the arran malt

Round 10

Date: 3/28/2017


  • The Arran Malt 12 Cask Strength
  • Dun Bhegan The BenRiach 18
  • Ancnoc 24
  • Bowmore 25 Limited Release

This was our largest round so far! Seventeen people ante’d up for this purchase and as a result we got a wide range of distinct whiskies. We also topped our most expensive bottle. Let’s talk about it:

The Arran Malt 12 Cask Strength

Grassy and salty, a nicely earthy scotch in my personal opinion, but definitely not the crowd favorite. It made you feel warm and cozy, and needed very little to no water. This is a very affordable island whisky and worth the small price to pay.

“Feels like bad typography.” - @cyle

Dun Bhegan The BenRiach 18

Dun Bhegan is the bottler, The BenRiach is the distiller, Speyside is the region. We’ve purchased from this bottler and distiller before, but never in combination. Bougie and smooth, low friction and easy on the tongue. Reminded us of white wine. This one scored in the middle overall.

“Scotch for wine moms.” - @jasonseney

Ancnoc 24

Ancnoc (a-KNOCK) was the red wine to The BenRiach’s white wine. Fills the mouth and coats the tongue. More full-bodied and oily. Spent just the right amount of time in the cask, and really impressed us for or first bottle of Ancnoc. One of the few Highland malts we’ve enjoyed so far, also scored in the middle.

“Major red wine vibes.” - @0xmichelle

Bowmore 25 Limited Release

Oh me oh my. This was a hefty price tag at $550, but was it ever worth it. Tobacco. Leather. Musk. Peat that trailed off quickly but played a pivotal role on the nose. A fair amount of Scotch Club members do not like peated whisky at all, and this was their favorite of the round. This was everybody’s favorite of the round.

“This scotch said hello to me.” - @jedireza

“Like a peat-flavored stump.” - @newfurniturey