing out on a cool language

Dear anonymous,

I do not like Latin. I adore Latin with the passion of Catullus’ poems and the same pathetic pining. 

Latin is not easy fall in love with, but when you learn to adore it, it brings you more than just one new world. 

I am not an expert in Latin considering the historical side, since my teacher that taught me from sixth until tenth grade did not touch ancient history much, while my teacher in eleventh and twelfth grade was a radical catholic priest that preferred to criticise Roman authors on our curriculum for their stories about orgies, openness about sexuality and general indulgence in life (honestly, we are talking about Latin. Come on. You really shouldn’t be surprised) and hated me for being the only atheist in class. So for any information on history, I’d recommend you one of the excellent ancient history blogs on this website. Also, look up Greek history as well because as far as I know, linguistic and cultural kleptomania of all things Greek was about as hip in ancient Rome as were ideas of conquering the entire world (and the word is Greek, too). 

That being said, English is also not my only language, so I had an idea about what more extended grammar was expecting me. And that was a blessing. Now, I’m not saying that English doesn’t have difficult grammar at times - I learned it as my second language, and the start is always rough. But let’s face it: English has one article (the), nouns barely change when put through different cases, the list of irregular verbs is short and even with an at times confusing syntax, tenses are built on a few existing verb forms, and your verbs only have two different suffixes to mark person and singular/plural (-s for he, she, it or none at all). English is also the mad scientist trying to attain immortality of languages because it has puzzled itself together from parts of other languages and a huge part of it (at least one leg, the jawline and probably the nose that it keeps putting into other languages’ businesses) is rooted in Latin.

Latin… has a different word ending for nouns in every different case. It has five cases compared to English’s four, and if you add in prepositions, the real fun starts. I can’t go into detail here because I’m here to convince you and not deter you from the language, but Latin means memorizing and sometimes more so than in English. Skipping the grammar or not learning all of it? Not an option. And let me tell you, I was a tutor for Latin for a little while, and nothing - no translation - will yield to you and open up under your fingers if you do not know your grammar. 

But here’s the thing, my friend.

Latin is not only beautiful and brutal with its ancient works going from light-hearted shenanigans to heartbreaking love to gods so grand and wars so terrible that we still shiver before them today.

Latin feels like home.

If you can read this post, then you know English. I don’t know what other languages you speak, dear anonymous. But our world is veined with Latin. It flows in our science, in art and literature and I cannot imagine an earth where Latin has never been because history, culture, nothing would be the same. Learning Latin is coming home because it’s always been around you, waiting for your call, for you to reach out for it, back in centuries and across time. 

They say Latin is dead. I say, you can’t kill something that’s immortal and has more than eighteen different words for “to kill”, but never bothered to create something that means “yes” or “no”. Latin is not one old god but many at once and nothing can kill an army of old gods.

And then, its literature and art, its entire heritage, is so varied.

Latin can be sophisticated. It can be scientific, poetic, funny, witty, short or long, and you can have it because it’s probably already in your life.

Not to mention how many other languages will whisper your name as soon as Latin walks by your side. Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, Portuguese, and don’t get me started on all the loanwords in English, German, Dutch…

I can write about Latin for eternities, because I burn for this language more than I do for real people, but let me show you how much Latin you already know, and how lovely it is.

You know audax because you know what brave means. You know bellum because you too have waged war and been a rebel. Maybe you’re afraid of beasts, but you know that they are all only beastiae, only animals inside. You care, so the word carus comes to you as naturally as those dear to you do. You’re not always strong, but fortis waits for you in comfort and effort and fortitude, so choose what you need. With ignis, you become fire. With mors, you take death out of immortality. 

In conclusion: Learn Latin and be the the warrior of art, science, literature, culture, history and languages you want to be.

Bring the Heat

You wanted to celebrate your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, but instead of a loving date with your boyfriend, your world collapses around you. As you’re left to pick up the pieces of your heart, you uncover a scheme that runs a lot deeper than just your own heartbreak, and you’re not going to take it sitting down.

  • aka, daniel and his friends are fking scumbags and girls supporting girls
  • heavily inp. by this scene in riverdale
  • literally this is what happened:
  • anon: can i pls get daniel angst
  • me: but girl power
  • warning: daniel is a bad guy in this. so are his friends. 

You smiled at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, reaching up to quickly fluff up your hair. It was the day of your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, and you wanted everything to be perfect.

