the arrow collar man


Claude as a Leyendecker arrow collar man. Click to enlarge. 

Okay, so like I re-watched Black Butler 2 a while ago and he’s my fave character because he’s just so evil and tragic and FLAWED. Also he has intense eyes and it’s like he’s seen some shit. I like that very much. I thought that he’d look nice as an arrow collar man, and I was right. <3 

Let me just imagine that he survived and then proceeded to pose for Leyendecker because that’s a pretty funny thought.


Can we take a second to appreciate the sheer beauty of male elegance in J. C. Leyendecker’s work?

Joseph Christian Leyendecker ( March 23, 1874 in Montabaur, Germany – July 25, 1951 in New Rochelle, New York, USA) was one of the preeminent American illustrators of the early 20th century. During the Golden Age of American Illustration between 1896 and 1950, Leyendecker painted more than 400 magazine covers as well as many advertisement illustrations. Leyendecker “virtually invented the whole idea of modern magazine design.”  

The apparent homoerotic aesthetic of his work is often attributed to a homosexual identity. Leyendecker excelled at depicting male homosocial spaces (locker rooms, clubhouses, tailoring shops) and extraordinarily handsome young men in curious poses or exchanging glances. Leyendecker never married, and he lived with another man, Charles Beach, for much of his adult life, who is assumed to have been his lover and who was the original model of the famous Arrow Collar Man.


100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #20

J.C. Leyendecker (1874-1951)

Country: United States

Famous for: Saturday Evening Post, Arrow Collars, Advertising Art, Poster Art, Magazine Art

Influenced: Norman Rockwell, Drew Struzan, Dave Stevens, Alex Ross, 

Influenced by: Howard Pyle, John Vanderpoel

J.C Leyendecker was a German-born American illustrator, is among the most prolific in American illustration history, and is known for his expressive, but very structured brushstrokes, and the planar and angular quality of his figures and drapery. Leyendecker was very closely associated with the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, and until the arrival of Norman Rockwell, who was heavily influenced by Leyendecker, there was not a single artist more closely associated with a single publication than him. He also formed a long-lasting relationship with the Arrow Collars company, with which he created the very popular Arrow Collar Man, an ideal male figure closely resembling Charles Dana Gibson’s iconic female counterpart, the Gibson Girl. Leyendecker became among the most popular and recognizable American illustrators of his time, when the competition was fierce, with illustrators such as James Montgomery Flagg, Maxfield Parrish, and N.C. Wyeth being his competitors. With how much influence Leyendecker had back in his day, it is said that he virtually invented the whole idea of modern magazine design. 


JC Leyendecker

So I’m laying in bed feeling ill and completely useless. I decided to catch up on The Colbert Report trying to recover from whatever BS bug I caught. On one episode, there is this writer promoting her book about Norman Rockwell. Once again, no mentions of JC Leyendecker who Rockwell pretty much idolized and even studied under.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like Rockwell, I just get tired of people completely forgetting that Leyendecker existed. Leyendecker brought a lot to the world of art with storytelling, conservative brush strokes (less is more), imagery of the New Years Baby and giving flowers on Mother’s dad, appreciation of men’s fashion, and good lord so much more.

So here is a Leyendecker appreciation post brought to you from my ipod.

There was a gentle rustling as the suspended leaves dropped back to the ground. Where they had been, there was a man standing.

He seemed utterly bewildered. His first act was to put his hands up and smooth his hair, which was a thing that hardly needed doing, since the wind had not disturbed even the merest wisp of it. It was smooth and black and shiny as new tar. Having smoothed his hair, this man rearranged his starched white shirt cuffs and straightened his already straight pale gray cravat. After that, he carefully pulled down his dove-mauve waistcoat and, equally carefully, brushed some imaginary dust off his beautiful dove-gray suit. All the while he was doing this, he was looking from one to the other of the five of them in increasing perplexity. His eyebrows rose higher with everything he saw.


“Would one of you tell me where we are now?” he said

“Just outside Larwood Forest,” Nan said. “Hertfordshire.”

“In England, the British Isles, the world, the solar system, the Milky Way, the Universe,” Brian said scornfully.

“Ah yes,” said the man. “But which one?” Brian stared. “I mean,” the man said patiently, “do you happen to know which world, galaxy, universe, et cetera? There happen to be infinite numbers of them, and unless I know which this one is, I shall not find it very easy to help you.”

-Witch Week (Diana Wynne Jones)

I took a break from the fanbook and did a sketch that got a little out of hand… Christopher Chant, the 9 lifed asshole enchanter of my heart. I’ve always imagined that adult Christopher would look just like he came right out of a Leyendecker painting, like a slightly more old fashioned Arrow Collar Man, so here is a quick attempt at a Leyendecker rip off, haha. This was fun!!

The Club-Fellow & Washington Mirror. The National Journal of Society, 1904. Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker.

The couple is headed “To The Opera” fashionably dressed. Leyendecker portrayed an archetypal American masculinity that was equal parts football hero and urbane man-about-town. Whether clutching a briar pipe or guiding a winsome debutante across the dance floor, the Arrow Collar Man embodied a vision of American manhood that was both rugged and refined—every woman’s dream.

the-blindeyes  asked:

Can you post the type of dressing styles by the different star signs?

I hope this is what you mean:

An Aries Woman is always going to dress boldly. This could take form in wearing bright colors or if they aren’t into flashy shades they may still wear fierce designs. For example they may wear a simple white shirt that has lace and is sexy or a little black dress with one line, arrow, collar, etc. that stands out.

An Aries Man is still going to look sharp. They tend to wear more professional clothing even if they are just going to class.

