the arrival of spring

my favourite thing about cars as a franchise is that if you try to think about the logistics of the cars universe as it is presented in the films, logically, for about…i don’t know, a second? the entire concept collapses

like, for example, there’s a sequence in the first cars film, in which lightning mcqueen shortly after arriving in radiator springs and causing all the damage, is effectively put on trial, and they do this in a courtroom

i want you to look at this image and try and think about how anything in this scene should conceivably exist in this universe. how did cars make the hardwood floor? why are they on a hardwood floor in the first place, wouldn’t their tires be making a complete mess on the floor? how did they carve those ornate pillars and door designs? how did they make the ceiling fans? why would cars need ceiling fans? how the fuck did they paint those pictures in the background? and design the detailed frames for the pictures? or even make the canvas on which the pictures were to be painted in the first place? how did cars make that sculpture and lettering above the door? how the fuck? the absolute limit of the cars fine motor skills control is their wheels which are woefully inadequate for doing anything, and even the little forklifts abilities are limited, with nowhere near the precise amount of control required for any of this shit to occur. how did any of this happen? the entire reality of the film falls apart with the slightest poking and it’s incredible

BTS Comeback D-3, ‘Spring Day’ Teaser… Jungkook’s lonely youth

The group BTS has quickly begun their comeback countdown.

At midnight on February 10th, BTS took to their official homepage and SNS channel to reveal their music video teaser for the title track 'Spring Day’ from 'WINGS Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone’.

The teaser video begins with Jungkook standing alone in front of an inactive amusement park ride. While it seems like the members all look lonely amidst alternating scenes showing the sea, inside a train, and a parking garage, they are happy when they’re together.

Accompanied with the words, 'As the cold winter comes to an end, until spring arrives again, until the flowers bloom again, please stay a bit longer, stay a bit longer,’ the title track “Spring Day” mixes with a lyrical melody to leave warm lingering imagery, raising anticipation for the official music video release.

Through online music sources on February 13th at midnight, BTS will present their new album 'You Never Walk Alone’ which is filled with the message of comfort and warm hope for the suffering youth.  

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The squad arriving to rescue Feyre from the Spring Court in ACOWAR
  • Feyre: *singing* My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble
  • Amren and Mor: *winnow beside Feyre* Hey la-di-la, my boyfriend's back
  • Feyre: When you see him coming better cut out on the double
  • Rhys: *winnows in front of Tamlin and punches him in the face* HEY LA-DI-LA MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK

David Hockney (UK b.1937)
The arrival of spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) – 31 May, No. 1 (900)
iPad drawing printed on 6 sheets of paper mounted on Dibond
290.8 x 218.4 cm (overall)