You two had decided to meet up at a cute café downtown, and you’d even bought matching couple phone cases for you two to share.

The story of how you two began dating was definitely interesting, to say the least. Daniel was one of the more popular guys at your high school, and never really looked your way. You’d always thought he was handsome, and had a crush on him, but during a party, suddenly, he started talking to you. You figured it was because your best friend and his had started dating then, but even after they’d broken up, Daniel would meet you after class and greet you in the hallways.

Finally, on white day, he’d asked you out, and you’d been thrilled. Now you were here, three months later, almost before school ended before summer, and still going strong.

You decided to leave the bathroom, heading out. You spotted Daniel, sitting casually at one of the tables—with his friends?

“Oh, Daniel, you’re here,” you greeted him with a smile, taking a tentative seat across from him, “and all your friends.”

Daniel shrugged, “they wanted to tag along.”

You nodded, trying to contain the frown that wanted to appear on your lips. Daniel knew how much you cared about anniversaries, and it was weird for him to be acting so flippant.

“Oh,” you nodded, “well, I bought these cute couple cases for us!” You reached into your purse excitedly, setting them down on the table, “We can start using them now.”

One of Daniel’s friends picked one of them up, examining it, “this is kind of ugly, don’t you think?” You flinched at his harsh words, looking down at the table. Suddenly, you were reminded of back in your first year of high school, when Daniel’s friend group would tease anyone and everyone mercilessly. Daniel had always reassured you that they’d changed, but apparently, they hadn’t.

“Give that back,” you said weakly, not even wanting to look back up. This date was supposed to be one of the best days of your life, not totally embarrassing. “Daniel, do you want to start using them?”

Daniel looked at you slowly from across the table, a smirk creeping across his lips, “You know, Seongwoo, I think you owe me $100 (usd).” You faltered, looking up at him, totally lost. “(Y/N) and I have been dating for three months. Pay up.” You watched, stunned, as Seongwoo slapped a crisp bill into Daniel’s outstretched hand, the realization slowly sinking in.

“So this whole thing…” you trailed off, not wanting to even say it out loud.

“It was a bet, sweetie,” Seongwoo snickered at your expression, sliding the couple phone case back to you, “you really thought that the Kang Daniel would date someone like you?”

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Spock in “Requiem for Methuselah”

This episode, as far as I can tell, points more than any of the others so far to Spock being in love with Jim. There’s tons of meta here, but let me start with Spock’s reaction to Rayna.

At first, Spock is intrigued and even pleased by Rayna for her enthusiasm in his field of study. When the conversation turns to other things, however, he falls back into his usual state of polite disinterest. Just look at him when McCoy is smooth-talking the girl:

All in all, not really bothered by her.

We don’t see Spock’s reaction to Jim’s very obvious interest in Rayna when the two are first introduced—in fact, the next time we see Spock is right after Rayna offers to show Jim her billiard move:

Spock has clearly been skulking on the sidelines, with his arms crossed no less, while Jim and Rayna interact, and as soon as the suggestion of physical contact between the two comes up, he gets out of there and goes to do something completely different.

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Library Services at Elsewhere University: A Guide and Compendium
(Crossposted to A03

Part One: Student Services

Welcome to the Elsewhere University Library. This guide endeavours to provide students with a general outline of library services, facilities, and safety precautions. More comprehensive help, including study guides for planning your research, finding books and journal articles, evaluating and citing sources, and safely navigating the library both with and without a map, compass, or bread crumb trail can be found online on the library’s website, in print at the first floor reference desk, and translated into Norse runes and carved into the foundation of the condemned building in the west quadrant of the campus.

Instructors wishing to book a tour and orientation for incoming classes can make arrangements directly with the subject librarian assigned to their department. Basic research skills and bibliographic instruction for classes is a core services provided to all faculty. Advanced research support may be obtained with proof of approved interdepartmental charge. Payment will be extracted at the campus health centre, or during one of the library’s monthly fundraising blood drives. A pound of flesh is no longer accepted in payment, as the exchange rate is currently exorbitant. Requests from the biology department will be assessed on a case by case basis until the overdue accounts resulting from the escaped blood scandal last fall are resolved.