A Taurus Woman usually wears something cute and feminine. They want something that is classy and elegant without looking like they are going out to a dance. A pale pink sun dress, a green or blue blouse with some nice jewelry, or a sequence or patterned shirt that looks chic is their style.

A Taurus Man dresses incredibly casual. Unless they are off to work expect shorts and a black T-shirt, sweatpants, the same jacket for days, and if they add flavor it would be something like a plaid shirt.

Most Gemini Women love to play with patterns and colors. They want something that stands out and goes along with their electric personality. Imagine bright finger nail polish, a yellow polka dot dress, or a blue shirt with a pattern that looks like paint splotches, a breezy themed dress, or a striking flower pattern jacket.

Gemini guys can also play with patterns and colors a bit. You know that guy who wears the bright blue sleek jacket? That might be a Gemini. They also love having nice shoes.

Think of the colorful Nike. A more low-key Gemini guy will still look like he knows what he is doing. He could be wearing a clean white shirt with a snazzy black jacket with of course, nice, new shoes.

Cancer both male and female tends to like to wear clothes that were handmade, from a thrift store, or are hand-me-downs. This is because Cancer’s can be sentimental and will appreciate clothes someone made or is giving to them. Because they are creative they might make some of their own clothes. A lot of Cancer’s also like the vintage and originality of clothes from a thrift store. For other clothes Cancer’s tend to like solid colors, especially white, grey, and blue.

A Leo woman is going to wear something dramatic and that has flair. What they wear might not be the comfiest but it is going to represent them. Colors like gold, red, and orange are popular. Patterns that are popular for Leo are animal fur or a pattern of an object like a flag or star.

The Leo man is going to dress fashionably. He won’t forget accessories like a belt or scarf depending on his style.

The Virgo Woman is all about simplicity. A solid colored shirt and go light on the make-up is their style. As for patterns look to stripes.

The Virgo Man is also about simplicity, they have a neat and perfectionist style. They may arguably be the cleanest men out of the zodiac.

Some Virgo men and women have a preppy style.

A Libra Woman’s dressing style can be described as pretty. Imagine light colors, flower and heart patterns, great jewelry, and some layering and accessories.

A Libra Man’s fashion might not stand out but he isn’t messy, he looks nice and presentable.

 The Scorpio Woman tends to wear dark colors and alluring make up. They are good at dressing sexy without revealing too much. A lot of times this sign dresses how they feel. It will be a dark shirt that might hang off one shoulder or a black v-neck and then one day they will come out with a sunny outfit. Some days they will wear a T-shirt with their favorite band on it, of course with some tight shorts ;)

The Scorpio Man tends to wear clothing that shows off his interest. A band or movie t-shirt is his kind of thing. Maybe he will wear skater shoes all the time because he goes to the skate park every day, or look like he is always in the mode to go hike a mountain. Sometimes it can be as simple as having a camera around his neck every day of the year.

Sagittarius Women usually dress uniquely. The style is always their own with an exotic pattern, a strange cut, or outrageous design like a big bow on the back of a shirt, frills on the shoulder, or leggings that normally don’t go with that kind of outfit. Whatever they choose to wear they somehow make it work even if they blend colors you wouldn’t think to put together.

A Sagittarius man is much more relaxed and may dress for practicality. Because Sagittarius tend to be sporty and outdoorsy a lot of the men dress in that sort of fashion.

A Capricorn Woman is going to always dress very classy. Sweater dresses, a blazer, slacks, a long coat, and a nice quality wallet or bag are the elements for their style. When they feel like being casual they will be covered up with a pull-over sweater and jeans. Colors like grey, black, tan, olive, white, and green are in their pallet.

A Capricorn guy keeps it classy and will have a handsome style. Imagine a jacket/vest that matches their pants over a simple shirt or a long black, professional looking coat.

Aquarius is the hipster of the group. So for the Women imagine kooky colors and designs with a splash of vintage. Feathers in their hair, rainbow shirts, cow girl boots, gaudy jewelry from their grandmother, or an outfit that looks like they are from the future is how they may dress.

An Aquarius guy is going to do the same, bowties, indie band t-shirts, a fedora, whatever.

To be honest, a lot of Pisces don’t have a sense of fashion. They wear whatever is comfortable, that has their favorite character on it, or that is their favorite color. But for those few that are into fashion can get really creative.

A Pisces Woman will probably like the colors blue, silver, and aquamarine. Glitter, sequence, and metallic can get their attention. They may even dress to a theme in their head. One day they may wear something that to them represents a mermaid or an Egyptian queen.

A Pisces Man if into fashion may also follow a theme in their dressing style. But instead of it changing day to day or week to week like their female counterpart it will stick with them for a while. For example, they may be into the trends of another country for months or even a year. They may try to dress like a gangster, character, or sports person for a long time and make it part of their identity.

  • what they say: i'm fine
  • what they mean: a majority of art historians praise norman rockwell for the foundations of the 20th century american aesthetic without mentioning leyendecker’s influence on his approach to painting and the relevance of the fact that so many iconic commercial images such as red suit santa claus, the new years baby, and the arrow collar man - a hallmark of western masculinity for the rest of the decade - were conceived by a gay man who based a majority of the latter off his lover, charles beach

Men reading in illustration for Arrow Collar advertisement. J. C. Leyendecker (American, 1874-1951).

The Arrow Collar ads were a collaborative production of New York ad agency Calkins and Holden; Cluett, Peabody advertising director Charles Connolly; and commercial illustrator Leyendecker. Leyendecker’s model was his live-in companion, a Canadian named Charles Beach. Good-looking fellow, clear-eyed and dignified, Leyendecker’s nattily dressed gentleman quickly became the symbol of the modern American man.