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A friend argues that Americans battle between the “historical self” and the “self self.” By this she means you mostly interact as friends with mutual interest and, for the most part, compatible personalities; however, sometimes your historical selves, her white self and your black self, or your white self and her black self, arrive with the full force of your American positioning.

Then you are standing face-to-face in seconds that wipe the affable smiles right from your mouths. What did you say? Instantaneously your attachment seems fragile, tenuous, subject to any transgression of your historical self. And though your joined personal histories are supposed to save you from misunderstandings, they usually cause you to understand all too well what is meant.

—  Claudia Rankine, “Citizen: An American Lyric”

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ive never rlly paid attention to kiyoteru as a character but your model is too damn cute im marrying him hes great im luv him

AW GEEZ THNX im glad i can bring some kiyo appreciation into the world i feel like im in the biggest kiyo-mood right now bless but?????

i wish i could say HECK YEAH to ur marriage but… see…. i also want to marry him so this might have to be an epic game of scissors paper rock to decide who gets kiyo’s hand bro (unless u want to share bc im cool w dat too)

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ok i,,,just wanted to compliment you bc i saw your selfies on your about me page and i- YOURE SO CUTE I JUST FEEL LIKE I NEED TO TELL YOU THIS

aaaaAAAHH SYDNEY. YOU BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY. HERE I AM, SOBBING, YET AGAIN. how can u be so lovely??? ;w; i bet u are the cutest button 2 ever exist. i give a wholesome thank!!

He opened his eyes and groaned as he pulled the wool blanket off him. Kerrwynn sat up on the impromptu bed made of stolen hay bales and a bedroll. The fire in the hearth of the abandoned house has burned to barely warm embers. Rubbing his eyes the unkempt building inhabited only by cobwebs brought back why he had taken shelter outside Erudition the night before.

A single question had led to an altercation that had been brewing for months. Every ounce of distrust and rage Kerrwynn had bottled against the Pirate King Kurel came out the council chambers of Erudition were a testament to that. While it felt good to see the blood and feel the sensation of impaling Kurel, the end result was yet to be seen. He left the hamlet before the arrival of Lady Wintersong.

He reached over the cooling embers and retrieved a now room temperature kettle of coffee he had brewed before retiring for the night. The cold drink tasted horrid but served its purpose. Standing up and walking to the window to look over Erudition the fog and mist of Silverpine greeted him.

“What secrets do you hold today?”

Finishing his cup and putting on a pair of thin linen pants he reached for his comm. His regular leather and mail armor was laid out on the back of a chair waiting a deep scrubbing. While looking it over and taking stock of it he noticed his belt knife wasn’t in it’s sheath, he remembered throwing it the night before, but normally someoen would have returned it to him by now.

“Lady Wintersong, I need to speak with you.” His voice flat and soft, awaiting the verbal chastising that was surely to follow.

“Aye, I am in my office at the moment given it seems something happened in the council chambers. I am assuming you have heard about the reported death of General Winters.” Her voice slightly concerned but clearly annoyed at him.

“ I have now.” His body floated back over to the straw bales and his comm dropped to the floor.

As he sat the numbness washed over him. He looked down at his left wrist and traced the runes she had branded him with when he was one of hers. The knot in his stomach made an appearance and seemed to grow in intensity. This was not the loss of a close friend or a lover, but rather someone who never knew the weight she played in his life. She was his best kept secret. He admired her, her poise under distress, and the manner in which without effort she commanded respect. He smirked a little remembering the jobs he had tagged along with her on. A small chuckle escaped his lips when he remembered just why he still couldn’t enter Booty bay.

This seemed so surreal. He had just met with her the other night in her tavern and made plans to meet again regularly, as friends. This was something he had been to scared to ask for until now.

“Shadows keep you Kerrwynn.” Her last words to him screamed within his mind but were countered by the silence of the hamlet.

“ You lucky bitch, you get to get out of all this shit.” he muttered under his breath as he pulled a light shirt to him and donned it. His body lifted from the bales and knelt in front of the fire to watch the embers. He blew on them gently to help them awaken for the new day as well. This news would travel fast and action needed to be taken to secure the void before this power struggle escalated to an all out war. Kerr stared into the flame and uttered a small prayer before walking into Erudition to be properly punished.

“Unholy Matron of Night. Gracious am I for the gift of your shadow embrace keeping me while I rest. Dawn has come and my watch begun, I shall seek to honor your name, and guard your secrets from the Light. Unholy Matron, Keep my people safe and guide us in this time when the Shadows are the only reprieve we can trust. When you tire of Winters, we will take her back.”

His bare feet stepped into the dew of the hamlet and walked cautiously towards the tavern. Life was about to get really interesting.

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[FANCAM] Youngjae sends a video message to all Australian IGOT7 for unable to come. He looked really really sick & pale in the video. This sunshine even apologizing for being sick. Don’t be Youngjae. Don’t be disappointed too.Get the treatment & get better. We’ll be waiting.   ❤

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Choi Youngjae actually changed the question for JB just because he wanted to see JB doing aegyo..kekeke Look at him being so happy when JB did as he asked to..hahaha 

He was so cute running away from JB after Jinyoung found out that he changed the question for JB..hahaha…this kid 

Sweet Jinyoung for trying to eliminate the evidence…kekeke