Borrowing privileges for undergraduates and non-academic staff include a semester-long loan period with no renewals, and a maximum of three interlibrary loans per course per year. The length of the semester is determined by time passing within the registrar’s office, and no exceptions will be made for the west quadrant of the campus, philosophy majors, or those born on a Tuesday. Library staff, and RAs and custodial staff assigned to Brigadoon Hall are eligible for an exemption, however. Please ensure that circulation staff are advised of your status upon yearly renewal of your library card, and keep in mind that time passes differently within the library.

Graduate students and faculty are eligible for a year-long loan period, and unlimited interlibrary loans. Additional charges for interlibrary loan material may be passed on to the borrower. Library staff will do their best to ensure that you are aware of the procedures and policies of the lending institute, however, can take no responsibility for additional fees and fines accrued. Arrangements for payment must be made directly with the lending institute. We do not have the liability insurance required to send your first-born, existential sense of dread, or the memory of the colour of next spring’s tulips via interoffice mail or interagency courier. Please note that while all graduate theses are archived in the library collection, borrowing privileges for theses that have not yet been written are limited to faculty only.

Overdue fines may be waived at the discretion of the library staff for just cause. Fees for lost items must be paid by the end of the semester or late charges will continue to accrue. Nonpayment of fees and fines may result in withholding of your final transcript, degree, sense of smell, or sense of self. Barter for tangible, nonmonetary items will not be accepted as payment, with the exception of plastic beads. Intangible items may be accepted on a case by case basis. Baked goods are always appreciated, but will have no effect on the balance of your account. (Donations of plastic beads will be accepted at the circulation desk, and will be donated to the library’s current community support program, who is welcome to join us in the library foyer, coffee shop, and first floor classroom space, but we would appreciate it if it refrains from attempting to use the elevators to reach the rooftop garden.)

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I just realized I’m already to part 31 jeez idk if I should change the format again so all these links to parts aren’t overwhelming? Or maybe once I reach like part 50 or 40 I’ll merge all those parts to shorten this. well i’m too lazy to do anything now. Sometimes I wish tumblr didn’t have a 10 image limit. 

Also I should probably write down a script for this lol. I just made some major revisions and it’s probably a bad idea to just keep it all in my head

Part 31

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Ok, so if there’s anything Phineas and Ferb have taught us, it’s Carpe Diem, or, Seize the Day. Make it count, make it FUN.

And I dunno about you, but it gets me pumped up to make a day worthwhile!

But I can’t build a rollercoaster in a day, nor can most folks. So, unless you know of some awesome dudes who can replicate the summer Phineas and Ferb had, I have come up with a list of things resembling their own summer antics. A few bullets have other options for those who can’t afford trips to different continents, or go to a different reality. Also I left out the holiday specials for obvious reasons. All they require is imagination. And the only rule is to have fun!

(also each bullet corresponds to a different ep, in order…so a bullet a day)


  • go to an amusement park
  • go to the beach
  • Come up with a song, sing it, post it online for fame
  • remote-control cars
  • make a short film
  • thumb-wrestle
  • visit Mt. Rushmore/make clay sculptures of your friend/siblng/self
  • pretend to be robots
  • put on a fashion show
  • visit a farm
  • eat snow cones and run through sprinklers/slip n’ slides
  • go to the circus
  • see an Egyptian exhibit
  • take a bus trip/tour
  • make your own icecream
  • come up with an idea for a new toy (make it if it’s simple enough)
  • go on the hunt for your local mythical creature
  • see a monster truck show/play with trucks in the mud
  • throw a party (birthday party, summer party, day-of-the-week party, etc)
  • pretend to be tiny
  • pretend to go back to the time of the dinos
  • go to a concert (meet the band if possible)
  • build a treehouse/fort
  • go on a boat
  • have a (chariot) race
  • go white-water rafting/canoeing/kayaking
  • go roller skating (at a roller rink)
  • throw/attend a costume party
  • help someone find their lost pet
  • create/go to a renaissance fair
  • play keep-away
  • go bowling
  • sports competition
  • go to an observatory/look at the stars through your own telescope
  • mini golf
  • pretend to be somebody else
  • go to a motocross show
  • go to/create a haunted house
  • pretend to create Frankenstein’s monster
  • make art/go to art museum
  • make a cartoon (comic)
  • try to see a rainbow (cloud gazing works as a substitute)
  • go to a space program/museum
  • write up a crazy what-if scenario
  • go to a science fair/museum


  • investigate another local mythical creature
  • “talk” to animals
  • spread awareness of a not-often used word
  • pretend to be a giant
  • visit aquarium
  • make jello
  • visit London/pretend to be detectives
  • staring contest
  • pretend to open a restaurant
  • pretend to keep a (fake) egg warm until it “hatches”
  • design a new video game, with yourself (and friends) as the characters
  • pretend to meet aliens
  • fort-building contest
  • make paper planes
  • compete in a game show (real or home-made)
  • wash cars
  • help find a lost pet (again)
  • pretend to be marooners
  • play hide-and-seek
  • create a romantic evening for a lovely couple
  • compose another song (this time of a different musical genre!)
  • go to the mall and play keep-away with a single item
  • spend time with your pet/friend’s pet/volunteer at an adoption center
  • go to/crate a spa
  • pretend someone(s) from the future and needs your help
  • blow bubbles
  • go to a sap farm
  • try to cheer up a sad acquaintance
  • do things to earn boy/girl/cub scout patches (or do fun activities that scouts would do to earn said patches and create your own patches)
  • take turns being a servant for a day
  • go to a yard sale
  • take pictures
  • dance/dance contest/create a new dance
  • learn how something works
  • go to beach again. Build awesome sand castle.
  • pretend to be ghosts
  • take part in a wedding/party
  • have a race
  • babysit/play with younger kids
  • be undercover spies
  • watch/take part in.create a parade
  • pretend someone’s an alien
  • ride the kiddie rides at a store/ride a carousel
  • play with/create spinning tops
  • see lizards/interact with lizards
  • (pretend to)go to a rodeo
  • pretend to be superheroes
  • pretend to be mayor
  • build a lemonade stand
  • go to/pretend to be at Hawaii
  • go around the world. Or just a handful of cultural festivals
  • re-inact the Wizard of Oz
  • go through a maze
  • 80’s music and style appreciation day (or era of your choice)
  • ride around in a ATV
  • build a giant tower (out of blocks/legos, etc)
  • learn what things are made of
  • go to an amusement park again (this time try to do everything in song!)
  • pretend to be royalty
  • house party


  • do something inside (besides videogames and movies and tv and computers)
  • pretend to be joined at the hip
  • have another race
  • see/ride in a hot air balloon
  • celebrate a birthday/throw another random party
  • go to the bay/harbor/ride a boat
  • go to a farm/go to a space museum/make a fancy dinner
  • 20 questions
  • go to a funhouse
  • design the perfect phone
  • pretend to be on a magic carpet ride
  • get a haircut
  • help/make meatloaf
  • watch grass grow/or just take a nap. Another do nothing day
  • try to hypnotize somebody
  • help a friend who is bed-ridden
  • road trip
  • bike race
  • play skiddley whiffers
  • play soccer
  • dart game/or evil pageant if that’s more your thing
  • pretend to be a vampire
  • go to a funhouse/maze again/see a magic show
  • play with your food
  • create a new language
  • pretend to be cavemen
  • pretend to be fighting the huns
  • go on a EPIC QUEST
  • pretend to be archeologists (Indiana Jones reenactment)
  • look deep into our thoughts
  • study ants
  • try to do a day backwards (more of an “effect to cause” day)
  • play with Transformers
  • design your pet (or fave animal) as the spokesanimal for a company
  • play on trampolines
  • climb a mountain/go hiking
  • pretend to be ninjas
  • scavenger hunt at the supermarket
  • pretend to meet the same aliens you did the last time
  • pretend to be delivery people
  • go to a water park/pond/lake
  • make things that your mother (literally or figuratively) would like
  • learn something new
  • babysit/play with younger kids again
  • make a fall day. Carve gourds, eat candy corn and pumpkin-flavored things.
  • go to a nature preserve/the zoo
  • play volleyball
  • create a flying saucer
  • put on a magic show
  • go on a scavenger hunt at a flea market
  • make popsicles and jello and other water-based things
  • play with transformers again
  • go on a safari/help find a lost pet
  • create your own tv shows
  • prepare for if something big were hurtling towards Earth
  • train an animal
  • another road trip
  • create a reality show
  • play games in the dark


  • play/view a hockey game
  • play on a tire swing/general swing
  • keep watch/pretend to be guards
  • go to car show
  • deck out mode of transport as a type of food
  • take a train ride
  • go to a garden
  • pretend to be alien convicts
  • recycle old stuff to make new stuff
  • learn about bees/visit a bee farm
  • go surfing
  • go to city hall/learn about the history of your hometown
  • fun with knots
  • rock climbing
  • try to find another mythical creature
  • have another birthday party (or just another random party)
  • help your paternal figure
  • do an obstacle course
  • imagine if superheroes were in our world (and supervillains too)
  • re-inact the Trojan war
  • costume party
  • tell scary stories
  • face a fear
  • scapbooking
  • design something steampunk
  • find good luck charms
  • go to a batting cage/play a game of baseball
  • race toy cars
  • think of ways to extend summer vacation
  • fly kites
  • put on a puppet show
  • have a picnic
  • find another mythical creature
  • write out your feelings
  • pretend to be somebody else again
  • re-inact Star Wars
  • put on a seminar/have another race
  • pretend to be in a zombie invasion
  • pretend to be in an AU
  • pretend to be a teacher
  • think about what you’ll be doing 10 years from now
  • It’s the last day of summer! Either reminisce about all you’ve done, or try one last new thing- FREE CHOICE- or both

hi i’m atanasia. i’ve been lurking the studyblr community for a while but ive finally gotten around to making a proper studyblr/aesthetic blog. so yeah.


→ i’m 16, going into my junior year september
→ my birthday is 2.28.01, i’m a picses, and my mbti type is intp
→the name rosas-studies is in reference to rosas de agua, but that won’t really fit gracefully in my url, so i shortened it
→i’m afro-colombian and white
→i live in the seattle area hey yo what’s up seattle homies lmaoo🙌🙌
→since school hasn’t started for me yet, i won’t be posting my own notes till then
※my main blog is @alkalineee, so please note that i will be following from there
※you should totally follow me there too lololo


→13 reasons why
→splatoon i haven’t played it or nothing i just think it looks cute


soo i haven’t gotten my schedule back and i’ve forgotten which classes i’ve signed up for, but here’s what i do know:

→i will be joining the judo team for my second year
→my strongest classes include art-related classes, english, and history
→my weakest classes include math and sometimes science
→my senior year i want to study abroad, i’m still deciding where
→in the future i want to attend university in germany, and i might take a gap year
→i’m not sure what i want to do with my life, but doing something in the arts sounds cool

blogs i like

i’m definetaly gonna be missing a few blogs, since i follow a lot of great ones, but here are just a few of my faves atm:

(also thanks for being so nice (´;ω;`))

@studyquill @intellectys @themotivatedstudent @lychiestudies @logicallylearning @fit-and-studious @studylustre
so yeah that about it. feel free to either message or send in an ask if you have any questions or if you just want to like talk. i’m gonna real quick shamelessly promote my snapchat (@alkxline) in case you wanna message me there instead for whatever reason. or just cause you think i’m funny and also want to see my pretty face. ot. also since i’m sorta new try not to get mad at me if i mistag something, i’m still learning the terms to use. uhm yeah i think that’s it, i’ll be queueing this post a few times to give it time to circulate and also bc i’m writing this at 12 am. thanks for reading this ik this got kind of long. have a nice day or night or whatever other time in which you’re reading this at.💖.



In Ravka there is OS ALTA – where saints and sinners alike feast upon prosperity, where art and science come together in harmony. Os Alta welcomes all: humans, Grisha, and even traitors. The humans rule over all with iron fists, the Grisha nothing more than servants to their whims. But even Grisha count themselves more blessed than traitors. Woe to all who reveal themselves to be deceivers – for the Unsea is their new home. 

And what of the Unsea? Oh, darling, you should have never asked.


anonymous asked:

What are the characters worst subjects?

I’m assuming school subjects..

Dallas- Math. Poor guy enjoys history but his learning disability makes dates and everything hard to memorise
He’s great at: woodshop! It’s fun! And foreign languages! He’s learning Hebrew! PE! The pacer test got nothing on Dallas when Dallas runs away from pretty much all his problems!

Malek- uhhhhh this is hard cause I made Malek pretty much sturdy with everything but I guess he’s kinda bad at Home Economics? I think he got woodshop, which is, ironically, one of the few classes Dallas is doing great at.
He’s great at: Math! Yay, no one understands and everyone is crying! Science! Biology! Cute animals!!!!! Germs!!!!

Poppy- English.. How the fuck English work? No clue here. Geography, too.
Poppy: Is Canada a continent?
Phoebus: I’m blocking your number
She’s fantastic at: art classes Yay! Everyone breathing behind her neck while she draws: did you draw that? Can you design my tattoo?
Parker: he’s generally doing great at all his classes. Straight A’s boy.

Ben- Math. He survives off of copying from Malek and Phoebus
He’s fantastic at: literature, but don’t tell Blake. Woodshop! He has fun there. Logic, and he’s a smartass about it.

June- English. Not his first language. How that work? Art
Tyler: is that a germ
June: it’s an elephant, you massive asshead,
Tyler: *shrugs* I like your art Bro, it’s highly /stylized/
June: *eyes well up* really,

Ari- literature. They’re pretty good at it, they just get really frustrated sometimes cause shit’s so… Eurocentric? Probably sasses their teacher about it sometimes.
Terrible with Economics they’d rather die than go through another economics class again
Fantastic at: literally any form of mechanical sciences. They want to take aeronotical engineering/ civil engineering when they get to college.

(I didn’t do everyone because Laziness)

High School Band AU: Ch. 12

Your cheeks hurt, how long will you have to keep this smile on your face? As you grin to every visitor, you wonder if people are buying it, you definitely aren’t as you’ve been avoiding any mirror ever since you got to the professions fair at school.

Smiling, being polite, handing flyers and answering the most stupid questions like they are the most brilliant statements you’ve ever heard, that’s basically your role as a volunteer. Well, it’s better than staying under the same booth for the whole afternoon, following the professionals like their personal puppies. And it’s definitely better than dealing with all the hard work like setting up tents and carrying boxes up and down the hallways. Well, not really, you wouldn’t mind doing this… as long as Zen wasn’t doing the same.

Yes, you’re not exactly comfortable around Zen after what happened at Jumin’s party. It was a different kind of discomfort that you would feel around him when you two met officially, it was something more like… being nervous for messing things up when a celebrity is by your side, now it’s more like avoiding him in order to not be lectured by a jealous big brother.

Seriously, you’re so mad this isn’t even worth a flashback. To put it blunt, Zen yelled at you when he caught you hugging Jumin. “Don’t let him fool you! He’s a two-faced jerk!” “Have you forgotten that day when he wanted to punch me?” “What do you think you’re doing, MC?” were just a few things you could recall from his lecture. Things that made your blood boil and tell him to mind his own business.

Were you harsh to him? Yes. Could you have been harsher? Also yes. Because, really, what does Zen know about anything? It was an innocent hug from a very emotional you, there was nothing lewd about it, it wasn’t even romantic, for that matter. So, honestly, Zen should get his mind out of the gutter and never try to scold you again like he has the right to!

“Wow, easy there, MC!” he says, getting his hand all wet due to water dripping from the bottle you crush in anger. “The bottle has no fault in this.” He smiles, getting really flustered as you don’t smile back. “Hey, uhm… I gotta talk to you, MC.”

“Of course, sir. What working field would you be interested?”

“What? No, MC, this is…”

“The arts and human sciences related professions are in the left booths, the exact sciences related are in the right, there are also biological related professions if you walk ahead. Anything else I can help you with?”

“You could stop ignoring me, MC.”

“I’m not ignoring you, Zen, I’m working. Shouldn’t you be doing the same?”

“There’s nothing else for me to do until the fair ends and I need to help setting down the tents.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious you have nothing else to do rather than bother me.”

“Ah, come on,  babe. I… uush!” he backs away when you shove a bunch of fliers against his chest.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me and help me with these, then.”

“Okay, then you’ll talk to me about what happened?”

“There’s nothing else to talk, Zen. You saw a situation that you got totally out of context and jumped into your conclusions, yelling at me like I was stupid.”

“That was not my intention, MC. I was just worried because you don’t know Jumin that much, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

“Oh, like you’re the one to talk!”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not totally honest with me either, Zen. Giving me that ‘my skin would never be too thick for you, babe’ and not even telling me you got expelled from your previous school? That you can totally flunk this year?”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I definitely haven’t heard from you. And look, I’m not judging you, I don’t know what’s happening in your life right now, but… you act like you’re so perfect, Zen, so virtuous, and you didn’t even tell me about this after saying you could feel vulnerable around me? And then you yell at me for no reason?”

“I get what you’re saying, MC, but it’s not that simple, believe me. I don’t want to drag you to my mess with my family, and I don’t want you to drag yourself to Jumin’s mess.”

“And what would be this Jumin’s mess you keep talking about?”

“I… I can’t tell you… I…”

“Because you don’t trust me.”

“No, it’s not because of this, MC. I trust you… I just think you’re too young to deal with some stuff and…”

“You didn’t think I was too young to get me into a bar, Zen. And you didn’t think I was too young when you flirted with me at the nursery. So tell me, I’m a child just when things get serious, but I’m not a child when you…” you look around, making sure people aren’t listening “want to get into my pants?”

He widens his eyes and blushes furiously, his reactions makes you flinch for a moment.

“You really are too young to understand, MC.”

“And you are a hypocrite!”

You grab the fliers back from his hands and walk away from there, stomping and fighting the urge to look back if he kept that shocked expression.

This is what happens when you decide to be harsher. And maybe that is the reason you should never be.

Well, it’s not like he was right in this either. He was being a hypocrite, and he had no right to tell what to do if he won’t even come clean about whatever Jumin is doing that could be so wrong. At this point, you even doubt if there is a thing Jumin could have done wrong, look at the guy. He talks like a robot, wanders around his father’s parties being treated like a gigolo and a bro by the most superficial people you’ve ever seen, and… he can be really sweet when comforting someone. That’s quite a surprise, a very good one.

You’re not even that uncomfortable being around him anymore, well, maybe a little, because you don’t want to mess things up with him, but that’s progress considering you used to get uncomfortable by being sure the guy would make you practice your singing skills until you could feel the taste of the blood from your vocal chords in your mouth.

Yes, things are different with him now. So it wouldn’t be a problem if you decide to do some small talk to him when you spot him behind one of the booths, drinking water all alone.

Oh, but he’s not alone. There is someone else you’re not seeing there, all you can see is a… locket of golden hair moving due to the breeze. Hum…

“This has to stop, Rika.”

“Jumin… I…”

“What if V finds out? We’ll be both in big trouble, you know that.”

“I know, and the last thing I want is to hurt V. So do you, right?”

You hear him sighing.

“Yes, of course.”

“So you won’t tell him anything, right?”

“I won’t, don’t worry.”

“I never do thanks to you, Jumin.” She sighs sweetly.

Okay, it’s pretty obvious your curiosity made you spy on this, and it was so wrong! What are you doing? No, what are they doing?

You walk away of there, you don’t have to keep standing there to know what’s happening now. He’s hugging her in the same way he did to you the other day.

What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you go on your merry way when you noticed he wasn’t alone? Why did you think that listening to this would be a good idea?

And, most importantly, what exactly were they talking about? What could Rika and Jumin hide from V? Oh… could it be…? No, they wouldn’t do this to V. Jumin would never do that.

No, he couldn’t. Because he can be a little weird, but never a cheater. So is Rika, how could she cheat on V? Oh god… this feels like a soap opera, and you are the confused and shocked viewer, feeling guilty for seeing something inappropriate… for your age?

Good lord, Zen was right!

Yes, Zen knows about… whatever is going on between Rika and Jumin. He probably got as shocked as you, and there wasn’t anybody to spare his feelings like he tried to do with you. Ugh… you were such a bitch to someone who was really well intentioned. You called him a hypocrite! You said he wanted to get in your panties! What is wrong with you? And what is wrong with them?

You need to apologize right now! You were really childish to him! Well, probably because you are a little child, aren’t you? Ugh…

“There you are, MC! Chop chop! We need you in the information booth!” you bump into your class representative when you’re looking for Zen. Oh yes, there is a professions fair happening aside all this drama, you almost forgot that.

So there you are standing in the information booth again. Ugh… you shouldn’t be giving any information when you’re the one looking for them! Did you hurt Zen? Well, of course you did! And for what? For defending someone you’re not even sure it’s worth of your defense. Will Zen forgive you? Not if you don’t apologize. But how can you if the event is almost over and soon he’ll get busy wrapping things up? This can’t wait and you can’t apologize through texts! Ugh… fucking stupid professions fair!

You thought it would last forever! When it was over, you strolled around every tent being dismantled, looking for Zen. Only to find a guy’s shoulder against your face as you bump into him.

And since this can get worse, despite of what you thought, you just bumped in the last person you would like to see right now. Jumin? Rika? Worse!

“V! What… what are you doing here?”

“Oh, hi! I was checking the photography booth, one of my seniors was the shower. It’s good to see you!” would he smile that beautifully if he could see your memories from the last hours?

“You too.”

“Are you okay, MC? You look a little pale.”

“M-me? Yes, sure.”

“Really? Have you eaten today?”

“Yes, I… no. But I’m about to, you know? Just as soon as I get home.”

“What if you pass out before getting there? No, no, no, come on!” he grabs your hand.

“Where… where are we going?”

“Getting something for you to eat.”

“But V, I have to… no, I…”

“Don’t worry, I can give you a ride home right after.”

“But Rika, she…”

“Oh, I texted her, she is busy wrapping things up, I don’t think I’ll meet her today, anyway.” Oh God… the way he talks about her makes your heart yearn, this poor guy…

The least you can do is grabbing some food with him, right? So that’s exactly what you do before accepting the ride on his car.

“I haven’t seen anyone else from the band. Where was everybody?”

“Oh, I… only saw Zen.” Well, that’s not technically a lie, you haven’t seen Jumin and Rika, you most heard them. Oh god… stop thinking about this before it’s too obvious!

“I wish I could see everyone. It’s been a while, you know?”

“Do you miss it? High school?” you ask, staring at him while he keeps his eyes on the road.

“A little… I like my friends from college, but… it’s different with your high school friends, right? I don’t know, but… it feels more like… having accomplices, partners in crime, and it’s… exciting, I miss this excitement. So… feel excited for me when you’re with them, okay?”

“Well, I… sometimes I get too much excited, you know?” he laughs “And that sounded dirty, didn’t it?”

“A little, yes.  But I’m glad you’re enjoying this. It makes me feel really proud of my instincts about you.”

“That also sounded dirty, V.” you both laugh. “Nah, I’m…I bet you didn’t expect I was such a mess.”

“Because you’re not” your body moves a little forward when he stops the car, it’s your building. “You are… adorable in so many ways, MC. And… you’re talented, and funny, and sweet, and so cute.”

“And you’re too generous.”

“Nah, I’m the mess here. So I hope you forgive my mess…” he leans towards you.

Your first kiss was with a college guy, and it tasted like the spicy sausage from the hot dog he bought you. Your first kiss made you forget you needed to apologize to Zen.

Or maybe not, since the whole point of it was because you, like Zen, got shocked to find something about Jumin and Rika. But you shouldn’t be shocked if you’re doing almost the same thing with her boyfriend.

Your first kiss made you realize you’re the hypocrite. But now, you couldn’t focus on anything else rather than giving your second kiss.

I’m such a terrible human being…

Chapter 11 | Chapter 13 

Dear English Major, 

You’re going to find yourself asking “what’s the point in my degree?” at least once before you get to fourth, or fifth, year. You’re going to wonder what it all means.

An English degree means late nights and early mornings. It means showing up to your faculty advisor’s office at 8:30am with coffee and breakfast for them because you’re stuck on a paper. It means courses starting with ENG. It means American literature, Children literature, Canadian poetry, Restoration and 18th Century Drama, Science fiction literature, Contemporary poetry, Survey of Lit, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Arthur, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf.

It means sitting in your favourite profs office crying because you don’t know what you’re going to do and you’re questioning your self-worth.

It means writing a single essay all night. It’s having one of your peers edit your essay because most of it was written after 2am. It’s constantly being asked to proofread your friends essays and not being able to escape it. It’s having an unhealthy tea or coffee addiction and bringing one wherever you go.

It means carrying a book with you even though you know you don’t have time to read. It’s actually appreciating poetry. It’s Frankenstein, Dracula, Tom Sawyer, Fiction from Ireland, British Romantic Literature, Comic Books, Edgar Allan Poe.

It’s knowing everybody that you’re graduating with. It’s tight knit classes knowing how your profs work. It’s seeing the same faces in every one of your classes. It’s reading a book for your class and already knowing what your peers are going to say. 

You probably chose an English Major because you like books and reading. You’re only going to read half of the books that are assigned to you no matter what your best intentions are. You’re going to graduate and realize you should have taken that Theatre Studies class.

You’re going to graduate and an employer is going to ask you what a liberal arts degree is worth. You’re going to graduate and probably go onto graduate studies, most likely nothing related to your discipline. 

You’re going to spend 4 years doing what you love. You’re going to have a library in your house of all the required books you had to read. 

You’re going to graduate and you’re going to be okay.

—  an english degree is the most expensive, and proudest, book club you’ll ever join